BREW REVIEW: ThisWayGlobal CEO, Angela Hood

Chad & Cheese are always looking for legitimate excuses to consume beer, chat-up start-ups and provide quality podcast content. Enter Brew Review, where they check all the boxes above. You're welcome.

Enjoy this very first show, with special guest Angela Hood, CEO of This Way Global from Last Stand Brewing Co.​


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Joel: Okay, what's up everybody? This is Joel Cheesman of the Chad and Cheese Podcast. I'm joined here today by my cohost Chad Drinking-Good-Beer Sowash.

Chad: Chad loves Me and my goddamn beer Sowash. That's right. Yes.

Joel: And your ears are going to thank us. Today, we are doing the first ever—

Chad: Ever.

Joel: ... brew review. Okay, here's how this is going to work.

Chad: What is a brew review?

Joel: Here's how this is going to work.

Chad: What is this brew review?

Joel: When we travel and we travel quite a bit.

Chad: We do.

Joel: We're going to sucker somebody, some company to come in and buy us beer, review the beer, and tell us about their company.

Chad: And talk about the company.

Joel: Very, very casual, very relaxed. We're live here from Austin, Texas for the TAtech Conference. And we are joined here today by Angela Boys in the Hood, Hood.

Chad: Yes. That's right.

Angela: All right. Okay.

Joel: With This Way Global, which sounds like a travel agency-

Chad: It does.

Joel: But it is not. Angela, welcome to the first ever and maybe the last brew review. We'll see how this goes. And we've got to say, Angela, really Texafied this brew review.

Chad: She killed this dude.

Joel: We thought, "Let's get a pub. We'll order a beer, and we'll do this up." They said, "No, you're in Texas. We're going to a brewery, we're getting barbecue, we're not doing one beer, we're doing a whole flight of four."

Chad: Yes.

Joel: So Angela, God bless you. Welcome to the show.

Angela: Oh, thank you. And we do not half ass things in Texas. So, yeah. So we-

Joel: We know this.

Chad: Yeah. We now know this.

Angela: We're bringing it.

Joel: The Aquanet is out.

Angela: That's right.

Joel: Tease to the moon.

Angela: That's right.

Chad: We have the hair to Jesus moment happening. This is a beer to Jesus moment.

Joel: I've never been so close to God as I have been at this moment. Well, Angela, for those who don't know, tell us something a little bit about the company, and then we'll go ahead and sample, good Lord, Texas Forever.

Angela: See? Texas Forever. That's right.

Joel: That's the kind of show this is going to be.

Chad: The first beer, Texas Forever.

Angela: Yep. Well, we are headquartered here in Austin. We specialize in one thing and one thing only. We match the crap out of people to jobs. So, that's what we do.

Joel: Is that your tagline?

Angela: That's it.

Joel: We match the crap out of people.

Chad: That's the slogan. That's the slogan. Yeah.

Angela: No, so we really do. We focused on this one thing. I know a lot of companies do about a hundred different things.

Chad: They try.

Angela: I see these huge things where we're from end to end recruiting. And we said okay, we're not going to be end to end recruiting.

Chad: Oh, she just busted out on AllyO. Oh I heard it.

Angela: I didn't say anyone specifically. No.

Joel: Have you been leaving Glassdoor reviews?

Angela: I have not.

Joel: On AllyO?

Angela: No. So, we said, "Let's just do one thing. Let's do one thing really well." We picked matching.

Joel: Yeah.

Angela: And so, we find that it's been a tough road for the last couple of years because the market wasn't quite ready for what we proposed. And then, I don't know what happened six months ago, but I'm really glad it did. The flip was switched or switch was flipped. And I have not even had any beer yet.

Chad: Oh, you had one.

Angela: But wait till—

Joel: And how long have you been doing this?

Angela: So, it started with the concept in 2014 at University of Cambridge and went through lots of trials and tribulations. We failed 13 times. Not bragging. I'm just saying that it's a—

Chad: They say that's an unlucky number.

Angela: Yeah.

Chad: It doesn't sound like it's unlucky.

Angela: Yeah. Well, 14th time—