Indeed Ruins a Good Song, Google Starts Candidate Matching & LinkedIn Gets Snapchatty

After a bit of hiatus and a stint at the Guiness Recover Unit at the local hospital, Chad & Cheese are back in the groove, sticking it to everyone who, let's be honest, deserve it. Here's a taste: - Indeed's new commercial isn't so Sunny.. It sucks... - Indeed makes it official with higher prices - Google beta-steps into candidate search - It's only the start... - Starbucks closes the gender pay gap - LinkedIn gets its Snapchaty wit-it - A NYC councilman has lost his damned mind - IBM old people keep getting screwed - Weed continues to be a magnet for investment cash, even in online recruitment ... and a boatload more, boys and girls. Enjoy, and give our sponsors your wallets. Be

FIRING SQUAD:'s CEO Teg Grenager

People on LinkedIn aren’t looking for a job and too many candidates on job boards aren’t qualified. Therein lies the heart of start-up and how it hopes to break through the crowded space of recruitment technology. The company says it uses AI technology trained on over 50 million career paths and analyzes applicant resumes for hard skills, like expertise in data science or kinesiology, by looking for factors like degrees attained or years in a role; soft skills, like creativity and entrepreneurship, are found by extrapolating skills necessary for success in past jobs. Chad & Cheese put Teg Grenager, CEO, through the gauntlet and see if his company has what it takes to make it in t

A Beer with Google Hire's Bogomil Balkansky

A NEXXT EXCLUSIVE! One of the biggest treats from our time at TAtech in Ireland this month was the opportunity to see Hire with Google's Bogomil Balkansky, VP Cloud Recruiting Solutions, present. A bigger treat was enjoying some Guinness and interviewing Bogomil at the social TAtech event from the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Enjoy. PODCAST TRANSCRIPT Intro: This, the Chad & Cheese Podcast, brought to you in partnership with TA Tech. TA Tech, the Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions. Visit Chad: Okay Joel, quick question? Joel: Yeah. Chad: What happens when your phone vibrates or your texting alert goes off

Five minutes w/ PandoLogic & CandidateID

The boys are still working through hangovers from a week in Ireland for TAtech, but our pain is your gain. We were able to secure a handful of interviews at the Guinness Storehouse. For this week's episode we spend "five good minutes" with Terry Baker, President of PandoLogic and Adam Gordon, CEO of CandidateID. Enjoy! And don't forget about our sponsors: America's Job Exchange, Sovren, Ratedly, Nexxt, Jobs2Careers and Catch 22 Consulting. #Pandologic #RealMatch #CandidateID #TATech

LIVE from TAtech Europe in Dublin!

The Chad and Cheese take their act across the Atlantic for TAtech Europe, conveniently scheduled around St. Patrick's Day in Ireland. Sláinte! MAJOR love to our partners at TAtech and copious amounts of love goes to America's Job Exchange, Sovren, Ratedly, Catch 22 Consulting and our newest sponsor - coming in April - JobAdX! And special thanks to Nexxt and Jobs2Careers for sponsoring our monthly shows. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION (apologies for missing some content as not all speakers in the room were mic'ed up) Chad: Hey, boys and girls, Joel and I were in Dublin this week for TA Tech. Enjoy. Announcer: America's Job Exchange is a market leade

Glassdoor Raising Prices, Google is Drinking Your Milkshake, Burger King is "On FIRE" and.

Call it the International Women's Day episode, although it's mostly about Millennial-bashing. This week: - United Airlines does a U-turn on bonus lottery - Glassdoor sends out conflicting messages about a price increase - Burger King torches traditional recruitment advertising - Come on Jobu Jobs stop the stupid "Tinder for Jobs" shit - Activision coddles its Millennial employees - Will Google's end the "War for Talent"? ... and a friggin' bunch more, yo! Like always, go show out sponsors some love. America's Job Exchange, Sovren, Ratedly, Catch 22 Consulting and our newest sponsor, JobAdX rock the house! And special thanks to Nexxt and Jobs2Careers for sponsoring our monthly shows. Announce

Google Rocks It, Glassdoor Rumored IPO, Monster says Job Search SUCKS & It's a New CareerBui

March Madness is podcast madness, apparently. On this week's episode, the "badasses" are talkin': - Wait... Albert the Frog has LinkedIn endorsements? - Google keeps kickin' ass and takin' names in employment tech - Bloomberg says Glassdoor is headed toward IPO country - Facebook eyes global market with jobs plus messenger update / impact - RealMatch is now PandoLogic, er, pandoIQ er, PandoProdux? - New CareerBuilder looks pretty much like the old CareerBuilder, minus the orange Chucks - Monster's new 'hype' video and adds purple Chucks - Cash keeps flowing: Peakon get 22 million, Nomad Health gets 12 million ... and a shit-ton more... Enjoy and give our sponsors - Sovren, America's Job Exch

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