April 11, 2018

Chatbots... CHATBOTS... CHATBOTS!!!

There's a lot of confusion around chatbots in recruiting. Do you need one? Which one? How much? Questions abound on this technology that serves as a buzzword at every conference and practically every blog post online.

RoboRecruiter thinks chatbots are not only the f...

April 9, 2018

Hey kids, this week Joel was in San Diego at ERE and Chad was in San Francisco at a Biddle Consulting Group Institute Summit - swanky right? 

Luckily between naps Joel was able to get some quick interviews from 
VideoMyJob - Kristen Graham, Co-founder
YouVisit - Erik Carlson, National Ad Director

April 4, 2018

Another Nexxt exclusive podcast, the boys sit down with two of the hottest TA tech companies in the vendor space. 

Another Guinness fueled interview. Resident Dubliner Shane Gray - also CEO of Clinch - takes on newly minted CEO (CTO when recorded) Thom Kenney of Smashfly

It's an engagement battle of...

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