2018 Prediction Show -- aka -- WTF did they just say?

A Nexxt Exclusive in partnership with TAtech.org, the boys enlist help from industry expert Tim Sackett to come up with predictions for 2018. Featured are Glassdoor, Monster, CareerBuilder, Slack, and many, many more. There's even a prediction for 2020, so get ready to get woke, mutha huggers!


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Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, rash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad & Cheese Podcast.

Joel: All right, welcome to 2018 boys and girls.

Chad: Booyah.

Joel: Welcome to the Chad & Cheese Show, HR's most dangerous podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this exclusive episode for Nexxt, in association with TA Tech, we welcome industry veteran Tim Sackett to the show.

Chad: Woo, Tim Sackett.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: Sack man.

Joel: Tim Sackett. We're going to discuss predictions for 2018. It certainly promises to be our balliest show ever with way more talking about football than necessarily. So let's get to it and welcome our guest, Tim Sackett.

Chad: Tim.

Joel: Tim, thanks for joining the show.

Tim: Hey guys. Yeah, I just got off my couching, watching football for like 15 straight hours yesterday, which literally started off with a great game.

Joel: Does your ass have barnacles on it?

Tim: Oh Jesus. What's the over under on the amount of weight you put on over the holidays because it's completely ridiculous.

Chad: I don't even want to talk about it.

Chad: Joel actually, the only thing he got in his stocking was laxatives so he can take care of business...

Joel: I get a whole wardrobe that's a size up because everyone knows I'm going to gain that much weight.

Chad: Oh shit yeah. So no, I'm sitting here wearing scarlet and gray as per usual, right, and after a big kick ass win over USC, which we called. We knew they were going to beat them, but the Big 10, who just dominates all the fricking, cover pretty much most of the spread on all the games and then you got that-

Joel: Seven and one.

Tim: ... that team up north couldn't close it out.

Joel: Way to go Harbaugh.

Chad: Most overrated coach of all time, Jim Harbaugh.

Joel: Yeah, yeah.

Tim: I know. I loved it in the press conference yesterday they actually asked him if this was his last game coaching Michigan.

Joel: What was his answer? Did he bring up the heated up oatmeal again?

Tim: No, he's like, "No, next question."

Joel: He's going to be in Chicago. He's never finished greater than third in the Big 10 in his division.

Chad: We also saw kind of a pre-look at the next Browns quarterback, right?

Tim: Yeah.

Joel: Which, by the way, my first prediction is the Browns will do better next year than they did this year.

Chad: Hell, that's going out on a limb there.

Joel: That's one win by the way for those of you non-football fans out there.

Tim: Yeah. Are they going to go for the USC quarterback or the Oklahoma quarterback? Because they USC quarterback looked awful.

Chad: Yeah, well see here's what'll happen though. I really think that you're right, but he was playing the best defense in the nation so he was going to look awful.

Tim: Besides Alabama?

Chad: Yes, exactly. But when it comes down to it they'll probably go with Baker Mayfield because he's more a Johnny Manziel-ish kind of cat and for some reason they want to sell more jerseys in one season than actually have a whole decade worth of perspective winning.

Tim: Wins.

Joel: I think if Mayfield had won yesterday and beaten Alabama there might be a chance he gets to be the and number one pick, but I don't think that's going to happen partly because of the Manziel tragedy in Cleveland. I think that it's between Rosen and Darnold assuming they both come out. Rosen doesn't seem to be that excited to play for Cleveland.

Chad: No, nobody does.

Joel: Darnold probably isn't either, but I'd probably lean Darnold just because of he's a bigger kid, he's more of an AFC North Cleveland, off-the-lake winter kind of guy. Then I think they pray that the Colts don't take Saquon Barkley and that he lands to them in four and they have their QB and running back of the future.

Chad: Barkley's not going to make it in the NFL.

Joel: Really?

Chad: No, he's not going to make in the NFL. There's no way. He faced an NFL somewhat level of defense with the Ohio State Buckeyes and he couldn't get 70 yards. He's not going to get 70 yards against the Cleveland Browns, okay? So no, it's not going to happen. Saquon, they played a couple of shitty teams, he rolled up on them, great for them, but he's not that good.

Joel: Wow. All right we've gone through two or three predictions without even getting into the prediction chat.

Tim: Should we go-

Joel: Do we actually talk recruiting-

Chad: Yeah, no that'd be great.

Joel: ... or continue with the football talk? All right, we're going to pass it to our guest, because we're just that polite here on Chad & Cheese. Tim, we will pass the mic to you with your first prediction for 2018.

Tim: Yeah, I'm going to get crazy and go right out there and say sourcing is dead as a people function just because the technology's so great now. If you think about a normal sourcing person working in a fortune whatever company, the tech can do better than they can right now out of the box. So I'm not talking about the super geeky source con, like nerdfest. You're always going to have a hundred people in the world that can probably source better than tech, right, but I'm talking about the masses. 99% of the people cannot outsource the tech right now. And so for me this is the start of 2018, sourcing's dead as a function and you should just build it into your stack.

Joel: How do you think that plays into small business? Because there's some reports that small businesses are really wanting to embrace automation. I assume that you agree with that. But does it filter to them next year or does it take longer?

Tim: Well, I mean that becomes then how do you build that into a recruiting platform. I'm always amazed. The whole other trend that I see is small businesses actually buying into a full enterprise HCM suite so like Ultimate or ADP or whoever are building these things out. And the talent side of those are crappy so they're not going to have really good sourcing tech in those things for probably three or four more years so that's tough.

Chad: Well, for small business, and I think you guys have already overlooked somebody that's out there who's already doing this for small business, ZipRecruiter. How do you think they actually push all the candidates to these single jobs for mom and pops? And they start on the small business side just posting jobs so they're already doing this and they're doing it incredibly well. Maybe they're just not promoting it? Is that what's happening? But that's exactly why the candidates are making it into those requisitions so damn fast. It's machine learning, it's the Google adoption that they've been able to play as well on the job search side of the house. So this is already happening.

Joel: By the way, there's a ZipRecruiter ad playing right now on my TV, just so you know. It's to this conversation.

Chad: Dude, they're listening.

Tim: You know what's funny? I did talk with the ZipRecruiter folks out at HR Tech and they could care less about what we think as industry pundit kind of folks.

Chad: No, they care what we’re saying... Maybe not the Chad & Cheese show. They listen to this shit, but we get calls, emails, they love our stuff. So you (Tim), maybe not.

Tim: No, but they really haven't reached out in a big way to the industry so say, "Hey, here's what we're doing. Talk about us." And so I think they're behind a little bit in that. I think in 2018 we'll see them come out more, but they get. They get the small business side, they get the marketing side. They're on every fricking TV show. They're on every radio station. And they're just going, "Hey, how do we go out to a super unsophisticated buyer?" And you're like, "Well, put TV commercials on. They still work for idiots, right?" And they figured it out. They're smart. They know how to make money.

Chad: And I think one of the reasons why we haven't heard about them as much on the pundit side of the house is because they've had their heads down. They've been doing work.

Joel: Tim, do you have any thoughts on their acquisition of Jobboard.io? See

Chad? I said it right.

Chad: Good job.

Joel: Or no opinion whatsoever?