LinkedIn’s Future | Slack Eavesdropping | Vervoe’s Automated Interviews | Job Boards Aren’t Dead

This week, the boy wonders discuss LinkedIn’s ongoing ubiquity in news and finally catching up to Facebook and Twitter on this one key offering, eavesdropping on employees and gauging morale via Slack, Hipchat and others, more end of the world chatter from people much smarter than you, Yik Yak and the death of anonymity and another job boards aren’t dead story. The Chad and Cheese Podcast is proudly sponsored by America’s Job Exchange, WebClipDrop (use coupon code HIREDAILY2017) and #LinkedIn #Slack #Vervoe #YikYak #Hipchat

DICE | Snapchat’s ‘Snapplications’ | LinkedIn | Completed | LinkedIn | Smashfly | HiringSolved

This week, the boys discuss how no one apparently wants to buy DICE and its portfolio of sites and what it could mean for CareerBuilder’s reported sale. Snapchat is in the news again with “Snapplications,” a way McDonald’s is generating candidates, and DIY advertising being unveiled soon. Completed is the latest startup to get thrown onto the steaming hot pile of garbage. New York City has made it illegal to do this … Facebook really hates these guys … and Smashfly partners with HiringSolved. Oh, and LinkedIn has updated its terms of service to make this a big no-no. Enjoy. #Dice #SnapChat #LinkedIn #Careerbuilder #Smashfly #HiringSolved #McDonalds

Google Jobs API | Glassdoor Court Case | Beamery | Teamable | Crelate | Google Hire

On Episode 6, the boys bookend the episode with Google, starting a discussion about the Google Jobs API and ending with the news this week that Google Hire is set to turn the ATS market upside down … and maybe the job search market too. Glassdoor is so over the court system in Texas. Beamery, Teamable and Crelate all get funding, but which one will be the most successful? And we love on Tim Sackett a little bit. Be sure to checkout sponsors America’s Job Exchange, WebClipDrop (discount code HIREDAILY2017) and Beyond. #GoogleJobsAPI #Glassdoor #Beamery #Teamble #Crelate #GoogleHire

CareerBuilder Acquisition Rumors Heat-Up and TheLadders Eyes a Comeback

In this week’s episode of HR’s most dangerous podcast, the boys cover more automation – this time in the marijuana industry – with Bloom Automation, unlimited PTO, a more official report on CareerBuilder’s pending sale, TheLadders (who?), LinkedIn beating up underdogs and more. Enjoy and be sure to checkout our sponsors America’s Job Exchange, WebClipDrop and Beyond. And, you’re welcome. #Careerbuilder #TheLadders #BloomAutomation #LinkedIn

Brilent | Uber | Robots | SourceCon | Iron Fist | Automated Recruiting

The robots are coming! HR’s most dangerous podcast is back with – a slight line-up change this week – legendary sourcer/recruiter Jim Stroud stepping in for Cheese this week. The Show takes on many different aspects of automation with more of a SkyNet tone. Companies like Uber, Intel, Google, Ford, and Brilent are pushing the automation envelope and we – mere mortals – sit and watch the show while jobs evaporate. Last but not least we answer the question haunting your Netflix queue – Is Iron Fist really that bad? As always, thanks to America’s Job Exchange, and for your support. #Brilent #Uber #JimStroud #Ford #Intel #AI #IronFist

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