Liran Kotzer steps in front of The Chad & Cheese Firing Squad to test his pitch, his nerves, and ultimately his mettle. claims to automatically match jobs to candidates who are discreetly exploring new opportunities.

That sounds good but will it be enough to keep Liran out of the line of fire?

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Chad: Hey, Joel.

Joel: What up?

Chad: Would you say that companies find it hard to attract the right candidates to apply for their jobs?

Joel: Well, Jobs to Careers thought so.

Chad: Jobs2Careers? You mean Talroo.

Joel: Talroo?

Chad: Yeah, Talroo. T-A-L-R-O-O.

Joel: What is that? Like a cross between talent and a kangaroo?

Chad: (Laughs) No. It's a cross between talent and recruiting. But Talroo is focused on predicting, optimizing, and delivering talent directly to your email or ATS.

Joel: Aha, okay. So it's totally data-driven talent attraction which means the Talroo platform enables recruiters to reach the right talent at the right time and at the right price.

Chad: Okay, so that was weirdly intuitive, but yes. Guess what the best part is?

Joel: Let me take a shot here. You only pay for the candidates Talroo delivers.

Chad: Holy shit, okay, so you've heard this before. So if you're out there listening in Podcast land, and you are attracting the wrong candidates, and we know you are, or you feel like you're in a recruiting hamster wheel and there's just nowhere to go, right, you can go to

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Joel: Or, just go to and click on the Talroo logo. I'm all about the simple.

Chad: You are a simple man.

Gollum: Yes, me precious, yes me precious candidate, we wants it so sweet precious, yes.

Announcer: Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to put their recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, and baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they've got what it takes to make it out alive.

Announcer: Dig a foxhole and duck for cover, kids, the Chad and Cheese podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Joel: My trigger finger is a little itchy today for the Firing Squad, we'll see how this goes. What's up, gang? We've got Liran, which is like Lebron without the B so it's easy for me to say as a Cas fan, but anyway Liran is a CEO founder I guess of Liran, welcome to the show, and before we start give us the fifteen second intro on you.

Liran: Hey guys, first thanks for having me, I'm really excited. And so I'm Liran, I'm the CEO and founder of I'm a techie, I live in Israel and I'm excited for what we're

building and for the reason we're building it. We'd be happy to share what we're doing.

Joel: Very good, about 15 seconds exactly.

Liran: Boom.

Joel: Chad, tell him what he'll win on this show, otherwise known as the Rules of the Show.

Chad: Well first off, before we even get into this, Liran, I'd like to say kudos on having the high school picture of Joel on your home page. Dude, that is amazing, I never thought that I would see Joel Cheesman on the home page.

Joel: Are you referring to the orgasmic guy on the home page? Is that the one you're talking about?

Chad: Oh yeah, like with the Vic 20 or the Apple, or whatever it is, yeah. It's awesome.

Liran: We read about the show, so we took a few pictures. Joel, we want him to know and how he is a famous guy.

Chad: Good job with him. Okay, we're rolling on. Here's the format of the show,

Liran. You will have two minutes to pitch Woo. And at the end of two minutes, you will hear the bell. Then Joel and I will have our way with you with a little Q&A. If your questions aren't concise, then Joel's gonna either hit you with the bell or some crickets. Means you need to tighten your game up.

Joel: Keep it moving, baby.

Chad: Keep it moving. At the end of Q&A, we're going to pretty much give you our opinions on the pitch and obviously on the Q&A, we're either gonna give you big applause, that means you have exceeded expectations, golf clap, you're on your way but you have a lot of work to do or last but not least, nobody wants this, it's the firing squad. It's time to pick up, go home, get the drawing board back out, and do it again.

Chad: So that's firing squad. It's time to buckle up and pitch.

Joel: Are you sweating yet, Liran? Are you regretting this?

Liran: Guys, please be gentle.

Joel: All right, all right.

Liran: I'm far, far away from Israel, please be gentle.

Joel: We're typically nice to our international guests, so you've got that going for you. All right, on the bell you've got two minutes. Are you ready?

Liran: Sure, let's do it.

Joel: Go.

Liran: All right, so Woo is basically a technology-driven marketplace where we connect between district job seekers and companies that are ready to offer them the opportunity they truly want. The reason we built Woo is because we met so many people that are comfortably numb in their job, which means that from one hand they have a lot of ambitions and inspiration regarding what they want to do next in their career, it can be new technologies, relocation, working with big company startups, whatever, but when we come to reality most of those people don't do anything regarding their inspiration because they don't want to go through the hassle of getting a job, which is a risky process, you don't know what you can get out there, and people don't want to put these efforts.

Liran: So we basically created the platform to give them no excuse, because the way Woo works is it's dramatically simplified the way people can consume job and turn the job consumption from a one time event into an ongoing exploration where we serve as your agent, which means that when you're get into Woo you put everything about yourself. It's totally discrete, but we know everything about you. And then we help you to set up your wish list regarding what kind of opportunity you would define as interesting for you.

Liran: Of course, we help you with using our information so you won't ask working on the moon, which means that we make sure that you're asking for realistic things. And from that point, once you have the wishlist and we know everything about you, from that point we start showing you opportunities from companies that we're working with that you qualify for on one hand, but also meeting your preferences.

Liran: So once you get an opportunity from Woo you know that it's very relevant, you can see who's the company, what they want to discuss about, how these opportunities meet your expectation, and from that point you can ask Woo whether you want to be introduced to that company. If we introduce you to that company, one out of two of those interaction will turn into active interview.

Chad: (Bell rings) That's the first one.

Liran: I'm the first one to pass the two minutes.

Joel: Although you did say comfortably numb as part of your pitch.

Chad: Yeah, it's very nice. Pink Floyd.

Joel: Which I thought it was interesting. Chad, you wanna go first? Or do you want me to take the first?

Chad: No, I'll go, I'll go first.

Joel: All right.

Chad: So the pitch in itself, right, is focused on being able to solve a problem. The big question is at this point, what was the problem? What's the problem that you're trying to solve, Liran?

Liran: Yeah, so the problem we basically trying to solve is the fact that people today has no control regarding what is their next step, how they're getting to their next step. Meaning that there are 20% people that actively go and pursue job when they don't have any job, but most of the people the way they see job is very sporadically. Meaning that one of their friends calling them, say, "Hey, I have a great position for you." But what if I want to control my career, meaning that I want know I'm dreaming about relocating to Boston. What I'm going to do about it? I need to invest a lot of efforts in research and see who is ready to take me in Boston.