Slack Attack and Facials

What a week.

- Can Slack compete with Microsoft's software dominance?

- Facial recognition takes a hit

- LinkedIn feature updates like it's 1999

- Millennials need to get freak-nasty or we go extinct,

- Natty Light beer needs partiers, and much, much more.

Enjoy and show Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas lots of love.


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Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad & Cheese Podcast.

Joel: The Sowashes are back from their European vacation. What's up, Clark? And we're ready to do this weekly show thing. Welcome to the Chad & Cheese Podcast, HR's most global weekly roundup of new news and opinion from the world of recruiting. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: Did you learn any Portuguese while you were there?

Chad: I did not, but I did learn that is nothing like fucking Spanish.

Joel: On this week's show, millennials need to put down the Xbox controllers and grab their real joysticks, CareerBuilder loses another VP in our rumors segment, and we get serious about facials. Grab a Natty Light and hone those party skills, kids. We'll be right back after this word from JobAdX.

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Joel: I'm pretty bitter that I go to Lisbon the same time you do. While I'm there, it's rainy, it's cloudy, it's a little cool. The second I leave, the sun comes out, it becomes 80 some degrees, and you're there for about another three, four days. So I hope you had a good time, asshole.

Chad: It was gorgeous. Yeah, so we were, a little time in Lisbon, went to Sintra, went to Porto, stayed a couple of days, a few days in Porto. Dude, it was so awesome, and yeah, I'm sorry you didn't get to share all the wonderful sunshine, but we drank a ton of wine for you and I also brought back by request exactly what you were looking for, a very good port wine. Yes, you're welcome.

Joel: Yeah. We give a lot of shit to each other, but deep down, there's feelings.

Chad: There's feelings.

Joel: By the way, it's notable that your wife, who's very picky about where she travels and where she wants to live in retirement has chosen Lisbon, I guess Portugal, as a top three retirement destination. So for those of you kids out there looking to get out of wherever you are, Portugal might be a place to check out.

Chad: Yeah. TAtech Europe did more than just bring us to Portugal. It might be a retirement place. You never know.

Joel: Julie needs a new blog or something. Like Julie picks for retirement, where to retire and where not to retire.

Chad: That's a good call. Also, Isabel from JobAdX. She was the awesome Portugal trip advisor, so thanks, Isabel, because she really hooked us up on places to go check out while we were there.

Joel: Isabel may be my favorite millennial. It isn't saying much, but she is a walking trip advisor.

Chad: Isn't your wife a millennial? Wait a minute.

Joel: No. No. Barely not, but yeah. Yes, I married so young from where I sit.

Chad: Shout to Alex Gotoi I know I'm fucking that up, from Bucharest. He is spreading the Chad and Cheese love. Alex, you spread it man! Spread it! Spread that love!

Joel: Spread it wide, Alex.

Chad: That's the way I like it.

Joel: Spread it far and wide, baby. Yeah, he recommended us and actually, in his tweet recommendation or LinkedIn, wherever it was, called us inspirational, which makes me a little bit leery of his mind, but hey.

Chad: I love it.

Joel: Spread that love, Alex. Good stuff.

Chad: And we are.

Joel: VideoMyJob shout out. If you haven't seen the DEMOpocalypse with the kids there, Kristen and Steven, that's well worth your time. Interesting product. Video is the thing all the kids are doing, apparently 80% of the internet by 20-something will all be video, so you gotta get on board. Check out the VideoMyJob DEMOpocalypse.

Chad: Yep, and also we'll be pushing out audio from RECex thanks to Stephen O'Donnell and the team over at MyJobViddy. That's an interesting name. We'll be putting out some great content that we had from the stage of RECex. So that was a

good time when we got there, even though I was late.

Joel: We will not be publishing the RECxxx audio, though. Apparently that's

a little bit too much for even our audience.

Chad: Is that when you called everyone eurotrash when you stepped on the stage? That was fun.

Feffer: Such an asshole.

Joel: Yeah, that was good.

Chad: Big applause and shout out to our deathmatch competitor.

Joel: So solid.

Chad: Eric from Mya, Elin from Tengai, Adam from Candidate.ID, and I didn't said AI though.

Joel: You almost did a Joel there.

Chad: Yeah, I know. Andreea from Four awesome, I mean awesome fucking pitches all the way around. Awesome products all the way around, and we actually had, the judges had to have an extra bottle of wine. This was a hard one to judge, so in the next few weeks, we'll be putting out Death Match podcast where you can listen to every single pitch, so look for that.

Joel: Are we okay revealing the winner?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: In this weeks show?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: So was our champion, but as Chad mentioned, it took a lot more wine than we thought to help our judgment, which is a little bit counteractive, counterintuitive. Anyway, but so we came up with Ireland won this world cup, I guess, and very impressive outing, all of our startups, companies were great. I love how they go above and beyond the performance bar with Viking costumes and kilts and music intros. It was a great event, and looking forward to doing it again in Austin in September.

Chad: Yes, very, very excited to do that, and my last shout out before we get to the t-shirts selfies piece is Matt Alder. He was obviously Chad and Cheesed during one of his interviews at TAtech. My bad, Matt. Sorry about that, brother.

Joel: He got Chad and Cheesed.

Chad: You got Chad and Cheesed.

Joel: Can I throw in our Philly trip in the mixture?

Chad: Oh yeah.

Ed: I'm not angry. I'm from Philly.

Joel: So yeah, we're heading to Philly next week-

Chad: Next week. Get your tickets.

Joel: Chad's overnighting. I can only handle a day trip to Philly, so I'm not going to stick around, but big fan base in Philly. Looking forward to seeing those knuckleheads and putting on a show for those guys.

Chad: That's right. Week after that, we're in Boston for Jobcase live, so we're doing a live gig at Jobcase, and they're taking us to a ballgame, so that's pretty cool. After that, Transform Live, which again is going to be in Boston. It's a SmashFly joint. We're going to be talking about recruitment marketing, and Joel and I are just going to talk about blowing shit up like recruitment marketing.

Joel: Yeah, the Cleveland Indians are rumored to be in Boston that day.

Chad: That's right.

Joel: For the game, so I need to iron my Jim Thome jersey so I can talk shit to Bostonians when I'm out there. That'll be fun.

Chad: Last on the events, we are on the main stage. We're actually headlining RecFest in London, and literally guys, it's our job to break shit when we get there. So yeah, look for that. It's going to be, we're going to have a blast. The bar opens at noon. I think we take the stage at 4:00 or after 4:00, so everybody's going to be perfectly intoxicated for our fucking show.

Joel: I still like Yanks Gone Wild, even though you don't. Anyway.

Chad: That is...

Joel: It's beautiful.

Chad: You should be, it should be Wanks Gone Wild.

Joel: Yeah, we are definitely Wanks Gone Wild and speaking of...

Chad: Just keep checking out our social f