Careerbuilder Says Sell! Sell! Sell!

The mergers and acquisitions market is heating up this week starting with Careerbuilder's first foray of sales under Apollo with the selling of EMSI. Oh yes there's more: - TMP acquired by Gemspring - Adecco acquisition positions then to grow talent - PeopleFluent gets a pathetic pricetag - Google for Jobs gets busy in India - Google for Jobs will penalize your ass! - Work180 velvet ropes their female community - ONLY qualified employers allowed - Buy stocks in Sex Robots and VR now! Enjoy, and visit our sponsors: Sovren, America's Job Exchange and JobAdX. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Ch

Two CEO's No Waiting - Thad Price w/ Talroo & Amit Chauhan w/ JobAdX

Live from SHRM Talent in Las Vegas! The Chad & Cheese sit down with two of the most exciting companies around today, in two of the most talked about technologies. Thad Price, CEO of Talroo, formerly Jobs2Careers, talks rebranding and the future of job distribution. Amit Chauhan, CEO of JobAdX, discusses how they are looking at programmatic ad buying from an entirely different - and better - angle. Enjoy. and give our sponsors your wallets. Because, we said so. Lots of love to America's Job Exchange, Sovren, Ratedly and JobAdX. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION Chad: Hey it's Chad. Joel and I were in Vegas all week this week. I know, it's hard being us, guys. But guess wha

Indeed's Workopolis Carnage - A NEXXT Exclusive

LIVE from TAtech in Las Vegas, the boys break some news about what happened at Workopolis after Indeed acquired the company. "Drop your laptop and company property at the door on the way out." What else are those idiots talking about? - Participation certificates - clever millenials - Careerbuilder dumpster fire update - Indeed Jail update - Here's a brand, there's a brand - everyone is rebranding - Gollum visits - Anyone need sales people and developers? - BEER Enjoy. And be sure to visit this podcast's exclusive sponsor, Nexxt. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION Chad: This, The Chad & Cheese Podcast brought to you in partnership with TA tech. TA tech, the association for talent acquisi

Are you going to Indeed JAIL?!?!

Could you be going to "Indeed Jail"? -- Seriously, WTF? The Chad and Cheese spend some time with industry veteran Tim Sackett as he discusses the trials and tribulations of being sentenced to Indeed "jail." You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll long for an alternative to Indeed. Enjoy. -- Straight from America's Job Exchange! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION Announcer: America's Job Exchange is a market leader in diversity recruitment and an OFCCP compliance solution provider. We serve over a thousand customers, consisting of federal contractors and subcontractors, to SMBs and Fortune 500 organizations. America's Job Exchange specializes in job distribution to over 6,500 state one-stop career cen

CareerBuilder is a Trainwreck

DUMPSTER FIRE!! CareerBuilder is a mess right now, according to our sources. We're talkin' execs jumping ship, layoffs, angry sales people and a lot of bitter 'Builders. Tune in for all the latest. Oh wait, there's more: - Indeed Crowd is a failure - Ladders tries its hand at referrals - Snagajob is now Snag ... here's why - Monster goes 2-pane - What do Textio, and Indeed have in common? - Oh, Canada! Indeed acquires Workopolis And lots more. It's the first show to go over an hour, but we think you'll be rewarded for your time. Just listen to it in 2X and cut it down to 30 mins. Boom! And check out our sponsors: America's Job Exchange, Sovren, JobAdX and Ratedly.

FIRING SQUAD: RoboRecruiter's CEO, Chris Collins

Chatbots... CHATBOTS... CHATBOTS!!! There's a lot of confusion around chatbots in recruiting. Do you need one? Which one? How much? Questions abound on this technology that serves as a buzzword at every conference and practically every blog post online. RoboRecruiter thinks chatbots are not only the future, but the present as well. We'll see about that. The Chad & Cheese bring in CEO Chris Collins and put him through the Firing Squad to see if chatbots truly are all that, and if RoboRecruiter should be added to your shopping list. Hang tight! And be sure to visit Firing Squad's exclusive sponsorship partner Jobs2Careers, a company that could make Firing Squad its bitch. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION

Fantastic Four? Interviews w/ VideoMyJob, YouVisit, Seekout & AllyO

Hey kids, this week Joel was in San Diego at ERE and Chad was in San Francisco at a Biddle Consulting Group Institute Summit - swanky right? Luckily between naps Joel was able to get some quick interviews from - VideoMyJob - Kristen Graham, Co-founder - YouVisit - Erik Carlson, National Ad Director - Seekout - Anoop Gupta, CEO - AllyO - Ankit Somani. Co-founder Look for these companies to get in front of the FIRING SQUAD very soon. Give it up for our sponsors. Lots of wallet share love should be bestowed upon America's Job Exchange, Sovren, Ratedly and JobAdX - only one X. Enjoy! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dange

DEATH MATCH: Clinch vs. Smashfly - It's a NEXXT EXCLUSIVE

Another Nexxt exclusive podcast, the boys sit down with two of the hottest TA tech companies in the vendor space. Another Guinness fueled interview. Resident Dubliner Shane Gray - also CEO of Clinch - takes on newly minted CEO (CTO when recorded) Thom Kenney of Smashfly. It's an engagement battle of the fittest! Enjoy. PODCAST TRANSCRIPT Intro: This, The Chad & Cheese Podcast, brought to you in partnership with TA Tech. TA Tech, the Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions. Visit Chad: Okay, Joel. Quick question. Joel: Yep. Chad: What happens when your phone vibrates or your texting alert goes off? Joel:

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