Firing Squad:'s Oras Al-Kubaisi

Job descriptions used to be so easy. Five lines in the local newspaper and done. Then the Internet came along and gave us unlimited white space, leading to a serious lack of quality ever since. No, copying and pasting from Craigslist does not stellar job postings, so here comes to try and solve a really big problem, helping automate listings and optimize them in the process. Can founder Oras Al Kubaisi tame the fury of Firing Squad and elicit a rousing applause?

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Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad! CHAD SOWASH & JOEL CHEESEMAN are here to put the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, and baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they got what it takes to make it out alive? Dig a fox hole and duck for cover kids the Chad and Cheese Podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Joel (58s):

Oh yeah. Chad has scheduled another Monday firing squad, which means I'm already pissed off. What's up everybody I am Joel Cheeseman. This is the Chad and Cheese podcast. I am joined as always by my cohost, Chad Sowash.

Chad (1m 11s):


Joel (1m 11s):

And this is firing squad.

Chad (1m 15s):


Joel (1m 16s):

And on today's episode, we have founder Oras Al-Kubaisi. Yeah, I pronounced that sounded pretty sure he is founder of job Oras, welcome to the show.

Oras (1m 32s):

Thank you guys. Thank you for having me.

Joel (1m 33s):

So give us, give us a quick little Twitter bio and we'll get to the company stuff a little later, but I wanted people to get a flavor for you as a person.

Oras (1m 43s):

Thank you JobDescription.AI is a service to create.

Joel (1m 47s):

Not the company Oras, you, who are you?

Oras (1m 51s):

Okay. My name is Oras and I am a software engineer with more than 15 years of experience.

Chad (1m 57s):


Joel (1m 58s):

Do you have a hobby? Do you have a sports team or anything?

Chad (2m 1s):

Long walks on the beaches?

Oras (2m 6s):

I love cycling. I've been cycling for about 6 years.

Joel (2m 9s):

All right. That's something that's every night Chad, tell him what he's won.

Chad (2m 13s):

Well, Oras. You will have two minutes to pitch At the end of two minutes, you will hear that bell then Joel and I will hit you with rapid Q and A. If your answers start to get Fuckin' boring, Joel's going to hit you with the crickets, that's your signal to move along and tighten things up. At the end of Q and A, you will receive either a big applause. That's right. Get ready or eyes. You'll be swimming in cash. Very, very soon.

Joel (2m 44s):

Bring the Brinks truck, baby. Boats and hoes.

Chad (2m 47s):

Golf clap. Batten down the hatches because this is going to be a long ride. Or last but never a firing squad. Sorry, but it's not happening, my friend. Pack up your AI and get the fuck outta here. That's firing squad. Are you ready?

Oras (3m 7s):

I am.

Joel (3m 10s):

Well, you sound ready! All right. In three, two, one

Oras (3m 16s):

JobDescription.AI is an AI based service to create gender neutral, engaging and SEO optimized job descriptions in a few clicks. That's basically it.

Joel (3m 29s):

And they can find out more where?

Oras (3m 33s):

On JobDescription.AI

Joel (3m 35s):

And that's it. Okay. You got about, you have about a minute 20 left. Do you want to use it or no?

Oras (3m 41s):

Yes I will. So basically in my last job, I was designing a data platform for an enterprise in London and part of my job, I had to hire my team. So I interviewed more than 25 candidates in less than two months in order to hire a team of five. During these interviews, I started thinking it must be really hard for startups to acquire the top talent. At this point, I started thinking of creating an ATS for startups that will automate the hiring process, especially the beginning part before having the human to human interaction, which is the creating job descriptions, parsing CVS, and creating CRM, providing interview questions for the interviewer in order to help in contacting the interview and avoid the mistakes in interviews as well as providing feedback and having a structure for the interview.

Oras (4m 35s):

As you can imagine, creating something like this would take a very long time. So I started thinking of breaking down the components of this ATS, starting from the job description I have applied for open AI in order to use the GPT three, to create job descriptions and created the service. I was quite lucky to find a ready. So I created the platform, launched on product hunt. And I was fascinated by those spawns from companies telling me that this is a problem, even for big enterprises, not just startups. Based on the response, three days later, I left my job and start focusing on full-time.

Chad (5m 16s):

There it is.

Joel (5m 17s):

Is that it? Are you done?

Oras (5m 18s):

I am done.

Chad (5m 19s):

That's it. And tell them where they can find out more again, just for good measure.

Oras (5m 24s):

Okay. And you can find more information on JobDescription.AI

Joel (5m 29s):

All right. Get him Chad.

Oras (5m 31s):

Excellent. So quick, quick question Oras, what was your experience with HR and what kind of interaction did you have with HR and talent acquisition in recruiting to really understand their problems, their woes? Was it just from the outside or did you actually get into it? It's mainly from the outside to be honest, but the feedback that I've got, mainly about how to make the job description, more engaging, how to write something that will attract the talent because people will judge you the company based on the job description and the advertisement. If it has no real requirements, if it is just saying like, come and join us, it is a very exciting company, without telling the candidate what the excitement part is, they are going to lose the candidate.

Oras (6m 23s):

They are going to impact the brand image because they are not direct to the point when they attract people to come and work with them.

Chad (6m 31s):

Gotcha. So how long have you actually been in the recruitment industry?

Oras (6m 35s):

It's been eight weeks right now.

Joel (6m 37s):

A grizzled vet is what he is at this point. So we're on a podcast. I want you to sort of visualize the product because to me, it, to me, it reminded me a lot of if you've ever posted something on Upwork where they sort of, you know, fill in the blanks and you check things that are part of the job description, but talk about the process. And I want to get into a little bit of how the unbiased component of the product comes in during that sort of click and fill in what a job description is. Can you sort of visualize that for us?

Oras (7m 10s):

Sure. So I, you start by entering the job title and then in one click, you will get the suggestions of the job requirements. If you want to go more specific, there is an optional field to list the specific skills that you're looking for. And the AI will learn based on these skills, what you exactly want and the candidates, you will start getting all these options, click to select the irrelevant ones. And then another click to create the role summary.

Joel (7m 36s):

How does unbiased, come into that? Like give us an example of how you would, I dunno, what, what gender comment or statement would come in that you would correct or, or make sure that that a job was unbiased. Help me understand that.

Oras (7m 50s):

Okay. So the algorithm itself will detect the gender coded words in the job description based on the selection. And it will give you a real time meter to show you the gender bias, and it will highlight the words that you need to change in order to make it gender neutral. And there's another meter to tell you if the job description is SEO optimized for search engines, and that is based on the length of the job description, based on the key phrase, which is the title, and it will check five criteria for the SEO and give you the final results of it.

Chad (8m 23s):

Okay. Is this open source AI that anybody can tap into? Or how did you, how did you actually get the source? Did you develop it yourself?