Euro Unicorns & Facebook Bribes?

Did you know bathing in beer is taking Europe by storm? Yeah, that's the kind of show you can expect as you push play.

Volonte CEO and founder Daniel Masata join the Euro crew to discuss beer bathing as well as two continental unicorns that just got funded. Then they dig into more funding as record amounts of cabbage flood the industry. If it's Facebook news you want, we have that too, as the social media giant has announced Europe can expect thousands of new jobs over the next five years ... but is Facebook just playing PR and bribing the Old Country?

Maybe. Gotta listen to find out.


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Chad and Cheese Podcast Does Europe Intro (6s):

Some podcasts, do it for the fun. Some do it for the fame, Chad and Cheese they do it for global effin domination. That's why bringing America to its knees was just the beginning. Now they have their eyes set on conquering Europe and they've drafted industry veteran Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze of Belgium to help them navigate the old country and bring HR's most dangerous podcast across the pond to trash-talk like never before. Not safe for work in any language. The Chad and Cheese podcast does Europe.

Joel (39s):

Oh, it's the show with zero supply chain issues. But boys, my colon backed up this morning after that bowl of Lucky Charms, magically delicious my arse. You're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast does Europe. I'm your cohost Joel "bottleneck" Cheeseman.

Chad (56s):

And this is Chad "red light, green light" Sowash

Lieven (60s):

And I'm once again, just Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze forgetting to find a new nickname.

Joel (1m 4s):

And on this episode, Facebook goes full court press on the old country, unicorns, money, more unicorns, and more money chi-ching oh, and Chad VR, baby. Hell yeah, let's do this.

sfx (1m 20s):

Europe has a bunch of countries in it.

Joel (1m 22s):

What's up guys?

Chad (1m 23s):

Oh dude. I'm telling you right now

Joel (1m 25s):

It's our tenth show if my math is correct?

Chad (1m 28s):


Joel (1m 28s):

We're on show number 10. We made it this far.

Chad (1m 31s):

Carry the one.

Joel (1m 32s):


Chad (1m 32s):

Yeah, no, that's right. That's right.

Joel (1m 34s):

Certainly 10 more episodes.

Chad (1m 37s):

Let me check real quick is Lieven their? Lieven are you there?

Lieven (1m 40s):

I'm there. I'm still there.

Chad (1m 42s):

I got to give a shout out to sound effects right out of the gate because last week's show the first five minutes you were in your kid's treehouse. And we had actually some back and forth about that. That didn't make the show because your audio for that five minutes didn't record. So I had to go in and actually use sound effects to replicate a Lieven's reactions. My question, do you Lieven, did I do an okay job?

Lieven (2m 7s):

Probably nobody noticed any difference. So that says a lot about me, I think.

Joel (2m 13s):

Well, we have a special guest guys. We didn't have one last week, so we're not really happy to introduce Daniel Masata he's the founder and CEO of Volonte and longtime HR services, tech human capital geek, and he promises to give us some German accent at some point, Daniel, welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Daniel (2m 34s):

Thanks so much. Thanks everyone for having me on. Yeah, we'll get back to that German thing later, for sure.

Joel (2m 42s):

Yes, it is Volonte German? Ah, that doesn't sound German. What the heck? What the heck does that company do?

Daniel (2m 49s):

It's not German. It's a good question. The name is inspired by the French language. You know, I spent a few years in France as well, so Volonte.

Chad (2m 59s):

So sexy. Oh yeah.

Lieven (3m 1s):

Does it come from vole? Stealing?

Daniel (3m 6s):

Lieven nice try. But no. No, it's Volonte for willpower. You know, we built a workforce agility platform and we're really helping people navigate change better, you know, in order to navigate change, well, you need some good strong willpower and you got to understand like what to focus on. So it's all about willpower, Volonte not stealing, Lieven. No. Sorry.

Lieven (3m 31s):

Could have been, could have been.

Joel (3m 32s):

And, where are you calling in from today Daniel?

Daniel (3m 34s):

I'm calling in from beautiful Long Island, New York.

Chad (3m 37s):

New York City?

Joel (3m 39s):

Another European that came over here to mess things up. Love it.

Daniel (3m 43s):

There you go. Yeah. Another one of those.

Chad (3m 45s):

Yeah, because that's not what our history was set upon.

Joel (3m 51s):

Well guys, how about some shout outs?

Chad (3m 53s):

Do it.

Joel (3m 53s):

All right. I got a shout out for, for beer. Is there a better shout out than that?

Chad (3m 58s):

No there is not.

Joel (3m 60s):

Apparently bathing in beer is the hottest thing going in Europe right now. According to an article from Vice Belgium's first beer spa just jumped up in Brussels. We're Chad and I will conveniently be next month, by the way. So I'm just saying the Chad, Cheese and Lieven live from a tub of Duvel. I don't know, maybe in our future? Inside the spa, guests are invited to a hot based scrub before hopping into large tanks of brewing liquids butt naked. You can pick your favorite hop, which you can use to exfoliate your skin, which I know is important to Chad.

Chad (4m 35s):


Joel (4m 35s):

It's good for your skin, full of antioxidants and hops are also part of the hemp and cannabis family. So you'll be nice and relaxed. What's to hate about bathing and beer. Shout out to crazy Europeans bathing in my favorite brew.

Chad (4m 50s):

Lieven. What is this about? You guys make some of the best beer in the world and you're going to waste it in a tub?

Joel (4m 56s):

The best!

Lieven (4m 56s):

At least we wash.

Chad (4m 58s):

Wait a minute, wait you're from Europe and you're saying at least you wash. Oh, I'm sorry go ahead.

Joel (5m 4s):

No, have you done this or know anyone that's done this?

Lieven (5m 7s):

I've never heard of story as stupid as that one. I've never seen someone bathing in beer or maybe I have, but some different situations. I should have give it a try probably. It sounds fun. Like, yeah.

Joel (5m 20s):

Sounds a lot of fun to me. Try it one picture the picture had a tap right next to the beer, tub of beer. So

Daniel (5m 26s):

I don't even know. I don't know why this is so, so strange to you guys. We do this all the time in Germany. I don't know. You know,

Lieven (5m 36s):

On Sundays, Sunday beer bath.

Chad (5m 37s):

Yeah, but we're not talking about bathing and beer with regard to how much you drink Daniel during October. You're talking about getting in a tub. Yeah,

Daniel (5m 47s):

I misunderstood then clearly. Yeah. That's different. That's what Belgians do. Oh, that's what you said, right? Yeah.

Lieven (5m 53s):

Yeah. I've got a shout out. Shout out to Play It! Play It is a Belgium game-based learning platform. And basically they create a virtual lookalike of a company in which avatar can walk around and then they use the surroundings to train people from home, which has been working great during COVID. But now recently, one of their clients, which is a big grocery chain, they trained older employees in resuscitation, you know, heart massage and mouth to mouth, et cetera. Recently, a customer collapsed in the store and was successfully resuscitated by one of the employees claiming he got the skills by playing the educational game. And I think it's a great idea to keep your clients alive so probably a very good investment.

Lieven (6m 35s):

Shout outs to Play It! (

Joel (6m 37s):

Here's the heart massage, everybody.

Chad (6m 40s):

It just seems like total bullshit to me. I don't know how many CPR classes or like combat lifesaver classes I've gone through. I just, to be able to find out where you need to put your hands and your mouth and all that stuff, to be able to think that you can do it on a video game to me, if you can. That's awesome. But it just seems way foreign.

Joel (7m 0s):

I had a dollar for every time I got smacked for asking a girl if she wanted a heart massage, but I'm just trying to help.

Chad (7m 8s):

Yeah. I think you're talking about breast exams. I have a shout out to Ted Lasso, baby. They're about to step up their game. That's right after receiving 20 Emmy nominations, four wins and most definitely the surprise feel good show of the COVID season. Ted Lasso has struck a deal with England's premier league that will allow the series to use premier league footage, logos, and trophies. So I can imagine where Jason Sudeikis and his Merry band of writers will use the hell out of these goodies. Daniel do you watch a Ted Lasso at all?

Daniel (7m 45s):

Believe it or not, but I have not watched it yet. No. Obviously it's in the news everywhere. Sorry. That's I know watched it yet. Now. I certainly will. You know, today's a day for sure.

Chad (7m 59s):

So you've got two seasons that you can binge through. So right after the podcast, I, we expect you to go ahead, unplug everything else and just go do it.