March 27, 2020

It's time to take a step back and breathe for a few minutes. Today's podcast is straight out of Rome and was that surprise breath of fresh air everybody really needs. So, turn off the world, enjoy these Good Vibes From Rome and breathe.  

Italy passed China in coronavirus fatalities this month, and h...

March 24, 2020

What happens when the world's largest CRM moves ATS?

Start-ups need to prioritize where they allocate resources and picking the perfect partner platform for your app can be a challenging task. While most HR tech providers rely on companies like iCIMS, Bullhorn, Greenhouse and others, some solutions a...

March 19, 2020

Joel is on the record calling Bullhorn's Marketplace "bullshit". Enter Nina Eigerman, SVP Alliances & Biz Dev from Bullhorn who joins this episode to enlighten Joel and feed him his own words.

Enjoy this podcast RUMBLE made possible by Sovren, software so human you'll want to take it to dinner. 


March 17, 2020

Robert Ruff is back and joins The Chad & Cheese for another VOICES episode with candid conversations about: 

- Silver Bullets all around
- Artificial Intelligence Trainwreck
- CEO's at cocktail parties, that's the problem!

Enjoy this Voices Series podcast from The Chad & Cheese - HR's Most Dangerous P...

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