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CareerBuilder Gets a Divorce | Employers are Microchipping Workers | JazzHR is Jazzed

Giddyup kids! Episode 19 is in the books. Chad and Cheese are hot on Google Hire’s exploding interest and latest product demo. Chad breaks it down like a math problem. CareerBuilder’s 15 year marriage to Gannett ended in divorce this week. You’ll never guess who was waiting in the wings as Gannett swiped right!

JazzHR got $6 million in funding. Talk about great timing, as we’re not sure they’d get the same interest with Google Hire live today. The boys also discuss the variety of ATS execs and what stye think of Google Hire. Also, AI is still in the news and some company in Wisconsin is putting microchips in employees. WTF?

As always, visit our sponsors America’s Job Exchange, Sovren and Wonscore. They make it all possible.

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