LIVE from TAtech Europe in Dublin!

The Chad and Cheese take their act across the Atlantic for TAtech Europe, conveniently scheduled around St. Patrick's Day in Ireland.


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(apologies for missing some content as not all speakers in the room were mic'ed up)

Chad: Hey, boys and girls, Joel and I were in Dublin this week for TA Tech. Enjoy.

Announcer: America's Job Exchange is a market leader in diversity recruitment, and an OFCCP compliant solution provider. We serve over a thousand customers, consisting of federal contractors and subcontractors, to SMBs and Fortune 500 organizations. America's Job Exchange specializes in job distribution to over 6,500 state one-stop career centers and community-based organizations, ensures the creation and maintenance of state credentials, obtains veteran preference on job postings, robust outreach management, and supports effective, positive recruitment efforts designed to recruit individuals with disabilities, veterans, women, and minorities. For more information, call us at 866-926-6284, or visit us at

Joey Stubbs: Without further ado I want to introduce Chad and Cheese [crosstalk 00:01:02].

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: What's up Dublin?

Speaker 3: We got ... Pete? We got music, Pete?

Chad: What's up Europe?

Announcer 2: The most dangerous podcast, Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here on punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinions and loads of snark buckle up boys and girls, it's Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad: Now, it's real. Now, it's real.

Joel: Can we do the show now?

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Awesome. What's up Dublin? What's up TAtech?

Chad: Bring it.

Joel: Welcome to the hangover detox session of the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: There we go. Louder. That's right. Who else is hungover?

Joel: We're the only ones, dude. No one else in Dublin at this show is hungover. That's great.

Chad: I'm blame Shane. I'm blame Shane.

Joel: Well, thanks for listening. I'm amazed we have so many listeners here today.

Chad: Big in Europe. I never knew.

Joel: Huge in Belgium right here.

Chad: Belgium.

Joel: Brussels loves Chad and Cheese.

Chad: Brussels.

Joel: We have a fairly short period today, so let's get to the show, I guess.

Chad: Yeah. Shout outs.

Joel: We have schwag. So, I guess the rules are if you ask questions, if you say something snarky, insult another company, you get schwag. You get rewarded for that.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: So, if you're game, we got schwag for you.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: We usually start out the show with shout outs, some of you know. I'm going to do the show shout outs, and then Chad has some, I guess, external shout outs.

Chad: Yep. Twitter.

Joel: Number one, Shane and Paddy, who I don't think are here, showed us a fantastic time last night and our incredible representative of the Dublin area, shout out to them. Adam Gordon, who also isn't here, but shout out. He'll also do the show later. He was a great sport with the interviews yesterday. Tom, did an interview with us.

Chad: Yep.

Joel: Bogomil from Google, we really got him to just spill it, all of it,

yesterday. We'll be publishing that podcast soon. Let's see. Terry, the Dutchman, Baker, thank you for the interview. What was the joke? If you're not Dutch, you're not much. I think that's what I learned, yesterday. Eugene and Paulina from Job Today. Russian fans, originally Russian fans. We like that. They came up and said, "Thanks." Joey Stubs, for wearing the ugliest sport coat I've ever seen. Thank you for that.

Chad: Yeah. It said, "American," all over it.

Joel: I'm still having nightmares from that.

Chad: Like, Shamrocks.

Joel: And I guess Pete and Repeat.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Thank you for having us, again. We love it, appreciate it, and will try to continue the grade A work that we do here at TA Tech in Europe.

Chad: Much love for TA Tech. Is that all you got?

Joel: That's all I got.

Chad: Are you done? Okay. So, we also ... Obviously, we're big on Twitter, too. Hashtags, #ChadCheese. So, if you are tweeting right now, just use the #ChadCheese. Ed, from Philly, you will be listening. He wants you to stop hating on millennials.

Joel: Yeah, but one of our other boys loves the millennial bashing, which we don't have on the docket for today, so we'll have to save that for another time.

Chad: Not today

Joel: Millennials, I apologize, but I hate you all and I express that on the show. I'll save it for today.

Chad: Yes. He's a crusty old bastard.

Joel: Yes, I am.

Chad: Then, he wanted to go hate ... Now, he's hating on Tinder for Jobs. Who was the Tinder for Jobs guy, yesterday? Who was the ... He's not ... There he is.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: Tinder for Jobs.

Joel: You suck. Don't do it. Good Lord.