Interview: Mike Durney, CEO of Dice

The boys were really excited to recently chat with Dice’s CEO, Mike Durney. As listeners will know, DHI, Dice’s parent, has been through an interesting year that saw the company look at strategic options for the business (a fancy way of saying, “We’re for sale”), then take the company off the market after no sale was realized. In addition to digging into that news item, Chad and Cheese dive into what’s going to happen to the entire portfolio of job sites, including eFinancial Careers, Biospace, ClearanceJobs and the others, as well as covering usability issues and mobile challenges of the business, and the companies nosediving stock price. It’s a must-see episode for industry junkies. And be

Interview – Mark Weidick of hiQ Labs and the Case Against LinkedIn

One of the hottest stories in recruitment right now is the legal battle between hiQ and LinkedIn. If you’re not familiar with the case, here’s a good summary: A federal judge issued a huge setback for LinkedIn on Monday, ruling that LinkedIn can’t block the startup hiQ Labs from accessing public profile data. Many news outlets were calling this a test for the social media conglomerate in how much control it can exercise over data on its users and what it’s believed to be public. The primary question in this case, can a social media site control access to information its users post publicly? According to Reuters, U.S. District Judge Edward Chen in San Francisco granted a preliminary injunctio

FIRING SQUAD: Vervoe w/ Omer Molad

Startup Vervoe faces the Chad and Cheese Firing Squad. Firing Squad is a podcast which allows a startup company to either showcase their technology, products, and solutions or just fail miserably. It’s a Shark Tank-like podcast with 37 pieces of Chad and Cheese flair. Vervoe wants to prove they can change the Recruiting Industry so they stepped up to the mic, reached down deep, and have chosen to face the Firing Squad. Will they received massive applause, golf clap, or get mowed down in a salvo of rounds by the Firing Squad? You’ll have to listen to find out. #FiringSquad #Vervoe #TATech

HiQ Has Win Against LinkedIn | Elevated Careers Finally Finds a Match | LinkedIn Loves Pipelines

Lots going on this week. Dog days of summer be damned. EHarmony’s Elevated Careers found a buyer in this company and a little crow has to be eaten. Is it a match made in matching heaven? We’ll see. HiQ gets a ‘W’ against the big, bad LinkedIn, but this fight isn’t over by a long shot. GoodTime gets some love from Chad, but there’s not total agreement on its future and how bright it is. Is it a feature or a product? Speaking of features, LinkedIn continues to roll out some nice improvements to its service. This time, they’re helping companies build some pipelines. Lastly, the boys analyze Facebook’s latest advertising option that should seriously appeal to brick-and-mortar employers, as well

HR is the New PR | Ladders Gets Its TMZ On | Is VCV the Future of Recruiting? | Werk Does It

Another big week. The boys cover a grassroots campaign by HiQ to fight-off LinkedIn. Are you in? Indeed has gone shopping, acquiring Interviewed and taking the company into ATS territory. Can Indeed build a platform to take on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook? They sure are giving it their best shot. HR is progressively becoming a mainstay in every company’s PR efforts. As PR gets more and more competitive, marketing teams are turning to the warm-and-fuzzies of HR to cut through the clutter. We discuss. Then, we look at a 500 Startups company, VCV, who automates the sourcing and much of the recruiting at employers. Is this the future of hiring? Definitely maybe. TheLadders is knee-deep in TMZ t

LinkedIn is Out for Blood, Indeed is Dining Out and Dice is Out of Gas

The summer of love rolls on, boys and girls. This week, LinkedIn is out for blood, Dice hits rock bottom and there ain’t no party like a microchipping your employee party. But first, the state of Wisconsin is losing its mind or maybe overindulging on cheese curds as one company throws a party to celebrate the microchipping of its employees. There’s even a T-shirt. Then, rural communities are being disenfranchised by the automation of everything. This country, however, is starting to outlaw automation. Take that, free market capitalism. Then, Indeed, not to be outdone on the ATS front by Google Hire, has acquired a business to make it more competitive. On to LinkedIn, where after a quick rant

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