FIRING SQUAD: with CEO Howie Schwartz

On this Halloween edition of The Chad and Cheese Podcast, Chad and Joel welcome Howie Schwartz, CEO of Crowded to the Firing Squad. Howie believes Crowded Refresh will be a big treat because it can bring old and dead candidates back to life. That’s right ZOMBIES!?! Or maybe just a shitload of money companies don’t have to spend looking for new candidates. Howie believes Crowded Refresh will be a huge success and make the applicant tracking system black hole a thing of the past. Will Howie and Crowded Refresh receive massive applause, golf clap, or be laid to rest by the Firing Squad? No tricks only treats are going to get Crowded through this one. For newbies: Firing Squad is a ghoulishly ra

Tech Killing Fields - Can Recruiters Survive? | Smashfly Cries Wolf | HiQ crowdfunds

Chad enlists Tim Sackett – from The Tim Sackett Project at – to fill in while Joel sits on the beach, sipping margarita’s while wearing a speedo. (Try and get that picture out of your brainpan Anyways.. In this episode Chad and Tim venture into the Recruiter killing fields of AI (Artificial Intelligence for you non-believers). Can recruiters survive in an environment where they must compete with machine learning and technology that can perform tasks in mere seconds that takes recruiters days? Will recruiters evolve? If so, what will they become? SnapChat gets into the wearables business. What in the Hell is SnapChat doing selling those Spectacles out of a vending machine? Will

Job Board Founder Has a Date with Prison | Google Hire's Big Letdown

Welcome to another episode of The Chad and Cheese Podcast. This week the boys are coming at you on a Sunday morning (more on that in the podcast), which means they still may be a little drunk from Saturday. On this week’s episode, a job board owner get intimately acquainted with the pokey, Facebook keeps rollin’ through the ‘hood and tearin’ shit up, and Johnson & Johnson finds its sunny disposition. As usual, visit our sponsors, America’s Job Exchange, Ratedly and Sovren. Without them, Chad and Cheese would probably just be livin’ in a van, down by the river. Giddyup! #DavidKent #JnJ #Jibe #Google

The Race for Recruiting Chatbot Glory Heats Up & Facebook’s Offensive on Recruitment Marches On

What’s up, party people? On this week’s podcast, the plot between HiQ and LinkedIn thickens, the race to recruiting chatbot glory continues and maybe Microsoft’s ATS sucks more than we thought. “… imagine if a company that you’ve never heard of used automated bots to download your public profile (viewable via search engines such as Google), analyzed it to identify behavioral signals that you’re job shopping and warned your employer.” The boys discuss the state of web scrapers as various industries sound-off on hiQ vs. LinkedIn. Facebook quietly launches Workplace for Mac and PC chat apps, as well as integrating screenshare. It’s a nice product, but what the hell is Facebook actually doing in

The Future of Text Recruiting

The Future of Text Recruiting: Lessons from Liberty Mutual, Randstad Sourceright, and Whole Foods Your Hosts: Joel Cheesman & Chad Sowash The Chad & Cheese Podcast Guest Presenter: Erik Kostelnik, Co-Founder and CEO of TextRecruit What to expect: An analysis of shifting candidate behaviors How Fortune 500 employers are using text messaging to achieve hiring goals The role of artificial intelligence and advanced automation Insights into the future of candidate communication Industry snark and the possibility of inappropriate levity REGISTER - WEBINAR! #text #TextRecruit #Video #Webinar #Nexxt

Drinkin' the LinkedIn Kool-Aid while Furniture Companies Buy Employment Sites

What a week. LinkedIn’s annual event took place in Nashville, Tennessee and it was an opportunity for them to drop a big ol’ poop sandwich in the lunch boxes of job boards and ATSs everywhere. Listen to learn why. And speaking of ATSs, Chad thinks they’re all being royally stupid for playing nice with a certain professional network owned by Microsoft. At least Entelo is doing it right, and the boys discuss how this company is embracing A.I. to help put sourcers out of business. Agree or disagree? We don’t really care. Moving on. Slack – and is there ever a show where we don’t talk about Slack – has partnered up with Oracle, the granddaddy of softwares and it could be an omen of things to com

ROADSHOW: Live from TAtech in Denver | Nexxt Exclusive

The boys hit the road this week, Rocky Mountain High-style in Denver, Colorado to light up the TAtech show. To kick the show off, they announced a partnership with the conference, as well as their newest sponsor Nexxt (formerly Beyond). In return for a their donation, Nexxt will get an exclusive podcast each month, as well as a buttload of awesome content, including webinars, infographics, feats of strength … whatever gets the listeners to pay attention. The Chad and Cheese Podcast got to follow Facebook Jobs and their laundry list of announcements, including a new API that will get them knee-deep into a relationship with the likes of ZipRecruiter, Work4 and Jobscore. Needless to say, Chad a

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