2018 in Review + Naughty & Nice

Another year down, but what the Hell happened? Chad and Cheese run down some of the best and funniest stories of 2018. Then it's all about the Naughty.... and some Nice too, especially our friends at Canvas, Sovern, and JobsAdX. They deserve some 2019 champagne after putting up with our asses. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions helps businesses find qualified candidates with disabilities for their job postings. Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You are listing to HR's Most Dangerous Podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle

SurveyMonkey Chief People Officer, Becky Cantieri

Survey Monkey is the premier surveying tool on the market. And if you're company isn't surveying employees and interviewees, you're doing it wrong. Becky Cantieri, Survey Monkey's Chief People Officer, lays out how they keep their finger on the pulse of candidates and employees alike. It's another NEXXT EXCLUSIVE! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions helps businesses find qualified candidates with disabilities for their job postings. Chad: This 'The Chad and Cheese Podcast' brought to in partnership with TA Tech. TA Tech, the association for talent acquisition solutions. Visit TATech.org. Chad: Okay, Joel, quick question. Joel:

The Christmas Show

Ho-ho-Oh No! What should've been a laid back week has done blowed-up. Crowded goes through major ch-ch-changes in the C-suite... And there's more under the tree kids... - Indeed says "no," while ZipRecruiter says "yes," - Amazon and Walmart are waging "Robot Wars" - People attack self-driving Waymo cars - Uber autonomous is back on the street in Pittsburgh - Employees ghost employers, because they deserve it? - Indeed perpetuates stupid "Ninja" job titles - and we perpetuate Indeed's perpetuation.. Huh? Grab an eggnog and enjoy our Christmas show, sponsored by Sovren, JobAdX and Canvas, as usual. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions partners with employers on disability i

Shiny Objects Kill Recruitment w/ Tom Becker

We welcome Tom Becker, EVP of Recruiting Ops at The Judge Group to The Chad & Cheese Bad Ass Series. That's right Tom is one 6Sigma black belt wearin' mutha that you don't want to foll with -- or at least his process. Tom breaks down how some companies are killing the "recruiting game" and others are mere spectators in the cheap seats. We've matched you up with another kick ass Uncommon Exclusive.. Get it? Matching? That's what Uncommon does... with candidates... and jobs... dumbass... PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions helps companies find talent in the largest minority community in the world – people with disabilities. Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors,

Catching Up With Monster.com - CEO Scott Gutz

Scott Gutz, Monster's CEO, has been on the job about 6 mos. To say he has his work cut out for him and his team is a gross understatement. For over a decade, Monster enjoyed being the top brand in the employment industry. Those days are gone, as job boards have become antiquated in exchange for names like Google, Facebook and Microsoft who are now vying for marketshare. On this Uncommon exclusive, we dig into the State of Monster with its CEO and chief product officer, Chris Cho. Give some love to Uncommon for sponsoring this EXCLUSIVE! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions is your sourcing and recruiting partner for people with disabilities. Chad: I wan

Indeed Christmas Sweaters Got Chad All Hot-and-Bothered

This week's show starts out like s LOVE FEST and then goes south quickly... The boys talk: - Joel hates on Indeed's ugly Christmas sweaters - Microsoft is building the Death Star of workforce platforms - Jim Stroud says "GATTACA BITCHES!" - Talkpush calls out AllyO - Comparably does Glassdoor and SEOs the Hell out of it - College kids are sharpening their coding chops with Youtube - Singing day with a jobs twist - and branded fruit. Yes, branded F%$KING fruit! Don't shoot your eye out, kids!Enjoy and visit sponsors JobAdX, Sovren and Canvas. They make it all happen. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions provides comprehensive website accessibility testing with personalize

FIRING SQUAD: tilr CEO, Carisa Miklusak

Can a couple of CareerBuilder alums really make a dent in the growing on-demand workforce platform wars? We grill CEO and co-founder Carisa Miklusak to find out. Enjoy this Talroo exclusive. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions helps companies strengthen their workforce and broaden their market reach by hiring talent in the disability community. Chad: Hey Joel. Joel: What up? Chad: Would you say companies find it hard to attract the right candidates to apply for their jobs? Joel: Well Jobs to Careers thought so. Chad: Job to Careers? You mean Talroo. Joel:

Digging Into Glassdoor's 'Best Places to Work'

Like the Oscars, Emmy’s or Razzies, employers around the world await Glassdoor’s ‘Best Places to Work’ with great anticipation. Ehhh, not so much, but we’ll discuss it anyway. We’ll also dig into - Hire by Google candidate matching launches out of beta - Facebook falls from grace - LinkedIn’s salary data is sneaky good - Jobiak’s AreMyJobsOnGoogle.com campaign - Dice CEO Art Zeile is dodging the pod - and (serenity now!) the rise of Gen Z. Enjoy and visit sponsors Sovren, Canvas, and JobAdX turns ONE, PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions partners with our clients to build best-in-class inclusion programs and reach qualified, talented individuals with disabilities of every

Will Robots Rule? Peter Weddle Talks Circa 2118

On this NEXXT exclusive podcast, the boys interview industry icon Peter Weddle about his latest book, Circa 2118. It’s a must-read for anyone in the recruiting industry, where robotics, automation and AI are set to change things dramatically over the next 100 years. The good, the bad and the ugly are all here in this riveting interview. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions works with employers each step of the way as consultative recruiting and engagement strategists for the disability community. Announcer: This, The Chad and Cheese Podcast, brought to you in partnership with TAtech. TAtech, the association for talent acquisition solutions, visit tatech.org. Chad:

VERVOE - Ambush Demo!

Vervoe demos their desktop and new features. Chad & Cheese sit back a listen to Firing Squad alums Omer and Damon from Vervoe. Vervoe helps companies uncover hidden talent.

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