CareerBuilder Gets a Divorce | Employers are Microchipping Workers | JazzHR is Jazzed

Giddyup kids! Episode 19 is in the books. Chad and Cheese are hot on Google Hire’s exploding interest and latest product demo. Chad breaks it down like a math problem. CareerBuilder’s 15 year marriage to Gannett ended in divorce this week. You’ll never guess who was waiting in the wings as Gannett swiped right! JazzHR got $6 million in funding. Talk about great timing, as we’re not sure they’d get the same interest with Google Hire live today. The boys also discuss the variety of ATS execs and what stye think of Google Hire. Also, AI is still in the news and some company in Wisconsin is putting microchips in employees. WTF? As always, visit our sponsors America’s Job Exchange, Sovren and Won

Google Hire Officially Launches, Indeed and LinkedIn Aren't Taking the News Sitting Down

The boys are back after the 4th holiday and Chad trekking to Oregon for college visitations. And it’s a good thing, because the news was hot-and-heavy this week. Google Hire officially launched. Are the guys impressed or not? Indeed and LinkedIn were also making waves this week. In Indeed’s case, the product offerings continue to come down the pike. One of the guys is not impressed. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is busy leveraging its relationship with Microsoft to get deeper into Windows 10 and video. And they also really, really hates when people do (tune in to find out). Additionally, some start-up just got a check for $30 million to take on this segment of the industry. In other news, som

Talking Millennials, Employment Brand and Employee Assessments with the CEO of Wonderlic

While Chad is on vacation in Oregon and consuming enough craft brews to hydrate a frat party, Joel Cheesman is left to hold down the fort. Listeners won’t be disappointed. This week, we deliver an interview with the CEO of Wonderlic, Charlie Wonderlic. Football fans will recognize the Wonderlic name for the assessment tests they provide for the NFL during the combine. Employers will know the Wonderlic name for the assessment tests they offer, making sure employees are perfect fits for their organization. Charlie Wonderlic gives us his opinion on recruiting Millennials and how they’re different from previous generations like Gen X and Baby Boomers. And then we explore how do assessments play

Sex Robots! Indeed's Walled Garden Against Google. Startup alert: Canvas' Text Recruiting

Still a little hungover from the 4th of July holiday, the boys dive into Indeed’s walled garden against Google, wonder if old school job board SEO is dead and drop wisdom and perspective following the Jobg8 conference. Put on your big-boy pants and buckle-up. Also, we look at Canvas and why others aren’t on the text messaging bandwagon, asking are ATS’s next. And what podcast would be complete without news items discussing robots … this time, however, we’re talkin’ sex robots. You may need some protection on this week’s podcast. Enjoy. As usual, support the sponsors, including newbie Sovren and America’s Job Exchange and Wonscore by Wonderlic. We don’t exist without them, so go throw paper a

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