Why Would Anyone Launch a Job Board Today? C'Mon, Man!

Dollar bills continue to flow into HR and recruiting tech companies and people are still launching job boards..?? Wait.. What? Yeah, you heard that right. Job boards. C'mon, really? The boys break down all the latest news. - Is this a WorkHere pivot or the withering dance of start-up death? - Find.jobs launches - Is Universe.jobs now officially a failed experiment? - Hire-Maturity launches?? Doesn't this feel like Eons 2.0? - Joel hates on Dynamic Signal after getting $36.5 million - Vettery gets acquired for a rumored ~$100 million by Adecco - StatusToday scares the hell out of us! - And a Halloween beat down that ended badly ... very badly. Enjoy. And visit our kickass sponsors: America's

Blockchain Recruiting and Cryptocurrency with Jeff Tennery - CEO Moonlighting.com - A NEXXT EXCLUSIV

The Chad and Cheese listeners know that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has taken center stage as the bright and shiny objects of the recruitment industry over the last year, but what about the entrance of ​Blockchain and Cryptocurrency? What the Hell does Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have to do with RECRUITING? We haven't a damned clue which is why we have Jeff Tennery the CEO of Moonlighting.com is on the podcast to answer questions like: - Why do we need Blockchain Recruiting? - What could cryptocurrency mean to the world talent economy? - What the Hell is a Moonbit? - and.... Is Moonlighting backed by Bruce Willis? Don't forget this edu-tainment is made possible by the gang

It's all about LOVE... and H8!

It's Valentine's Day week which means you can hear Barry White and feel the love in the air, even on The Chad & Cheese Podcast. This week: We start with a Google Love Trifecta! 1) Google for Jobs embraces its Latin lover 2) TMP loves sharing Google for Jobs stats 3) Is GoogleHire loving on AI resume search? Yes there's more LOVE... - HackerRank has 30 million new ways to find a lover and kill DICE - Why Nexxt fell out of love with Beyond.com - Unilever breaks up with Facebook and YouTube - Home Depot says loving yourself is best, it's all about Self Service ... plus more banter and snark than you can probably handle. Enjoy. And show our sponsors some love while you're at it. America's Job Ex

FIRING SQUAD: Adam Gordon, CEO and Co-Founder of Candidate.ID

CandidateID is WAKING THE DEAD in your ATS resume database and then nurturing those newly awaken candidates with engagement and scoring. Companies like Crowded (Firing Squad alumni), Lever and ConveyIQ are getting noticed for taking the best strategies in marketing and bringing them to recruitment. Will CandidateID be the newest name in this strategic category? Candidate.ID is taking on this challenge to solve the problem of keeping candidates engaged and warm when a new opportunity arises instead of starting all over again to attract new talent. The Chad and Cheese put the company's CEO and co-founder Adam Gordon through the wringer to see if his company has the mettle to thrive in this new

Recruitics Dresses Down Indeed, ZipRecruiter Aims for $1 Billion Valuation, RealMatch, SodaStream an

Dollar dollar ZIP ya'll! Money is flowing into the recruitment tech space like a melting glacier into the Atlantic Ocean. In this week's episode, ZipRecruiter eyes a new round of funding to the tune of $50 million, valuing the company at $1 billion, or the cost of both Monster and CareerBuilder put together. Plus: - Recruitics exams Indeed three major changes already rolled out in 2018 - A salesperson at Indeed employee is pissed and goes off on Glassdoor - Soda Stream drops a killer advert, but the execution blows - RealMatch launches pandoIQ, and agencies are losing their shit - A bunch of companies just got funding - Workday turns on a start-up homing beacon And much more. While listenin

The Chad and Cheese Super Bowl Ad

YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!! Okay, maybe you didn't.... But you know you wanted it! It's our first The Chad and Cheese Super Bowl Commercial - that you won't see on TV because we're way too cheap. PODCAST STYLE TRANSCRIPT The Chad and Cheese Presidential bid Julie: The following was paid by the campaign to elect The Chad and Cheese as Co-Presidents... of Monster... <Presidential Music starts> Chad: Hi my name is Chad Sowash Joel: and I'm Joel Cheesman - you know us as Chad: The Chad Joel: and Cheese Podcast at ChadCheese.com. Chad: We are aware Monster's new owners have lopped off the heads of old Monster leadership and have focused on filling those position with fresh ideas, and new, proven lea

Amazon Tracks Employees, Top Super Bowl Ads, PLUS One of Our Own

On this week's Super Bowl version of The Chad and Cheese Podcast: - Amazon is tracking your trips to the shitter - Monster gets a bad case of the shrinkage - Top 10 industry commercials of all-time - Super Bowl ad from Chad & Cheese - Super Bowl picks .. and much, much more As always, visit our sponsors. They're amazeballs. Sovren, America's Jobs Exchange, Ratedly and Catch 22 Consulting rule! PODCAST TRANSCRIPT Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls.

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