Talkin' hiQ vs. LinkedIn with Mark Weidick, CEO @ hiQ - A Nexxt Exclusive Podcast

It’s a Nexxt EXCLUSIVE The Chad and Cheese Podcast where we’re diving headlong into the hiQ versus LinkedIn court battle starring and interview with CEO of hiQ Labs, Mark Weidick. It’s also a lactose-free event – Joel Cheesman (Cheese) is out on assignment or maybe he just found a comfortable place to curl up? In this episode Mark and Chad talk: Updates on their David v. Goliath court battle Negative industry (Global Innovation) impact if hiQ loses Scraping, bots, how can we ID bad from good actors? FlipDog’s name is used in phishing vain Are we losing control? Start-ups in court? Net neutrality? Why are other – affected – companies in the fetal position instead of fighting? CrowdJustice – c

Giving Thanks and Roasting the Recruiting Industry's Top Turkeys

On this Thanksgiving edition of The Chad & Cheese Podcast, the boys have some mad shoutouts, especially for tweeting fans and feisty Indeed employees. Big fun. Then, like a finely balanced plate of meat and potatoes, the guys go through their Top 5 lists of things for which they're thankful in the recruiting industry and wash it all down the exposing the biggest turkeys in employment. Yummy! Enjoy, you jive turkeys, and be sure to checkout our sponsors: America's Job Exchange, Sovren and Ratedly. All guaranteed to not give you heartburn this holiday. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and

FIRING SQUAD: Jeff Dolan, SVP of Growth at FlashRecruit

Jeff Dolan walks in, sits down, and takes his chances by pitching FlashRecruit to The Chad and Cheese Podcast with the possibility of facing disgrace and the Firing Squad. What is FIRING SQUAD? Firing Squad is a raw podcast featuring two grizzled industry veterans who want to showcase recruitment industry startup companies. Their technology, products, and solutions either save them and win massive applause or just #fail and face the FIRING SQUAD. On this episode: We know that email engagement sucks and the response rate is horrible, which is why companies like FlashRecruit exist. FlashRecruit's mission is to "Break down the communication barriers to start the conversation between recruiters

Google Sticks It To Indeed (Again) and Anonymity is Under Fire at Glassdoor (Again)

It's the holiday season, but the recruitment news rages on. The boys cover a variety of topics this week, including: Google for Jobs unveils four new features, and one is particularly brutal for Indeed. Glassdoor goes to court and is ordered to reveal the identities of some of its users (their TOS told you it could happen!). Popular native app Blind is coming to the Web, and here's why it matters. Two new startups land on the scene and promise more AI matching goodness. Legit or more smoke and mirrors? All that and more from your two favorite industry knuckleheads. Enjoy responsibly. As always, give our sponsors some love. America's Job Exchange, Sovren and Ratedly rule like no others have e

Talkin' Vet Recruiting, LinkedIn's Leapfrogging, Entelo's Heavy Hitting & ipply'

The boys recorded this week's show on Veteran's Day in the U.S., so vet recruiting is top-of-mind. Considering Chad is an Army Vet, how could we not? CareerBuilder is partnering with this vet site - RallyPoint, and rumors that Monster is making changes to abound. On to other matters, LinkedIn continues to kickass and take names with a new integration with Microsoft Word. The move should have job sites, and even Google shaking in their New Balances. The company is also making Glassdoor a little nervous with a recent move as well. Lastly, tons of news items, so the guys go a little rapid fire to cover stories from Sourceress, Entelo and Jobs2Careers' ipply. There's also new resear

‘Edu-taining’ Interview with Susan Vitale, CMO at iCIMS – A Nexxt Exclusive Podcast

In this Nexxt exclusive, in partnership with TAtech, Chad and Cheese bring industry veteran Susan Vitale, CMO at iCIMS, on to discuss iCIMS’ recent job seeker survey, and any other timely topic they want. Included is a deep dive into employment branding issues. In their recent report, iCIMS discovered that Glassdoor reviews have a tremendous impact on recruitment. For instance, nearly half of Millennials surveyed said they’ve turned down a job offer because of poor reviews. Other findings are discussed too. Also highlighted in the survey is the importance of mobile and the impact social media and peer referrals have on the modern job seeker. The podcast also goes into questions of ATS platfo

Can We Just Stop with the ‘Tinder for Jobs’ and the Video Resumes Already, Please?

Halloween’s hangover has the boys ranting about some trends that just won’t die: ‘Tinder for Jobs’ and video resumes. Startups Workey and O’Hire go keep going back to the future and treading where past companies have failed, and it’s got the boys fired up. Aside from the lunacy of dating apps as employment apps and 2-minute-long video resumes, more money keeps funneling into talent acquisition technology, as another companies gets more funding. Oh, then robots keep scaring the hell out of us, especially when they give interviews with the press and given citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Have fun while your earthly dominance lasts, humans. Go throw money at our sponsors. They rule! America’s Job E

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