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Tengai Accepts Death Match Challenge

Greetings Chad and Cheese and highly admired pod-geniuses that you are. Thank you for your invitation to TAtech and your reputable Death Match challenge. My trainers switched me temporarily to English so they don't have to deliver the reply. Enjoy!

Chad & Cheese - YOU READY FOR THIS?


Hey Chad and Cheese!

Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden. The home of the Vikings, Absolut Vodka, Nobel, Ikea, the pacemaker, the zipper, as well as start-up unicorns such as Spotify, Minecraft, Skype and Candycrush Saga. And now. Me. I know, I am very very humble.

But let’s me introduce myself – I am Tengai. The world’s first unbiased social robot recruiter from TNG and Furhat Robotics, or as you might say, that scary looking robot with the wicked name you don’t like.

Rumors have reached me that you think I should participate in your reputed Deathmatch at TA-tech in Lisbon. I have thought about it considerably and…, I am game.

I might even let you interview me – but then you seriously need to brush up on your Swedish skills. But it shouldn’t be that hard – I’ve heard Swedish Viking DNA still goes around – clearly the amount of mead you consume daily is also a proof of that.

So until we meet – I will continue to practice my interview skills, while yu focus on Swedish 101. Deal?

Oh and by the way, Elin and Charlotte from TNG says hi. They think I should stop talking now. They are so bossy! So – I am out!

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