Are You Rescinding The Offer?

Lead question: What impact to their campus hiring efforts will employers experience if they rescind job offers to students and recent grads?

Goodbye Glassdoor?

On this week's episode, the boys dive headfirst into Entelo's dumpster fire big brands unfriend Facebook Glassdoor gets pulled into Indeed

A Monster Discussion

A veteran of the Recruitment Tech industry for 20 years Kshitij Jain (aka KJ) has worked with well-known companies like, Mobolt,

Erect A Brand Bridge

The "brand people" get the budget, the conferences, the glory, the press. The "people people" work in the background.

Cruising in NÜTRL

This podcast was recorded pre-covid and at the base of the Canadian Rockies in Banff Canada with Paul Meehan, Creator, Owner & Brand Manager


If you love a heavier Chad & Cheese - and we're not talking about Joel's midsection - then this one's for you. On this week's episode: LinkedIn made the wrong decision... Again... Reddit CEO and Portland Chief send a major BLM message adidas swings and misses IBM leads by saving face and in our OK boomer segment: TikTok! As always, this podcast is heroically powered by Sovren, JobAdx, and Jobvite. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions provides full-scale inclusion initiatives for people with disabilities. James Elis: James Ellis from, The Talent Cast. You may not be aware of this, but a couple years ago I lost a bet, so now I'm contractually obligated to say nice things ab

Firing Squad: Talent Alpha CEO, Przemek Berendt

Every once and awhile, we get a startup on Firing Squad who claims to do it all, or at least almost do it all (none of them can deliver a case of Pabst with your new hire, but whatever). Talent Alpha out of Poland is once such company. Calling it the human cloud, they'll find, screen and schedule your next IT pro, promising to give you access to a previously untapped talent pool of 700,000 experienced and project-ready IT specialists working in 25,000 small & medium-sized IT Services Companies across Europe. One of your fearless podcasters loves the idea; the other one, not-as-much. Checkout founder and CEO Przemek Berendt bring his A-game to The Squad. Brought to you by our friends at Pando

Facebook's Job Factor

Google for Jobs isn't the only new big brand face in town. The boys continue their interview with Venkat Janapareddy, CEO of Jobiak, and talk: - Google for jobs Global adoption - Does video content even matter - Facebook is outspending Google on the jobs product - Indeed is in a real pickle - It's all about the real-time data Brought to you by Chad and Cheese - HR's Most Dangerous Podcast. Subscribe at PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions helps support and educate your workforce through disability awareness and inclusion training. Morgan: Voices, we hear them every day. Some voices like mine are smooth and comforting. While on the other hand, The Chad and

LinkedIn's Racism

New LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky took the helm last Monday and by Thursday LinkedIn's racist employees were climbing out of their holes.

Death Match: Adam Chambers w/ Applichat

Welcome to Death Match, North America 2020, which took place at TAtech on May 19. For all of you NOOBS who have never experienced Death Match - Death Match is a competition which pits 4 innovative, early-stage companies against one-another, only one can win and emerge with the coveted Death Match Chain of Champions. This Chad and Cheese Death Match episode feautures Adam Chambers founder and CEO at Applichat. COVID-19 might've locked us all in our homes but never fear! The home bars are always stocked, pints were flowing and Chad and Cheese questions and slurring snark was flying. Luckily Joveo's CEO, KJ, stepped in to provide a smart and sensible judging voice to this TAtech event... Enjoy

Smashfly's New X Rating

Things are getting a tad heavy, huh? Maybe you just need some Chad & Cheese to make it all better? On this week's show: SmashFly gets an X Some Good News for Communo Facebook says, "Lower pay for you!" Andrew Yang says 3 day weekends rule! Spain marches toward equity and UBI Who gives a crap? Come off the ledge, pour a cold one and relax. Just let your ears do all the work. As usual, The Chad & Cheese Podcast is powered by Sovren, JobAdx and Jobvite. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions provides training and development to help your workplace leaders and employees integrate with and value people with disabilities. James Ellis: James Ellis from the Talent Cast. You may not

Inside an iCIMS Acquisition

When you want insights to big industry moves you go to the insiders. In this episode The Chad & Cheese are joined by phenom, Death Match Europe winner, and former CEO of newly acquired, Andreea Wade. Andreea dragged along iCIMS' technical commander-in-chief Al "Witness Protection" Smith to discuss how's team, vision, and tech will play into iCIMS' future. Enjoy this NEXXT exclusive. PODACST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by: Disability Solutions provides training and development to help your workplace leaders and employees integrate with and value people with disabilities. James Ellis: Hey, this is James Ellis from The Talent Cast Podcast, and you're listening to The Chad and

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