Indeed Embraces Its Inner Glassdoor


News and opinion from the show highlight this week's episode.

- Indeed gives Glassdoor a... ummm...

- Indeed also rolls out an old-timey assessment add-on

- KRT snuggles up to Indeed/Glassdoor

- Google for Jobs referral traffic looks awesome

- Uber, Wells Fargo and Facebook are "Sorry"

- .jobs is .gone for DirectEmployers Association

- RecruitLlama is unveiled

- and Starbucks is a real shit-show, literally.

Enjoy, and checkout sponsors JobAdX, Sovren, Ratedly and America's Job Exchange.


Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Hey, hey, hey boys and girls. Welcome to another riveting episode of the Chad and Cheese Podcast, Hrs most dangerous. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad "Rickey Bobby" Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, everyone's sorry, dot jobs get dot dumped, and the shit is flying at Starbucks. Literally. What the hell are we talking about? You gotta listen, sucka. We'll be right back.

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Chad: You think Sovren's matching engine can run chat bot, too, with their AI? Their AI could do chat bots as well?

Joel: I'm just glad that I don't have to think like the engine and the engine thinks like me.

Chad: That's what I'm saying.

Joel: Sure. I think after a demo with Sovren about six months ago that I think they could probably do about anything.

Chad: Yeah, that's what we need to do. Get a demo.

Joel: That place is a cash printing machine and so few people know about it. Much more now that our show is live and pimping them, but man. Sovren is the real deal. Their client list is ridiculous.

Chad: That's pretty awesome. You know who else is the real deal and we actually got some gear, was Uncommon. They provided us with some uncommon and very high-quality gear, which is pretty awesome.

Joel: And hoodies.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: No one gives hoodies out.

Chad: That's right, yeah. It is the summer, but don't worry it'll be worn all the way through autumn and winter, I promise.

Joel: It's nice. American Apparel. It was, yeah. Shout out to them for sure. I'm gonna give a shout out to another one of our favorite vendors, Aman Brar at Canvas. If you haven't heard the Canvas interview, go back and listen, but they're doing the text message thing. They have some pretty cool cozies that Aman teases with. Hopefully we can get those things in our hands pretty soon 'cause summertime here in Indiana does get a little warm. The pops can get stale quickly.

Chad: Yeah, no kidding, so it's funny because we're starting to be trolled by our very own listeners. I think it's freaking hilarious. Some of our listeners are in Vegas this week for Unleash and they caught the Career Builder booth empty and it's funny because it doesn't look like the monitor's plugged in, it doesn't look like anybody's home, but we're getting all these pictures of an empty Career Builders booth. We're like, what the hell is going on there? It seems like we're just being trolled by our listeners, which I think is funny as hell.

Joel: So, were the Career Builder employees actually at the booth or was there really an empty booth because the pictures I saw, the lights were on and there were people in the exhibit hall.

Chad: Right.

Joel: It could've been a trick by a competitor to make them look bad. We should maybe confirm whether or not they had some travel troubles or what was going on there.

Chad: Yeah, I think they might've been late to the booth to be able to get some of the things plugged in, but it was funny and I think one of the pictures was taken around lunch so everybody was out away from the booth during lunch, so I think it was all kind of posed, so I think it was funny so trying to troll us into trolling Career Builder. Nice move, guys. Very nice move.

Joel: Do we know the show that was?

Chad: Yeah, it was Unleash.

Joel: It was Unleash? Okay, so if you're at Unleash and I know a lot of people were probably listening, hashtag us at #ChadCheese or go to and let us know what was going on with the Career Builder booth at the show.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: I got a shout out to Daniel Woyke I'm not sure, it's W-O-Y-K-E. from our friends at Madgex over the pond.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: He's a big fan of the show, gave us some love. Daniel, thanks for listening. We appreciate it.

Chad: I am also being trolled by the people over at Monster. It's funny because as we give Monster shit it's like they give us shit back which is like the polar opposite of Career Builder. We start to give Career Builder shit and they go and hide in a corner or they get in the fetal position or something.

Joel: Call the lawyers, call the lawyers.

Chad: Call the lawyers. Send some letters. So, what did Monster do? I've been making fun of this stupid, purple, Bugs Bunny rip off monster that they've been using, and what do they do? They send me and you both a couple of these furry, fluffy monsters plus some mousepad and also a squeezy monster as well. So, good on you, Monster. That's exactly what we're looking for. We're proving snark and then you're just sending it right back at us. Gotta say we love it. Not sure that I'm 100% on your job search yet, but this is funny as shit.

Joel: My eight year old daughter loved the stuffies, so I'm not gonna hate on them too much for that. Shout out to Sarah Brennan, a long time industry participant. She gave me word that she's leaving Cornerstone on Demand and going out on her own again.

Chad: Good for her.

Joel: Writes a lot, she goes to conferences, she's a thought leader, speaker. So, I'm kind of happy that she's out from under the corporate thumb and on her own again. So Sarah, thanks for being a listener and good luck to you.

Chad: Yeah, good for her. I've got a couple of programming notes. First and foremost, we did our very first demo, video demo. Chad and Cheese video demo and we did it with Teg from Uncommon. We did it yesterday. It's gonna be dropping on the websites. We're gonna be pushing out on social media. It's really cool. Obviously, we wanted to dig in deeper into the guts of Uncommon because we heard a lot on the podcast. It got pretty much double applause from us and we thought, okay, how can we take this further? Let's see what you got.

Chad: So, Joel and I sat back with a couple of beers and Teg took us through it so it was pretty awesome.

Joel: Yeah, for anyone who doesn't want to actually talk to a salesperson or schedule a call, just check out the video if you're interested in Uncommon and get the demo and we'll be your Q&A for you. It's a nice little thing that we've done, I think, for the community. So, you're welcome.

Chad: You're welcome. Last but not least, we also did a new firing squad which you've gotta listen to. CEO Larin was on firing squad and we have another one already in the can for next month, but some really, pretty cool start ups that are joining in and they're taking the shots from the Chad and Cheese. So, good on them. They've got the balls to actually come on the show.

Joel: No spoilers, but I'll say that we weren't all wooed by woo if you know what I'm saying.

Chad: So bad.

Joel: Alright, lets get to the news. It was Indeed's week in addition to Unleash. Indeeed had their annual meeting which things are just starting to trickle out from what was going on there, but they had two releases. The first one was Indeed assessments. So a few months ago, they bought a company called Interviewed, I think, which was assessments. So now they finally integrated this service. It seems a bit antiquated at this point and manually put all this stuff in, particularly when you talk to people like Uncommon who uses AI for that stuff, but it's a step forward, I think, for most of their users. It's a fine little addition to their service. What are your thoughts?

Chad: Do you know if the actual interview itself, like the interview process, if it can be done by text or is it just an old timey going through answering questions on your browser and going on that? Is that pretty much what they've implemented?

Joel: Yeah, from the look of it, it's the pre-screening questionnaire. How many years do you have, are you a U.S. citizen, do you have a college degree, basic questions kind of like that. So yeah, it is what it is. That kind of stuff's been around for a long time. Indeed is just now starting to catch up to that. Will it become more AI focused and automated in the future? I guess, but for now it to me looks pretty cut and dry. They do have an advertisement apparently that's pimping the Q&A. It looks really focused at the small business side of the house.

Joel: Someone hiring waiters or whoever. Do you have wait service? Do you have your own car? Do you have a driver's license? Can you get to where we need you on time? That kind of thing. So, yeah it's fine, but I don't think it's earth shattering news whatsoever.

Chad: Yeah and then the SNB market. I think ZipRecruiter's kicking their asses as it is and if they would just spend some cash on buying ZipRecruiter's, maybe that would solve it for them. Who knows.

Joel: I will add, we talk a lot about Facebook, but in little different variances like with their slack product and thinks like that, but F8 happened a week ago, I believe, which is their annual developers conference. So, Zuckerberg revealed that 800 million people per month globally are in their marketplace section using it. I think one in three Americans are using marketplace on a regular basis.

Chad: That's pretty sweet.

Joel: So, I just did a post for ERE that isn't live yet, but they're enhancing their job search component for, this sounds really archaic, but for them they're catching up so they have alerts on your mobile for jobs that you're looking for. You can actually segment your search now. It already does a localize your search, but when you go to the post job section now, in addition to putting the job description and basic information, it does allow you to ask questions, which I assume are going to be part of their Instant Messenger, so when people reply they'll get a message or pop up that says, hey, answer these questions. Almost in a chat bot format, which will also serve, I assume, as a pre screening solution.

Joel: So, don't fall asleep on Facebook in the SMB section. I think that they're doing a lot of these things as well and they're already integrated in most of everyone's life as it is.

Chad: Yeah and you take a look at GoogleHire. Right out of the gate it was very antiquated, very boring, very, "what the hell am I doing here" kind of a product, but that was the foundation. They had to start with something and they had to start with a foundation which is what I think you're seeing with the Facebook and Google and Facebook can get away with that. Especially on the SNB side of the house because they're gonna start genning up much quicker. So, the new Google Hire with the matching pieces, we're starting to see them making some pretty big moves and I think, also, we're gonna start seeing Facebook doing the same thing.

Chad: Now on the Indeed side, which is, obviously, where we started the conversation, being able to take an old timey interview-y platform, they don't have the same time that Google and Facebook does. They don't have the kind of resources, they don't have the kind of tech. They don't have all of that. So, if Indeed's going to start making moves, it should be with organization