May 11, 2019

Few things have caused as much buzz this year as Tengai Unbiased, the recruiting robot from a company in Sweden that has garnered responses from creeped-out to amazement. The boys decided to find out for themselves and interview the team - and the robot - during a trip to TAtech in Lisbon.

Enjoy and...

November 28, 2018


Joel and I are always talking about the latest and greatest chatbots so we thought we'd bring in an expert. Someone who has flown from coast-to-coast in search of a chatbot, NO, not just a chatbot but several chatbots which could serve her client's needs....

October 17, 2018

Canvas recently faced a panel of four judges at TAtech in New Orleans for Chad & Cheese’s Death Match competition, pitting four start-ups against each other. They were cool under pressure and came out victorious.

Listen now to see how it went down.


Disability Solut...

October 10, 2018

It's Disability Employment Awareness month which means it's time for The Chad & Cheese to pull out their secret weapon who knows her shit about hiring people with disabilities. Julie Sowash, Senior Consultant with Disability Solutions take the guys to school! Yes, that Sowash... 

Julie and the team a...

October 9, 2018

Talkpush recently faced a panel of four judges at TAtech in New Orleans for Chad & Cheese's Death Match competition pitting four start-ups against each other.

Listen now to see how it went down for them.


Disability Solutions provides full-scale inclusion initiatives...

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Disability Solutions
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