September 21, 2018

Chad and Cheese land after HR Tech in Vegas drop this crazy podcast - like it's hot - and now off to New Orleans for TA Tech and Startup Death Match. That's right, the boys are covering the industry as only they can - hard and fast. 

This weeks Topics

CareerBuilder launches Pokem...

September 18, 2018

Chad & Cheese run down last week's HR Technology Conference in Vegas, nothing but raw post-game analysis. What sucked and what ROCKED! NOTE: Remember kids, Vegas hangovers suck but that's the kind of shit we do for YOU!


- Pitchfest

- Start-up Pavillion

- Worst & Best booths

- HR Tech booth d...

September 12, 2018

Meet Torin Ellis, one bad MFin' diversity bad ass. Buckle-up kids it's about to get lit up in this Nexxt Exclusive podcast! 


Disability Solutions helps companies find talent in the largest minority community in the world – people with disabilities.


September 10, 2018

It was just a matter of time. After a 14-year run, Matt Ferguson is no longer CEO of CareerBuilder. The boys share the details and there opinion about what's next.


- Upwork goes IPO

- Recruiters like it rough?

- Tattoos! 

- and surveys galore leading up the HR Tech conference in Vegas


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Disability Solutions
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