With special guest Bill Fanning: Why is CareerBuilder Snuggling Up to Google & Does Anyone Care

Where’s Cheese? Chad brings recruiting industry veteran and America’s Job Exchange GM Bill Fanning to the mic while Joel takes a much-needed vacation. Chad takes aim at Bill with questions like – What the Hell is going on in this crazy AI/Google shiny object market? Is AJE playing stubborn (like Indeed) and fighting Google or are you bringing the big G in real close? Should Careerbuilder be anxious about a 1/2 price clearance sale? and last but not least does anyone really care about compliance? Enjoy, and make sure you visit our sponsors, America’s Job Exchange, Nexxt and Wonscore by Wonderlic. #BillFanning #Careerbuilder #Compliance #AI #AJE #Indeed #Google

ROADSHOW: Live from Jobg8 Job Board Summit in New Orleans

The boys headed down the The Big Easy this week for a live podcast at the Jobg8 Job Board Summit. As usual, they weren’t so “easy” with the commentary on CareerBuilder, who is valued at $500 million, instead of the $1 billion-plus price tag originally touted. They also didn’t hold back their criticism of Beyond, who just changed their name to Nexxt. (Pretty sure some Nexxt employees in the front row were throwing peanuts at us when we weren’t looking.) And, of course, what show would be complete without commentary on all-things-Google? This time, however, there was feedback from job boards owners on early results on traffic. It’s back to the future, as the show veered toward how Indeed had a

McDonald's Goes All-In on Snapchat | Amazon Wants to Buy Slack | Entelo Gets $20 Million

What started out as a slow week certainly turned up as time passed. Entelo received $20 million in funding, and the boys discuss what’s really behind all the money flowing into A.I. Can you say “land grab”? Amazon, yes, that Amazon is rumored to be bidding on Slack to the tune of $9 billion. That’s with a “b” folks. McDonald’s is looking to hire 250,000 employees this season in the U.S. and are going to rely on Snapchat to fill a few of those positions. The bet is sure to make competitors stand-up and take notice. Snaplications are officially a thing now. Indeed has officially launched Career Pages in an attempt to appeal to small businesses, and at least one of the boys has a guess on where

Workey and Clustree Get Paid | TaskRabbit Grows | Kalo | Olivia & Mya Get Competition | Recruiti

It was a busy week. Economic megatrends continue to take hold. There are more job openings than ever before, and that has invigorated the gig economy and put recruiters in a strong sellers market for many positions. TaskRabbit, where anyone who will deliver your laundry or fix your door hinge can make cash, is growing into new markets. Kalo, a Silicon Valley darling, has investment cash and hope to be a “badass recruiting engine.” And times are so tight that the Secret Service is employing these types now. Tech continues to march on too. Workey and Clustree get buckets of cash, making this technology even hotter than ever before. There’s a new competitor in the chatbot landscape, which proba

ROADSHOW: Live from TA Tech Summit – All Things Google for Jobs - Minneapolis

The boys were at TA Tech Summit in Minneapolis June 1, and did a live broadcast on all things Google … we’re talkin’ Google Cloud Jobs API, Google Hire and Google for Jobs. They even discussed ideas for what the future might look like. Special thanks to Peter Weddle and his son for having us and giving us a platform to expand the podcast listenership. As usual, visit our sponsors, because they make it all possible: America’s Job Exchange and Beyond.com/cheddar. #Roadshow #GoogleforJobs #GoogleHire #GoogleJobsAPI #Microsoft #LinkedIn #Facebook #LIVE

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