October 31, 2018

When you want to talk recruitment tech you need to call upon one of the very few BAD ASS RPO tech overloads around the globe. So that's exactly what Chad & Cheese did... 

Adam Godson is High Commander of Tech Solutions at Cielo - that's what I call him - where they have 150,000 hires per year in...

October 30, 2018

Chad - Welcome to another installment of Chad & Cheese iCIMS iNFLUENCE 2018 Series. In mid-Oct Joel and I flew to NJ and landed at iCIMS HQ for the iCIMS iNFLUENCE event. During the event Colin Day, iCIMS CEO and Chairman of the Board along with other iCIMS leaders shared their common vision for mor...

October 26, 2018

Hello boys and ghouls, it's the Halloween edition of The Chad & Cheese Podcast, which means the boys are counting down everything in recruitment that scared the hell out of them. Hint: The bots are coming!


- Indeed is crushing it,

- LinkedIn is teasing you with it 

- ZipRecruiter is mobilizing...

October 24, 2018

Being an industry leader isn't easy... Constantly fighting the good fight, providing for clients and job seekers while protecting your flanks and reinventing the entire recruitment industry... That's exactly what iCIMS leadership is doing. . 

In mid-Oct Joel and I flew to NJ and landed at iCIMS HQ fo...

October 19, 2018

Holy Hell! Halloween must be close, because companies are losing their minds and scaring the shit out of us.

On this week's show,

- Start-ups call bullshit on LinkedIn's blacklist  

- Indeed kicks all staffing firms to the curb

- Blinders on their cubical jockeys -- 1984 meets Mr. Ed

- Scary...

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