A Nurturing Acquisition

We've saved the best for last! Danielle Weinblatt joins Chad & Cheese to talk about ConveyIQ's acquisition by Entelo. What missing pieces will ConveyIQ add? What will change and what sill stay the same. All brought to you by Nexxt an engagement powerhouse. Check Nexxt out at hiring.nexxt.com. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions helps companies find talent in the largest minority community in the world – people with disabilities. Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HRs most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads

2019 Naughty & Nice

Everyone wants to know! Who was naughty and/or who was nice in 2019? Special guest Bill Boorman joins The Chad and Cheese on stage to announce their 2019 Naughty and Nice lists on stage during TalentNET LIVE in Dallas. They cover who was naughty and who was nice in the world of HR, recruiting, tech, and workforce? Gotta listen to find out. Thanks to Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas for filling our listeners' stockings with Chad & Cheese podcast throughout 2019! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions helps companies strengthen their workforce and broaden their market reach by hiring talent in the disability community. Chad: Ho, ho, Happy New Year and all that ja


The only thing warmer than the chestnuts roasting on our open fire is the heat coming out of the world of recruitment. This week, the boys 1) uncover breaking news from the deadpool, 2) discuss another programmatic solutions acquisition 3) Colin Day gives Google for Jobs some iCIMS love 4) HackerRank scores a pipeline and... 5) chat-up how making Uber drivers in California FTEs might not actually be the best thing since, well, Uber. Enjoy, and show sponsors JobAdx, Sovren, and Canvas some holiday cheer! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions helps businesses find qualified candidates with disabilities for their job postings. Announcer: Hide your kids.

FIRING SQUAD: Jobsync's Alex Murphy

Alex Murphy is a gnarly veteran of the recruitment technology industry. Will his Jobsync.io pitch have what it takes to win big applause or a shove in front of The Chad & Cheese's FIRING SQUAD? Make sure you stop by and say hi to sponsor, Talroo. Especially if you're in search of candidates and need to get the best bang for your buck! Call Talroo today! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions provides comprehensive website accessibility testing with personalized recommendations to enhance usability for people with a variety of disabilities or situational limitations. Chad: Talroo was focused on predicting, optimizing, and delivering talent directly to your

Adzuna Shade

Don't shoot your eye out, kids, The Chad & Cheese Podcast is back this week with top news from the world of recruiting. The boys are pulling zero punches on: - Adzuna's cofounder for throwing shade at newly minted Talent.com - Indeed may or may not finally be getting TV ads right - and LinkedIn gives 140,000 reasons to get your kids enrolled in some A.I. 101 classes ASAP. All this and much, much more, thanks to sponsors Sovren, JobAdx, and Canvas. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions' clients are changing the lives of people with disabilities, including veterans with service related disabilities.​ Tim Sackett: Hi, I'm Tim Sackett and you're listening

A Righteous Fiasco

Fiasco is a cool name, but what does it mean? Chaos. So what's in a name and does it really matter? How do customers and employees engage with the BRAND, not the name? James Boettcher joins The Chad & Cheese Podcast again to dive deeper into BRAND and also the RIGHTEOUS stuff that's just around the corner. Brought to you in close partnership with Smashfly. Let SmashFly help tell your story and keep relationships at the heart of your CRM. For more information, visit SmashFly.com today. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions is your bridge to the disability community, delivering custom solutions in outreach, recruiting, talent management and compliance.​ Joel:

DEMOpocalypse: MYA Chatbot

Everybody loves the thought, the idea, the possible application of a chatbot. But not all chatbots are created equal... In this DEMOpocalypse Eyal Grayevsky, CEO & Co-founder of Mya takes us behind the curtain for a demo of Mya. Enjoy! For BIG SCREEN use https://chadcheese.libsyn.com #Chatbot #Technology #Mya #DEMOpocalypse #video

Neuvoo's Sexual Chocolate Moment

It's like a damned variety show during this podcast, recorded LIVE from a posh Dallas Hotel lobby, where The Chad & Cheese talk: - Neuvoo's got Talent! - Craigslist joins us 2019 - Disney shows what real BRAND means - Pay Equity = Starbucks - and Is the job market really that good? All of this podcasting goodness couldn't be possible without the love, care, and affection of Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions partners with our clients to build best-in-class inclusion programs and reach qualified, talented individuals with disabilities of every skill, education, and experience level. Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors. Yo

Programmatic Fire Sale

This episode features Jason Roberts a guy who knows recruitment, process, and technology. This podcast is jam-packed with topics like: - It's a "Programmatic Fire Sale" - I Frankensteined a tech stack - Monster matching works? - Hatin' on Indeed's Be Seen - Everyone wants a chatbot! and much much more... Big thanks to Sovren for making this podcasting exclusive magic possible. Enjoy! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions is changing minds and changing lives through disability inclusion. Sovren: Sovren is known for providing the world's best, and most accurate parsing products. And now, based on that technology comes Sovren's artificial intelligenc

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