June 28, 2019

If you missed the news breakdown from last week, you're in for a treat this week. The boys breakdown a bevy of news, including

- iCIMS buying Jibe

- AMS buying a chatbot

- Where you at SHRM? Do you job!

- Rumors out of CareerBuilder, and Entelo,

and new headwinds for Slack.

Enjoy the tsunami of news a...

June 27, 2019

An old URL with a lot of new ideas - including blockchain, paying job seekers and a credit card (yes, credit card) - but we'll see how the company does against 40 years of industry experience. Chad & Cheese run Job.com CEO Arran Stewart through the firing squad ... gotta listen to see how he does.


June 26, 2019

Gerry Crispin is an industry treasure and a virtual encyclopedia for anyone who wants to take a look back at how things used to be, as well as getting an historical perspective on the present and the future.

Chad & Cheese chatted with Gerry and it turned into a conversation that lasted well over an...

June 24, 2019

The boys cover just about everything with Smashfly's Josh Zywien, Delta Airlines' Holland McCue and Fiserv's Julia Levy.

Enjoy this live show from Boston and throw our sponsors - Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas - lots of love.


Disability Solutions partners with our clien...

June 20, 2019

It's a damned free-for-all! Matt Alder comes to a CENSORSHIP FREE environment in this crossover edition of Chad & Cheese and The Recruitment Future Podcast. If the language is too much for you just head your whimpy ass over to Matt's bleeped out version at RFpodcast.com

Everyone else can enjoy the...

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