April 25, 2018

Live from SHRM Talent in Las Vegas!

The Chad & Cheese sit down with two of the most exciting companies around today, in two of the most talked about technologies.

Thad Price, CEO of Talroo, formerly Jobs2Careers, talks rebranding and the future of job distribution. 

Amit Chauhan, CEO of JobAdX, discu...

April 22, 2018

LIVE from TAtech in Las Vegas, the boys break some news about what happened at Workopolis after Indeed acquired the company.

"Drop your laptop and company property at the door on the way out."

What else are those idiots talking about?

- Participation certificates - clever millenials

- Careerbuilder dum...

April 18, 2018

Could you be going to "Indeed Jail"?  -- Seriously, WTF? 

The Chad and Cheese spend some time with industry veteran Tim Sackett as he discusses the trials and tribulations of being sentenced to Indeed "jail."

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll long for an alternative to Indeed.  

Enjoy.    --  Strai...

April 15, 2018


CareerBuilder is a mess right now, according to our sources. We're talkin' execs jumping ship, layoffs, angry sales people and a lot of bitter 'Builders. Tune in for all the latest.

Oh wait, there's more:

 -  Indeed Crowd is a failure
 -  Ladders tries its hand at referrals

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