Indeed, The Collapse Will Be Epic! MORE FUNDING... and Millennials

If you thought an upcoming holiday weekend would mean a slow week in the recruiting industry, then you're gravely mistaken, kiddies. Chad & Cheese bring da noise and da funk on a episode featuring: - Indeed sets up for an EPIC collapse - Phenom People gets PAID - Vervoe gets PAID - Debut.Careers gets PAID - gets Blockchain? Really? - Microsoft teases their Indeed killer - Do you really the degree and debt? and Millennials getting smacked around by their Boomer parents. Enjoy, and visit our sponsors: America's Job Exchange, JobAdX and Sovren. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION: Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Ch

Indeed Embraces Its Inner Glassdoor

PRESS PLAY >:P News and opinion from the show highlight this week's episode. - Indeed gives Glassdoor a... ummm... - Indeed also rolls out an old-timey assessment add-on - KRT snuggles up to Indeed/Glassdoor - Google for Jobs referral traffic looks awesome - Uber, Wells Fargo and Facebook are "Sorry" - .jobs is .gone for DirectEmployers Association - RecruitLlama is unveiled - and Starbucks is a real shit-show, literally. Enjoy, and checkout sponsors JobAdX, Sovren, Ratedly and America's Job Exchange. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry r w/ The Chad & Cheese - DemoCast

Teg Grenager performed incredibly well on The Chad & Cheese Firing Squad Podcast. Now it's time to Show and Tell with The Chad & Cheese's new DemoCast. #Uncommon #Programmatic #AI #MachineLearning #Video


Liran Kotzer steps in front of The Chad & Cheese Firing Squad to test his pitch, his nerves, and ultimately his mettle. claims to automatically match jobs to candidates who are discreetly exploring new opportunities. That sounds good but will it be enough to keep Liran out of the line of fire? Thanks to our Firing Squad sponsor Talroo... That's right Talroo, not Jobs2Careers you silly beast. Visit Talroo today and find out how to get better candidates for less cash. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION Chad: Hey, Joel. Joel: What up? Chad: Would you say that companies find it hard to attract the right candidates to apply for their jobs? Jo

Glassdoor Acquired. Indeed Digs a Moat.

Well... what started out as a pretty slow and boring ass week gained some steam by Hump Day. So what happened? - Glassdoor see acquiaition dollars from Indeed's parent company for $1.2 billion - Monster lands a new CEO (Get it? Travel... Lands?) - CareerBuilder goes down - Oprah is giving everybody a FREE job board (Ok it's not Oprah) - Google's demo of Duplex tech (AI) is a jaw dropper - FairyGodBoss loves them some VC Glassdoor-for-women site raised $3 million. Enjoy, and checkout our sponsors America's Job Exchange, Sovren and JobAdX. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION El Chapo: Evidently, when El Chapo was incarcerated, the code of ethics that he instilled in Cabo and throughout Mexico ha

Interview: Jobalign CEO, Doug Johnson -- NEXXT EXCLUSIVE

The Chad and Cheese sit down with Doug Johnson, CEO of Jobalign, to talk HIGH VOLUME HIRING. Why? Because it's hard shit and as Doug says "There's a bunch of pain for employers in the high-volume arena." So I guess it's time for THE PAIN TRAIN! Chad: This, The Chad & Cheese Podcast brought to you in partnership with TA tech. TA tech, the association for talent acquisition solutions. Visit Chad: Okay, Joel, quick question. Joel: Yep. Chad: What happens when your phone vibrates, or your texting alert goes off? Joel: Dude, I pretty much check it immediately. I bet everyone listening is reachin

Careerbuilder Goes Full-Google & Monster Goes Geico

On this week's show, Joel always says "NEVER GO FULL GOOGLE!" Well... CareerBuilder went "FULL GOOGLE" but wait there's more.... - We find out why Microsoft really bought LinkedIn - Monster's ad strategy goes full GEICO?..? - Monster loses the NASCAR ads - Stepstone swallows up Universum while Joel takes a nap - Facebook is focused on @Work - Russians launch Vera the HR robot - Chips, wristbands and now brain sensors take over employee insights and launches right into the steaming hot pile of garbage Wait for El Chapo after the final credits... While you're listening check out out sponsors America's Job Exchange, Sovren and JobAdX! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION Announcer: H

Interview: Tony Lee of SHRM - Exclusive

An EXCLUSIVE... It's Tony Lee and it's time to get your recruiting industry GEEK ON! That's right the boys sit down with industry icon Tony Lee for a jaunt down Memory Lane, an update on what's new at SHRM and even talk a little Cheap Trick. What's in this episode: - How the WSJ got into the "job board business" - It was Jung Lee not Junglee - Seriously? - The birth of Adicio - Cheezhead antics - An Online Career Center ( insider story - "huckster extraordinaire" - MonsterBoard before it was reborn as - PURE RECRUITING TECH HISTORY BABY! Visit Uncommon now and gain access to this red-hot start-up's free trial now and receive 5 FREE candidates! PODCAST TRANSCRI

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