Newspaper Partnerships are Cool Again, Indeed Gets Warm-and-Fuzzy, Snapchat Recruiting Heats Up

On this week’s edition of HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast, the boys are getting geared up for their LIVE Podcast in Denver next week at the TATech conference. Speaking of Denver what’s the deal with all of these Cannabis Jobs? Nearly 150,000 Americans hold “jobs in weed” and the Vangst Group seizes the opportunity to help companies find good weed talent. TakeTheInterview hears Skype’s footsteps and becomes the Hubspot for the recruiting industry with the ConveyIQ pivot and a message to recruiters – “Recruiters who don’t embrace marketing will be automated.” I’m not sure I’d use that as a slogan.??. CareerBuilder loses more newspaper affiliates, while ZipRecruiter adds a newspaper partnership wit

FIRING SQUAD:'s CEO Ahryun Moon’s CEO, Ahryun Moon stares down the barrel of the Chad and Cheese Firing Squad podcast. Firing Squad is a raw podcast focused on allowing recruitment industry startup companies to strut their technology, products, and solutions or just fail miserably. It’s Shark Tank out of water, which means Chad and Cheese are loaded for grizzly. feels they can change the face of interview scheduling for corporate recruiters all over the nation. Are they ready for primetime? Have they thought through all of the angles? Will Goodtime receive massive applause, golf clap, or get mowed down in a salvo of rounds by the Firing Squad? Listen to find out. Then visit all of our awesome sponso

Chad Throws Shade at ZipRecruiter, Crowded Brings Back the Dead, Women Workers vs. Google

As we hit the midpoint of September, the news stories are flowing fast, so the boys cover a lot of ground this week. First, Chad goes off on ZipRecruiter, Mayweather-style, dissing their loose definition of “integration,” among other things. Women also get some primetime this week as Google heads to court in a class action suit alleging Big G discriminates by paying females less than men for the same jobs, and Pinterest touts 200 million active monthly users, which puts it into LinkedIn and Twitter territory. Walmart shows a lot of love to Facebook by targeting job candidates on the platform, targeting users in little ol’ Seymour, Indiana. Employers who aren’t paying attention are doing it w

Candidate.Guru CEO Steve Carter on Elevated Careers Acquisition

The guys have given eHarmony’s Elevated Careers a hard time from the first podcast. With the belief that candidate matching is more pixie dust and unicorns than real science and a commercially viable product, both Chad and Cheese couldn’t imagine anyone acquiring this turkey. That belief was only strengthened when Elevated Careers’ website went on pause for about 6 mos. Then came along Candidate.Guru, a site neither of the guys had ever heard of, to sweep the business out of the jaws of certain death. With an unquenchable desire to learn more, the boys invited Candidate.Guru cofounder Steve Carter on the podcast to explain the deal and learn more about this mysterious acquirer. It’s one of t

Google Hire is Killing ATSs & Skype is Killing Video Interviewing

The first show to follow Labor Day weekend finds the guys especially salty and feisty. They start the show with a rant about Dice that follows up one of their best interviews of the year. Then they bring it down a bit with some news from the pizza delivery space … delivery is about to get nutty and a lot of drivers are going to be unemployed. Monster has dropped a new commercial that has the guys reminiscing about the Bugs Bunny cartoons of their youth. Trumpasaurus got a makeover and a big-time Park Ave. budget. Moving on from commercials to video interviewing, the boys talk about news from the acquisition files as one of the original video recruiting sites gets gobbled up, all the while an

ROADSHOW: Live From PracticeLink

This week, the boys broadcasted live from Hinton, West Virginia at PracticeLink‘s annual corporate event. We had a great time and loved visiting West Virginia and soaking up a little southern hospitality. Much love. We covered our recent interview with Dice’s CEO and give a few opinions on what the takeaways were. There’s a lot of good advice in here for niche job boards. We look at new advertising options for recruiting desktop users and women, both solid diversity strategies. And what show would be complete without a little bashing: This time we take aim at Monster and LinkedIn. Then we take a final look at Facebook and how they continue to march into job board land. If you’re not paying c

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