Our Naughty and Nice Lists for 2017

We've made a list. We've checked it twice. And here's our list of who's been naughty and who's been nice this year. It's the perfect combination of sweet-and-sour for you to enjoy with a stout eggnog and pudding made of fig. Special holiday cheer for our amazing sponsors: America's Job Exchange, Sovren, Nexxt and Ratedly. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors! You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast. Joel: We

Indeed Comes Clean, ZipRecruiter Is On The Hunt & Your Job Titles Aren't Amusing Us

Come all ye' faithful if you seek all the latest news and commentary from the world of recruitment. This week the boys take on Indeed, ZipRecruiter and crappy job descriptions. It's not personal, it's just Chad & Cheese, HR's most dangerous podcast. Need more? Yes, Indeed is raising prices ... here's what you need to know. ZipRecruiter is getting into the private label job board business ... but why? Stop using these buzzwords in your job postings. AI, AI and more AI ... the latest investments you need to know. An introduction to initial coin offerings (ICO) in online recruitment. The boys would prefer to sip egg nog under the mistletoe, but duty calls. And as always, get on over to our spon

'Tis the Season: Stockings Full of Coal, Layoffs and Lawsuits

The boys are deckin' the halls and wreckin' the pod with a slew of industry news. Turns out, the holidays are a great time to pass out pink slips and head to court. Feel the cheer! On this week's show, Chad & Cheese talk about the following: DHI, Dice's parent company, is selling off it's albatross of a job board portfolio and going to court. Woo.io, Param.ai and IBM's Watson keep the AI / chatbot train rollin'. Valley companies are paying models to attend holiday parties (can you say 'tone deaf'?). Layoffs hit two well-know TA tech solutions. Boom goes the dynamite! It's a Sunday hangover edition of the show, as Chad dials in from sunny California. Egg nog, West Coast-style, baby! Enjoy, an

Twitter Tells Job Posting Bots to Get Off Its Lawn! Is Indeed on thin ice?

It's December, Santa's Little Helpers, and the boys from HR's most dangerous podcast are taking on a wide range of topics this week, including: Twitter is sick of your job posting bots and finally doing something about it. Meetup gets acquired by WeWork, which could revive this old school recruiting fav from 10 years ago. All-things-automation continues with janitorial bots at this major retailer, driverless busses (oh, how we would've loved a driverless bus at 15-years-old), and a real AI expert tells us what's really AI and what isn't AI. The ice under Indeed's feet is starting to crack ... the boys go into what they're hearing from trusted contacts.... and more, baby! It's 40 minutes you

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