ZipRecruiter is Droppin' Mad Stacks

Chad and Cheese land after HR Tech in Vegas drop this crazy podcast - like it's hot - and now off to New Orleans for TA Tech and Startup Death Match. That's right, the boys are covering the industry as only they can - hard and fast. This weeks Topics - CareerBuilder launches Pokemon for Jobs - ZipRecruiter just sponsored the world's most popular podcast - Is that Google in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? - Facebook staves off the ACLU - Rigzone sells - well kinda - It's DHI in for a hostile takeover? How do those owrk anyway? It's on baby! Be sure to visit sponsors Sovren and JobAdX. They complete us. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions is your bridge to th

HR Tech Conference Post-Game Show

Chad & Cheese run down last week's HR Technology Conference in Vegas, nothing but raw post-game analysis. What sucked and what ROCKED! NOTE: Remember kids, Vegas hangovers suck but that's the kind of shit we do for YOU! TOPICS: - Pitchfest - Start-up Pavillion - Worst & Best booths - HR Tech booth dichotomy - Monster v Careerbuilder compare and contrast - Where was LinkedIn, Facebook & Google? - 7 security guards vs. 1 Ward Christman? Enjoy, and visit our sponsors: Sovren and JobAdX. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions helps businesses find qualified candidates with disabilities for their job postings. Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to

Interview w/ Bad Ass Diversity Prophet Torin Ellis

Meet Torin Ellis, one bad MFin' diversity bad ass. Buckle-up kids it's about to get lit up in this Nexxt Exclusive podcast! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions helps companies find talent in the largest minority community in the world – people with disabilities. Chad: This, the Chad and Cheese Podcast brought to you in partnership with TA Tech. TA Tech, the association for talent acquisition solutions. Visit Chad: Okay, Joel. Quick question Joel: Yep. Chad: What happens when your phone vibrates or your texting alert goes off? Joel: Dude, I pretty much check it immediately. I bet everyone lis

Careerbuilder Dumps CEO

It was just a matter of time. After a 14-year run, Matt Ferguson is no longer CEO of CareerBuilder. The boys share the details and there opinion about what's next. Also: - Upwork goes IPO - Recruiters like it rough? - Tattoos! - and surveys galore leading up the HR Tech conference in Vegas ....wait, are the boys talkin' tech at all? You bet your ass we will! Enjoy, and visit our sponsors America's Job Exchange, Sovren and JobAdX. PODCAST TRANSCRIPT sponsored by: Disability Solutions helps companies strengthen their workforce and broaden their market reach by hiring talent in the disability community. Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's Most Dangerous Pod

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