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BREW REVIEW: ThisWayGlobal CEO, Angela Hood

Chad & Cheese are always looking for legitimate excuses to consume beer, chat-up start-ups and provide quality podcast content. Enter Brew Review, where they check all the boxes above. You're welcome.

Enjoy this very first show, with special guest Angela Hood, CEO of This Way Global from Last Stand Brewing Co.​


Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Okay, what's up everybody? This is Joel Cheesman of the Chad and Cheese Podcast. I'm joined here today by my cohost Chad Drinking-Good-Beer Sowash.

Chad: Chad loves Me and my goddamn beer Sowash. That's right. Yes.

Joel: And your ears are going to thank us. Today, we are doing the first ever—

Chad: Ever.

Joel: ... brew review. Okay, here's how this is going to work.

Chad: What is a brew review?

Joel: Here's how this is going to work.

Chad: What is this brew review?

Joel: When we travel and we travel quite a bit.

Chad: We do.

Joel: We're going to sucker somebody, some company to come in and buy us beer, review the beer, and tell us about their company.

Chad: And talk about the company.

Joel: Very, very casual, very relaxed. We're live here from Austin, Texas for the TAtech Conference. And we are joined here today by Angela Boys in the Hood, Hood.

Chad: Yes. That's right.

Angela: All right. Okay.

Joel: With This Way Global, which sounds like a travel agency-

Chad: It does.

Joel: But it is not. Angela, welcome to the first ever and maybe the last brew review. We'll see how this goes. And we've got to say, Angela, really Texafied this brew review.

Chad: She killed this dude.

Joel: We thought, "Let's get a pub. We'll order a beer, and we'll do this up." They said, "No, you're in Texas. We're going to a brewery, we're getting barbecue, we're not doing one beer, we're doing a whole flight of four."

Chad: Yes.

Joel: So Angela, God bless you. Welcome to the show.

Angela: Oh, thank you. And we do not half ass things in Texas. So, yeah. So we-

Joel: We know this.

Chad: Yeah. We now know this.

Angela: We're bringing it.

Joel: The Aquanet is out.

Angela: That's right.

Joel: Tease to the moon.

Angela: That's right.

Chad: We have the hair to Jesus moment happening. This is a beer to Jesus moment.

Joel: I've never been so close to God as I have been at this moment. Well, Angela, for those who don't know, tell us something a little bit about the company, and then we'll go ahead and sample, good Lord, Texas Forever.

Angela: See? Texas Forever. That's right.

Joel: That's the kind of show this is going to be.

Chad: The first beer, Texas Forever.

Angela: Yep. Well, we are headquartered here in Austin. We specialize in one thing and one thing only. We match the crap out of people to jobs. So, that's what we do.

Joel: Is that your tagline?

Angela: That's it.

Joel: We match the crap out of people.

Chad: That's the slogan. That's the slogan. Yeah.

Angela: No, so we really do. We focused on this one thing. I know a lot of companies do about a hundred different things.

Chad: They try.

Angela: I see these huge things where we're from end to end recruiting. And we said okay, we're not going to be end to end recruiting.

Chad: Oh, she just busted out on AllyO. Oh I heard it.

Angela: I didn't say anyone specifically. No.

Joel: Have you been leaving Glassdoor reviews?

Angela: I have not.

Joel: On AllyO?

Angela: No. So, we said, "Let's just do one thing. Let's do one thing really well." We picked matching.

Joel: Yeah.

Angela: And so, we find that it's been a tough road for the last couple of years because the market wasn't quite ready for what we proposed. And then, I don't know what happened six months ago, but I'm really glad it did. The flip was switched or switch was flipped. And I have not even had any beer yet.

Chad: Oh, you had one.

Angela: But wait till—

Joel: And how long have you been doing this?

Angela: So, it started with the concept in 2014 at University of Cambridge and went through lots of trials and tribulations. We failed 13 times. Not bragging. I'm just saying that it's a—

Chad: They say that's an unlucky number.

Angela: Yeah.

Chad: It doesn't sound like it's unlucky.

Angela: Yeah. Well, 14th time—

Chad: Is the charm, right?

Angela: Right, exactly. And so, now we're there.

Joel: I'm assuming that this isn't Cambridge, Texas.

Angela: No, this would be Cambridge, England.

Joel: Yeah, a long way from Texas.

Angela: Yeah, yeah.

Joel: Okay, all right.

Angela: Where the narrow roads and the roundabouts and all that.

Joel: Yeah. So, before we get started and we get maybe too drunk to do this, let everyone know where they can find out more about you in case we're too drunk at the end to remember.

Angela: I'm so happy that you said that because I always forget this part.

Joel: Yeah, we don't.

Angela: Yeah, so Our suite is called AI 4 Jobs. So, A-I, the number 4 Either way, you find us. And we're at HR Tech this year. We're exhibiting. It's very exciting because we also were selected for top 10 innovations for 2019.

Joel: Congratulations. So, where are we? What brewery is this? What part of Austin are we currently in? And then, we'll sample Texas Forever.

Angela: Great. So, we are out on the edge of Austin. We're almost to Dripping Springs. We are at The Last Stand Brewery. It's been around for a little less than five years, has amazing beers, and we're very fortunate that one of our elite sales team is also family member of the brewers.

Chad: You got the inside.

Angela: We do have an inside track. We do.

Joel: The inside at the Last Stand.

Chad: You know what he's thinking right now? She can't get rid of me.

Angela: No, that's right, yeah. And then, he went and got the barbecue too. So I don't know.

Chad: Ah, there we go.

Joel: Brown nose.

Chad: He's legit sales.

Angela: Yeah.

Chad: That's legit sales.

Joel: The barbecue sauce is about the same shade as his nose right about now.

Angela: Maybe.

Joel: All right. Well, let's get into Texas Forever. I'll start by saying that this is a light beer. The color is very modest yellow. You can see through it.

Chad: It's very light. Hence, the light, yes.

Joel: Not much of a head. This looks like the quintessential sort of Texas summer refreshing beer. What do you guys think?

Angela: Yeah, very much so. It's like a summer pale.

Chad: She's already knocked it out. Is it?

Angela: Yeah. That's to me.

Chad: I'm going to try it.

Angela: I like it.

Joel: Do we say cheers in Texas or Cambridge?

Angela: Well, we say cheers here.

Chad: You say cheers anywhere.

Angela: We just say down it, cheers, whatever.

Chad: Yeah. So, this is the beer after you get done mowing the lawn, this is the one that you can—

Angela: Cool off beer.

Joel: Yeah, I would compare this to a PBR, an old style back in the Midwest.

Angela: I think that is terrible.

Joel: Yeah, I would. No, no, no, no.

Angela: What are you talking about?

Joel: This is an everyday beer.

Angela: Oh my God. He's lost it. He's lost it. No, totally disagree. Okay. That's a shame that your taste buds do that to beer.

Joel: PBR, for me, is not a diss.

Angela: No, it's not?

Joel: No, it's not.

Chad: It's a total diss.

Joel: It's not a diss at all.

Angela: This beer is much better than PBR.

Chad: I love it.

Angela: All right, so this is the Texas Forever, right?

Joel: All right, so let's do this right away. Let's give this a one to 10 ranking, 10 being heaven in a glass and one being absolute piss. Where are we putting Texas Forever?

Angela: Well, hold on, hold on. Today, it is almost 100 degrees in Texas. I think that needs to be taken—

Joel: And it's September, late September.

Angela: Shh. It's the first day of fall. This is what our fall looks like.

Joel: Fall is 94 degrees.

Angela: Okay, I'm going to go with... I'll say a seven.

Joel: Going with the even number. Okay, seven from Angela. Chad?

Chad: I'm going to tell you right now. And again, I'm going to say if I come out of a hot summer day, mowing the lawn, I'm reaching for this.

Joel: Yeah. This is an eight in my book in that scenario because I was always like to think of when am I going to drink this beer? I don't just drink this beer anytime. This is one of those beers that—

Angela: You're contextualizing this—

Chad: Yes, exactly. So, I'm using AI.

Angela: You are.

Chad: My internal AI.

Angela: Your internal AI.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: I'm going to go a little bit below that. I'm going to go at like a 6.8.

Angela: Wow.

Chad: Really? The point? We're doing that.

Joel: I'm doing a 6.8 because that's how I roll. That's all I roll.

Angela: He's been watching The Food Channel too much. That's what's happened.

Joel: Like there's something wrong with that? The Food Channel's great. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is my favorite show.

Angela: Okay.

Joel: All right. Well, let's talk about product. What are you guys building? What's cool? What are customers loving right now?

Angela: I think the most popular conversation that we ever have is, "Hey, our matching integrates into your ATS in the background. You do not have to go out to a Google Chrome extension or anything else to use it." They're like, "Seriously, do not toy with us if that's the truth." I was like, "That is the truth."

Chad: What do you mean don't toy with us? Because they're looking at all these add-ons and whatnot that have to, okay.

Angela: Yeah, they've been told it's going to live inside your ATS. And the reality is, when they go to try to use it, it really does not, and it changes the workflow.

Chad: Oh, they're getting faked out.

Angela: Yeah.

Chad: They're getting the head fake.

Joel: Bait and switch. Bait and switch. Who do you consider your main competitors? When you're on sales calls, who else are you selling against?

Angela: So, I would say the one that probably comes up the most is Eightfold. And the reason why is because we are also talking to large customers. They are too. So, it's kind of in that space.

Angela: But, the thing that I think separates us the most is the way we remove bias is not like clicking a button and saying I don't want women or I don't want men or something like that. It's just baked into the product because the removing the bias is paramount for us. It's not an afterthought.

Angela: And then, the second component is we can match on any candidate base size. So, it doesn't matter if you have 20 or if you have 200 or 2000, the system still works.

Joel: And what ATSs is do you currently integrate with?

Angela: So, Greenhouse was the first full grown integration. We have a Teleo integration that kind of is a 17, or I'm sorry, 19A integration. So, we will be doing in 19B as soon as it's released next year. Salesforce, this is massive.

Chad: That's big.

Angela: We have not announced this publicly, little company.

Chad: Salesforce, they have a tower in Indianapolis. I don't know if you know that or not.

Angela: Yeah, right. Salesforce partnership with a full integration and that, we've already sold hundreds of thousands of dollars on, and we haven't even released it yet.

Chad: Hello.

Joel: Very cool. I had thought Eightfold was passed by ten, sorry.

Chad: That's kind of like Seven Minute Abs where you can do it in six minutes.

Angela: Yeah, four minute abs. [crosstalk 00:10:07]

Chad: Exactly. You went four minute abs.

Joel: Careful. Can we get to our second beer?

Chad: Our second beer is ... Okay, so this one is the Fuzzylicious?

Angela: Yeah, Fuzzylicious.

Chad: Fuzzylicious?

Angela: This is your pick. Don't act like you don't know what this is.

Chad: No, I love this beer. Just so you know, I love IPAs, but I love hazy IPAs.

So, this one, it better knock it off the charts for me because—.

Joel: Very hazy. Can't see through this thing. This is a gold drink.

Chad: This is my standard. This is my go to drink. No matter what, I will pick one of these up.

Angela: This looks like a cocktail to me and less like a beer.

Chad: No, it's lovely. Let's go and try this.

Joel: My fear is there's going to be a lot of lemon in this.

Angela: Cheers. Women?

Joel: Yeah, it smells a little citrus-y.

Angela: Oh, I like that one.

Joel: I smell a little grapefruit.

Chad: Oh, that's citrus-y. The hops.

Angela: That's nice.

Chad: Oh that's .. Oh, see? That's a good beer.

Angela: Yeah, it is a good beer.

Chad: So now, you can drink this thing. The problem is, I'm looking for the ABV because generally, these things are going to kick you on in the ass.

Joel: 6.4.

Chad: Not too bad. Not too bad. That's good. I like that.

Angela: What was the last one we had?

Joel: Texas Forever.

Angela: Yeah, but what was—

Joel: We're looking at the board here. Texas Forever might be off the menu. I don't know.

Angela: Because I feel like this one's a heavier, stronger beer.

Chad: Texas Forever, yeah, is a 4.3.

Joel: This is a settle in and get comfortable.

Chad: Oh yeah. No, this is a good beer right here.

Angela: Yeah. I like this one. I think I like this one better than the last one.

Chad: So Joel, will you go first on this one.

Joel: All right, I'll go first. So, this is a solid, probably like 7.8 for me.

Chad: A 7.8, almost. We're going to round that up. We're going to call it an eight.

Angela: Okay. You're an integer guy is what you're saying.

Chad: Yeah.

Angela: Okay. All right. I'll do an 8.5. I'll take your lead on this.

Joel: Oh, there you go. See?

Angela: It's catching.

Joel: It's catching on.

Chad: Peer pressure.

Angela: Well, it's not a 9 for me. [crosstalk 00:12:00] It's not, but it's—

Joel: Sometimes, you don't want to go all the way. You've got to—.

Angela: Yeah, ease into it.

Joel: Just the tip. Sometimes—.

Chad: Here's the thing that I love about this tip is that it is—

Joel: and Chad knows a lot about tips.

Chad: a little bit, yes. I played that game a little.

Joel: You have heard the podcast before you agreed to come on.

Angela: I have.

Chad: So, this being a little over six means I can drink more of it, which is exactly what I want. Generally, I'll get a beer like this, and it'll be like eight close to 9%, and it'll kick my ass.

Angela: Oh, that's a great point.

Chad: This one right here?

Angela: Yeah.

Chad: Not so much, which means I can drink more of it.

Angela: You can 11 or 12 of them.

Chad: That's exactly right. So, I'm going to go with a solid eight.

Joel: Okay.

Chad: No, no—

Joel: That's okay. You be you, Chad.

Chad: Eight.

Joel: If round numbers are what you do, man, then stick with that.

Chad: So, if we stay any longer and the Uber's late, This is what I'll be having.

Joel: Yeah, this would be a good sort of pint after the flight is done. Yeah, this could be good.

Angela: Yes, there you go. Yeah.

Joel: So, I want to know more about Pitchfest at HR Tech. Give us sort of a preview on the pitch.

Chad: So, how many minutes do you get?

Angela: I get three minutes.

Chad: Three minutes. That's ridiculous.

Angela: Two minutes of Q and A.

Chad: Yeah.

Angela: I know what the questions are going to be.

Chad: Okay.

Angela: Yes, the matching works. This is how we do it.

Joel: Do they give you the questions before?

Angela: No, I just know. It's always the same questions.

Joel: Oh, you just know.

Angela: October 1st, 5:30 to 6:30. What I've heard is there's four or five companies that'll come up—

Joel: Do you know the other companies?

Angela: And it's the first round. Nope. So, we stand up three minutes, do the pitch. I went with a pictorial pitch. I've got lots of big images.

Joel: Okay.

Angela: And I have learned I still have to kind of watch what the crowd's doing. Are they understanding what I'm saying? Nope. I need to maybe be less technical, or you can kind of tell if they want to know more specifics, you can sort of see it in their face, and I get more specific.

Angela: So, when I've done talks at TAtech, I can get more technical there, and people are like, "Okay. Yeah, don't. She's answering the questions." Where other places,

you can't necessarily.

Joel: And if you win, what do you get? Do you get money? Do you get a trophy? What?

Angela: Yeah, So I think ... It's either $25 or $50,000 in cash, and then you get a free booth the next year, which is worth a fair chunk of money.

Chad: Well, hello. That is a fair chunk of money.

Joel: It's a 10 by 10, and you have to upgrade, but that's a different story.

Angela: Right. It might be, yeah.

Joel: You get a kiosk.

Angela: Right, you get a kiosk, right. And then, you get something else, like something about promotion or Upwork or whatever. I don't know. I can't remember.

Angela: We've got a book release. We were covered in a book, a Victor Assad. He wrote a book called Hack Recruiting. It was released, and we're covered in it. So—

Chad: Love it. You two are slow, by the way, just so you know. You haven't finished it yet. [crosstalk 00:00:14:43].

Joel: Let's get to number three. Angela, how about you? You want to set this one up?

Angela: All right, sure. So, I picked one that I've thought was a little odd. So, this is the Watermelon—

Chad: Kolsch.

Angela: Kolsch Watermelon, yeah. And I've never had a watermelon or a Kolsch. So, I was like, "Let's do something different."

Chad: Kolsch is a good beer. I thought it was interesting. I thought it was very, interesting. So much watermelon went into this. It was like 300 pounds of fresh watermelon went into this beer.

Angela: Right? Yeah. That's crazy.

Chad: This is how you get your fruit.

Angela: And there's no seeds. There's no seeds.

Chad: Well, yeah, they're all smushed in there.

Joel: It's like a single me of watermelon.

Angela: A single you of watermelon. It's a vision I wasn't really expecting.

Joel: Color wise, this one's in between, I'd say, the Texas Forever and the Fuzzy.

Angela: Okay, so I'm color blind.

Joel: Are you really color blind?

Angela: Yeah, I really am. So, is it a color?

Chad: One hazy.

Joel: Yellow means nothing to you. Like I can't explain color to a color blind person.

Angela: I know, but is it pink or—

Joel: Do you even know what pink is?

Angela: Well, no, but watermelon's pink. I know that.

Chad: So, it does not look like watermelon. [crosstalk 00:15:51]

Joel: But no, this is not pink.

Angela: Okay, it doesn't look like watermelon.

Chad: It looks a little bit more of a tingy kind of a look than the Texas Forever,

Joel: The watermelon's very pungent.

Chad: Is it?

Angela: All right, whatever. We'll see.

Chad: Pungent watermelon.

Joel: It's noticeable.

Angela: Oh yeah, it's definitely a watermelon.

Chad: Just so everybody knows. This is how Joel is going to get his fruit for the year.

Joel: Touche.

Angela: He's got his protein.

Chad: Ooh.

Joel: Ooh, that is not my jam.

Angela: No.

Chad: That's not your jam?

Joel: Nope.

Angela: No.

Joel: Some people love the fruit, the fruit beers.

Angela: Yeah.

Joel: I'm not one of them generally.

Chad: Okay.

Joel: Lemon and stuff, I can deal with, but you start rocking watermelon.

Chad: Angela, you go ahead, and let's get a score out of this.

Angela: I'm like a four.

Chad: Okay.

Joel: Ooh, damn.

Angela: I know. I either I love you or leave you, and that is how I am.

Joel: I was going to go higher than that.

Chad: Let's just make this clear that everybody has different taste buds.

Joel: Sure.

Chad: They have different likes.

Joel: The weather's different for different—

Chad: Angela believes this is a four, Joel. You do not try to peer pressure her into a 4.2, okay?

Joel: I'm just surprised. I thought she was going to like this one.

Angela: Why, because I'm a girl? No.

Chad: See how that is? We're in Texas, Joel.

Joel: Because you picked it.

Angela: No, it was wrong. It was a bad choice one.

Joel: I wouldn't have picked one I hated.

Angela: I went out on a limb.

Joel: Anyway, yeah, I'm going to go 3.6.

Chad: 3.6. See? Really? Yeah. I'm going to have to go to a two.

Joel: Really?

Chad: Well, I'm not a Kolsch guy. She picked a beer that I'm not.

Joel: All right, so we have our first stinker of the flight for us.

Chad: That's just, that's me.

Angela: Yeah, but again. I'm not a fruit... I like red wine, dark beer. That's what I


Joel: Well, you're going to like maybe the next one-

Angela: I'm so excited about the next one.

Joel: That's a little teaser for the next one.

Angela: Yes. That's what I'm excited about.

Chad: We have the brewmaster looking at us right now.

Angela: I know, he's eyeing us like we're in trouble now. He's like, "You just get out of my place right now."

Chad: Okay. So to be fair, we're in Texas and this is a watermelon beer. Okay. So carry on.

Angela: Okay.

Joel: Let's look at some of the news here of late with profiles and scraping data and the intersection of GDPR.

Chad: Have you heard about this?

Angela: No I don't know anything about it.

Chad: We'll tell you, don't worry.

Joel: So for those listening that don't know HiQ, a little company on San Francisco has fought the good fight against LinkedIn, have currently won in court to be able to scrape LinkedIn profiles and data and make it accessible in their solution. So there's a lot of things going on in this space with it's OK to scrape and then you have privacy issues and Facebook is, you know, making everything accessible to advertisers. And so I'm wondering just your thoughts, maybe not company wise, but just your take over all of personal data online, scraping that data and making it available for recruiters. What's the future of that look like from your perspective?

Angela: I actually think it's a huge challenge. I think it's huge for individuals and for companies right now. So if we use data-

Joel: Companies being employers or?

Angela: No, just companies in general.

Joel: Just companies, okay.

Angela: Like yeah, they did not just employers, but if you think about like data can really be used to empower some pretty great outcomes if you use it correctly. And if you use it fairly and you don't abuse it. Now this is the line, like what is abuse and you know, California is trying to put some bounds around like this is what's allowed. GDPR started it and the people complain, like when I'm back in Europe trying to access something I'm trying to access, it takes me four levels of clicking through saying I agree that I want to see the thing I've just asked to see.

Chad: Then the experience sucks.

Angela: Yeah, it's terrible. And I don't think that was the intent, but that's what's happened. And so I-

Chad: I think the intent was to protect people.

Angela: Right, yeah. Agreed. Yeah. So we as a company, I'll just tell you what we've done. We don't scrape. We never have scraped. Right. The reason why we don't do it though, is a business reason. The data is very noisy when you scrape and it's unreliable. So we prefer if you have quality data, you have quality matching, right? So for us it's better to get single source or unified source data.

Chad: And that's generally applicant tracking system data? Is that your main


Angela: Well we have 3000 partners and so we aggregate data from them, but it's by permission.

Chad: Who are these partners?

Joel: Like job boards or?

Angela: So, sometimes, but more it's trade unions, colleges, graduate programs, professional organizations that give certifications out, things like that. Right? So that's more of our partners. But because people look at how much data we have and they're like, "Oh, did you scrape this data?" And they get kind of, you know, like pre upset for it, and then you're like, "No, we don't."

Chad: In their bonnet, yeah.

Angela: Right.

Joel: Pre upset. I like that.

Angela: They do. They're like queued up to go-

Joel: I'm so pre upset, don't make me upset. Don't put, me there.

Angela: Pre upset. So this is how we talk about it. We're like, "So-and-so's pre upset. Like they're not upset right now, but they're going to be upset tomorrow. You can feel it coming."

Chad: That is the funniest shit ever.

Joel: My wife is pre upset. Don't push her dude. Don't do it.

Chad: First off, your wife lives on pre upset.

Joel: Yeah.

Angela: Wow.

Joel: Although in her defense, a lot of wives live in pre upset land.

Angela: Well, maybe it's because a lot of husbands do a lot of pre upsetting.

Joel: We're not around Texas women, probably. That's why.

Angela: Gun toting. That's the thing that abates that.

Joel: Gun toting and pre upset.

Angela: That's all right.

Chad: Okay, just so he doesn't die, I think we should move on.

Angela: Okay, all right, very well.

Joel: So I want to sum up here. What do you think is the future for companies that are scraping, because you guys have obviously made a decision not to. Are they, do they need to evolve or are they out of business soon? Like what does, I mean, because most people, I think a lot of people think, well now that LinkedIn is open, I mean it's going to be whack-a-mole and LinkedIn is going to be fighting this battle of like, "Don't scrape our stuff, and we're changing URLs" and all kinds of stuff. So what happens to those companies that are making a living off of LinkedIn and other-

Angela: Yeah, so LinkedIn slash Microsoft-

Joel: Sure.

Angela: Might've heard of them. They kind of know what they're doing-

Chad: Who's this?

Angela: Right. I know, I know it's a big, maybe not heard of them. So they're going to figure that out. I think really what is left to is smaller companies to figure out how to differentiate themselves without scraping. I think is you're just going to scrape then that's table stakes and you're going to be like everyone else.

Joel: It's a commodity, I guess is what I'm hearing.

Angela: Yeah, it is. Yeah. Yeah. So I just think you got to get away from it, you know, but so many companies have built their entire architecture off of scraped data, and so now they are not illegal. So that's good. I think HiQ really fought the battle for a lot of companies. And they won. But did they really win? I know it was a very expensive battle.

Chad: Well, not only is it expensive, but then GDPR came-

Angela: There you go.

Chad: Right. So I mean, it's going to be hard conversation. It really is.

Angela: I think this, that companies and users, so you would say the candidates are much more sophisticated than they used to be. They have a much higher standard. There's more competition. And I think all of this is, you know, if you want to think startups, we have to focus on differentiation and providing quality regardless of what we're doing. That's the way we win. If we don't do that, we lose because we are a commodity like you put.

Chad: So I'm going to go ahead and push us to this next beer.

Joel: I was going to say, speaking of higher standards-

Angela: Yeah, there you go.

Joel: You've been eyeing the stout-

Angela: I have.

Joel: At the end of the flight, so-

Chad: And you've tried this one, so.

Angela: Yeah.

Joel: I'm going to give you the honor as the final beer is making you really excited. So-

Angela: I know I love this beer.

Joel: And preface this by saying it's 94 degrees and you guys just got done saying the lighter beer when it's hot outside is better. So we're rocking a stout in 94 degree weather. Do you think that will skew your review of this beer?

Angela: I do not think it will.

Joel: All right, well cheers.

Angela: Because it is Nitro.

Joel: It is Nitro.

Chad: Exactly right.

Joel: This is a Texas Guinness in terms of look. Smells a little more chocolaty.

Angela: That is tasty.

Chad: This is better than Guinness.

Angela: Oh my God, did you just say that?

Joel: Oh damn. Wow.

Chad: Yeah. I love Guinness, but Guinness doesn't have the chocolate notes-

Joel: Yeah, this is very chocolatey.

Chad: That's in this.

Joel: This is like candy.

Chad: And again, this is-

Angela: Greg, where are you? I have some Irish people in my team. Greg it's going to be okay. He didn't mean to say that.

Joel: Very sweet.

Chad: Greg can get the fuck over it because this is good beer.

Joel: Yeah. This is very chocolatey and sweet, like you. This is like a candy bar in a glass.

Angela: This is so good.

Chad: This is delicious. So I'm going to go ahead and knock this one out.

Angela: So I see like this with ice cream. This in coffee.

Chad: I don't see that you can do many of these.

Angela: Just by itself.

Chad: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can't do many of these.

Angela: You take a nap.

Chad: You do one. Yeah. Right. And it's on Nitro, which makes it even more kind of like milky, smooth-

Angela: yeah, it's nice.

Chad: Which I love.

Joel: Little easier on the digestive system.

Chad: I love these guys did Nitro, first off, but it's a Nitro milk stout. Smooth, creamy. It's a 5.4 ABV Very easy.

Joel: Very comparable-

Chad: Very easy drink.

Joel: To Guinness.

Chad: But it is more chocolatey on the notes.

Angela: But it doesn't have any bite at all.

Joel: I'm going to have you give your review or score of Guinness and then give your score of this one, if you think it's better than Guinness.

Chad: Well, here's why I think it's better than Guinness, because I think all craft beer is better than just mainstream stuff. Right? I love Guinness. So-

Joel: And are we talking about the Guinness that you can get in Dublin? Because you've had that.

Chad: Well first off I'm not in Dublin right now.

Joel: But you've had it.

Chad: Yes. And it was amazing.

Joel: So are you saying this is better than Dublin Guinness?

Chad: Here's what I would do. I'm going to do a Joel Cheesman.

Joel: He's backtracking, Angela.

Angela: Yeah, I'm going to see what it looks like.

Chad: I'm going to say a Guinness in Dublin is a 10.

Joel: Agreed.

Chad: This is a 9.6.

Angela: Wow.

Joel: So an American Guinness would be?

Chad: American Guinness would be about an eight.

Angela: I do agree with that. I agree. There is a two point differential for American Guinness.

Chad: This is much better. If you're looking for a beer like a Guinness like stout in the US and you can have this beer, the Nitro Milk stout here at Last Stand Brewing. You do this. you pass the Guinness.

Joel: Now, Angela, are you willing to do a Dublin Guinness review?

Angela: Absolutely.

Joel: Review this and American Guinness. So go ahead and give us your scores.

Angela: So I didn't love Guinness, I liked Guinness before we were in Ireland and then we were in Dublin and we were in the brewery and we had, and I was like, "Whoa, what is this?" It's like infused with oxygen and goodness and-

Joel: leprechauns and gold posits.

Angela: Yeah. And so then I was like, I'm with you 10 like you just can't beat that bear. So I would say that this is a nine.

Joel: High score.

Angela: Yeah. But it is not Guinness in Dublin. But the thing I would say about this in Texas though, I would prefer to drink this because of the heat. I think that Guinness is a bit too heavy. I think I would rather have this if I'm in Texas.

Joel: Okay. So this is a nine what is this one?

Angela: Well, here it would be a 10, but I'm just saying like, if you-

Joel: So Guinness Dublin's 10. This stout is-

Angela: Nine compared to-

Joel: So 10, nine and what's your American Guinness score?

Angela: Eight.

Joel: Eight, nine, 10. Okay. Yeah, I'm on board with Dublin Guinness being a 10, like-

Chad: Yeah, you can't beat it.

Joel: Yeah. If it's worth going to Dublin just to drink the Guinness.

Angela: It is, yeah. And then you find out what it's supposed to taste like.

Chad: And that night have Jameson. Go to Jameson.

Joel: I however, do not agree that this is better than the American Guinness. This is a little sweeter.

Chad: It's a taste buds thing.

Joel: A little sweeter than I probably would prefer. I do like this a lot.

Angela: He has older taste buds. That's okay.

Joel: I'm going to put this one at like a seven eight and then I would put an American Guinness at like an eight seven still very high scoring, although not a 10.

Angela: Yeah, that's pretty high scoring.

Joel: So let's review these four beers. Number one is the stout, which we liked. Number two, we're going to go with the Fuzzylicious, Fuzzyluscious whatever we're-

Angela: Which I have to say, this is the big surprise for me.

Chad: The number one was the Texas Forever. You're already drunk.

Joel: No, the score wise. No I'm saying score wise.

Chad: Oh, number one. Yes.

Joel: Yeah, stay with us Chad.

Chad: I agree.

Joel: Number one is the stout. Number two is the Fuzzylicious and the Texas Forever was at three and then the watermelon everyone hated pretty much.

Angela: Well, you didn't even drink yours, so.

Joel: I did taste it though. We have video that I did taste it. So that basically concludes our first ever Chad and Cheese brew review with Angela Hood. How do you feel?

Angela: I think it's awesome. I really liked the fact that you allowed us to be the first for the brew review.

Joel: We would have known you were going to have such hospitality.

Chad: Holy shit.

Joel: We would've flown down just for this.

Angela: This is the best thing about Austin and about Texas in general is I think that when we even work with other companies here, there's this like comradery that we don't have with most other places and it's very cool. I will get a new customer in Austin and they'll send us breakfast tacos. I'm like, "Oh wait a second. Like it's supposed to work the other way around but we'll take it." And so then we ended up sending them like apple pie. And so there becomes this banter back and forth about who can take care of each other better.

Chad: Is there a bigger trophy than breakfast tacos though here in Austin?

Angela: A bigger trophy other than beer and barbecue? Wow.

Chad: Because breakfast tacos are like the thing, I hear people get out of bed in the morning and I mean that's what gets them out of bed.

Angela: Yeah, well you've got to go eat the good breakfast tacos. Yeah. I mean, I guess the only thing I'd say is probably if you're having the breakfast taco on like Travis or maybe floating down Lady Bird Lake, something like that. Yeah. That's the step up. That's how you know you're really in a deep conversation.

Joel: Well, let's book end this thing with telling people again where they can learn more about you and the company.

Angela: All right. Awesome. I'm Angela Hood. I'm the founder and the CEO. You can actually reach out to me through our website. The contact email does go to a desk that's 10 feet away from me. You saw today where these desks are sitting. I sit right in amongst my team. They're in Austin. So it will actually find its way to me. And I don't know. I have got people yelling at me right now about our-

Joel: Your marketing team is so proud of you right now, by the way.

Angela: I have a Twitter. Because they're like, "Is she going to say Twitter or not?" Okay. @Angelahood90 is my handle directly.

Joel: Well the t-shirts have a hashtag that I don't know.

Angela: Yeah, AI for jobs.

Joel: Yeah the t-shirts we got say "I got 99 problems, hiring aint one."

Angela: That's right.

Joel: So I like the play on Jay-Z there. Well if you come see Angela, just don't buy her the watermelon Kolsch because she is not a fan.

Chad: No. Bring her the Fuzzylicious or the Nitro Milk.

Angela: That'll work.

Joel: Hey Angela, can we get a we out?

Angela: What is a we out?

Joel: That's how we end our show. We out.

Chad: We out.

Angela: We out.

Announcer: This has been the Chad and Cheese podcast. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts so you don't miss a single show and be sure to check out our sponsors because they make it all possible. For more visit Oh yeah, you're welcome.

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