Google vs LinkedIn

New unemployment claims in the U.S. fell below one million for the first time since March, so let the good times roll, right? Not so fast, as the boys dig into:

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Intro (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HRS most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (9s):

All right. All right. All right. New unemployment claims fell below 1 million for the first time since March. Let the good times roll baby. What's up kids? Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm your co-host Joel "bubble-boy" Cheesman.

Chad (38s):

And I'm Chad "Rochambeau" Sowash.

0 (41s):

And on this week, show Google takes aim, again, at LinkedIn. Uber and Lyft are not going back to Cali, Cali, Cali and McDonald's ex-CEO is caught dipping his McNuggets in the company barbecue sauce. Da da da ta ta ...

Chad (58s):

Not loving it.

Joel (1m 1s):

We'll be right back.

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Chad (1m 40s):

That's a good time right there.

Joel (1m 43s):

That is a good time. You you've done yours, right?

Chad (1m 47s):

I have done mine. It was a, it was good. It was a good time had by all. I think.

Joel (1m 55s):

Mine is Wednesday of next week or this week, depending on when you're listening to the show,

Chad (2m 5s):

Summer to CheeseVolve.

Joel (2m 6s):

Cheesevolve. Summer. I thought, I thought it was summer of love. And then I read closely and it said summer, I probably wouldn't have committed to the, to the gig, but whatever.

Chad (2m 17s):

Oh shit, dude. So, Oh, we a couple of weeks ago actually socially distanced at, at your place, which was, which was nice. We actually got a chance to see each other, got to see the little rug rat run around all over the place, man.

Chad (2m 50s):

He's a machine.

Joel (2m 52s):

He is a nuclear powered, little human. It wears my shit out, dude. There's a reason why young people have kids. Yeah. And speaking of Kids, shout out to your daughter, starting school at Indiana state home of the sycamores and Larry Bird. For those who don't know either two of the first things I said,

Chad (3m 10s):

Dude, it's, it's hard right now. Ema and Kennedy are both in school. Ema's at Indiana State and Kennedy's at Ohio Northern man. I really don't know what to think as, as a dad and as a protector, as somebody who wants to have everybody safe, I did not want to let them go. And, and I hope that we did the right thing in allowing them to go to school. But we did go to school that everybody was wearing masks. Hell, they gave her two masks, even though she went with 20, it was an interesting setup.

Chad (3m 41s):

And they're actually moving in over a week's time frame. So it's not everybody, you know, everybody come in at once. It took them a week.

Joel (3m 50s):

So what is it like Lord of the Flies of your house now that you're empty nesters? Are you like running around the house naked and scaring the neighbors?

Chad (3m 57s):

Yeah! I don't need clothes on anymore.

Joel (4m 0s):

Yikes. That's a whole other podcast

Chad (4m 4s):

That being said, I've got to say that I feel, I feel a little dirty after last year.

Joel (4m 10s):

Yeah. We kind of cheated on each other and if I can speak freely, I felt titillated and excited at first. And then, and then towards the end I felt kind of dirty and guilty about it. So I don't know how you feel, but, but what, what started out exciting with some exotic Australian turned a little bit turned a little bit dirty for me. And I'm glad to be back on my regularly scheduled podcast.

Chad (4m 34s):

The TA-Pod, TaPod had a couple of hairy men on them and I was lucky enough to have a Lauren Sharp. So it was a good time. There's no question, but I tell you what it's, it's interesting. They don't talk about tech as much as we do. And we interweave tech into workforce and economics and all that other fun stuff. So it was, it was somewhat constrained around the tech side.

Joel (4m 59s):

Yep. So we, we may rehash a few items from last week before we get down to the, to the new shows. But yeah, I agree. We, the most interesting part of my conversation was when we stopped recording and he started telling me about like all the fucking poisonous critters that live in Australia and which he has been bitten by, stung by and, and almost killed by. So yeah, Australia is a fucked up place.

Chad (5m 26s):

That's where all the Pokemon,

Joel (5m 27s):

Yeah, we have 800,000 poisonous spiders and some of them live in the house with you. I'm like, what the fuck is that about? So yeah,

Chad (5m 35s):

it sounds like you need, Terminix

Joel (5m 37s):

He says there's this spider that's as big as a transplant. And it just hangs out in the corner of her house and I'm like, don't you kill it? Don't you get out the vacuum cleaner, like suck it up. And he's like, no, mate. You know, they kill flies and bugs and shit... Like I've lived in Arizona and Australia scares me well today. Do you know what today is a third day of Kamila being the vice presidential candidate.

Chad (5m 59s):

Is it the third day? That's awesome! But it is Black Women's Equal Pay Day. So pretty much in line. Yeah, pretty much in line. And, and to be able to bring this, this topic up, I thought it was important for a couple of white dudes to be able to shout out a black woman makes about 62 cents on the dollar compared to a, a white dude. The US DOL the US DOL data from 2017, cause they're lagging on average, a white dude makes about $60,388 per year.

Chad (6m 36s):

And a black female makes $36,735.

Audience (-):


Chad (6m 43s):

And then, and then just comparing that. So $36,735 against a white female, which is $46,513. So a white female almost makes $10,000 more a year. And they are severely below the white dude as well. So I think we need to have more than a day to be able to focus on this topic. But yes, today is Black Women's Equal Pay Day.

Joel (7m 9s):

Yeah. I love a Chris Rock's joke about why is black history month, February, which by the way, is the shortest month of the year. That's yeah, kind of reminds me of what you just said. There are we doing shout outs? Is that what we're in? Are we in shout outs now?

Chad (-):

Sure why not?

Joel (7m 24s):

Shout outs. Let's do some of that. Shout out. I'm going, gonna shout out first to Lars Schmidt, a friend of the show introduced us in London last year, did a few shots with us. So we love Lars. So he's launching a myriad of things. His podcast is being rebranded, "Redefining HR". He's released a book called Redefining HR. And he has, I think a video series Redefining HR. So if you, if you're into that kind of thing and we know our listeners are, go check out Lars, he's doing good stuff,

Chad (7m 59s):

Yeah, he's a good dude. You and him were doing shots while I had like the shark attack of people who want to tee shirts that were just swarming the stage. I remember that.

Joel (8m 8s):

Yeah. We were clearly winning, winning on that one.

Chad (8m 12s):

Shout out to Denise van der Lans over in Amsterdam, who is a partner with You know, I really wish I could travel to Amsterdam. It's been so goddamn long since we've traveled. I mean, I'm getting, I'm getting fucking cabin fever. I don't know about you

Joel (8m 31s):

Getting antsy. Shout out to a couple of hip ladies that we know Carrie Corbin and Amanda Thompson have started a new agency called the Hope, Hope Lee marketing group, that dropped today. If you're looking for employment, branding, shit, go check them out.

Chad (8m 48s):

They kinda know some shit

Joel (8m 49s):

They've been around. Not that they're old.

Chad (8m 51s):

No, not at all. They, they started when they were six!, A shout out to Bruce Reed and Mark Gandy from the CFO Bookshelf Podcast. We really appreciate them sending us bourbon. Cause you know, we like that. And having us on their show, Bruce is the CFO over at Practice Link and has been a fan for a while. Thanks Bruce and Ken Allman. Of course, who was one of our very first cult following kind of guys. So a big shout out to Bruce Mark and you know, just that this just shout out just because we love Ken.

Joel (9m 27s):

We do, we definitely love Ken and miss him as well. Hell, I'd be up for West Virginia traveling at this point.

Chad (9m 32s):

Oh yeah. Little plane.

Joel (9m 34s):

Shout out to Crunchbase diversity spotlight. We, we quote Crunchbase quite a bit on the show. They track money that companies have garnered, but they, they have a lot of data at the site and they launched Diversity Spotlight. For those who want to connect with companies, either for investment or jobs, just go out and fill in your company info with whether you have a CEO of diverse background, or if you have any special benefits of the company specific or news that you have around diversity, a shout out to Crunchbase for getting on the diversity train.

Chad (10m 8s):

Nice. I really appreciate people like Travis McEwen over in Spokane, Washington who share stories and insights. We have many who do that in several different ways on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Twitter, email, text. But it's really cool when you can hear what's happening in their world and what it ties into the, the, the bigger picture. So if you haven't and you're a listener feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn Chad or Joel Twitter, Chad and Cheese, Facebook page, wherever you might be able to find our dumb asses.

Joel (10m 43s):

Shout out to Skender. Yeah, it sounds like a porn site, but it's not S K E N D E R. We got a laugh out of them for pimping ads on social media, about being one of the best places to work in Chicago. But then under news from that was mass layoffs. And by the way, there are no job postings on their website. So it might be time to reinvestigate your ad strategy.

Chad (11m 6s):

Dude, conserve your ammo. You keep that shit ready for when you can use it, right. You don't just fire off just because you can fire off. That's a premature ejaculation right there. Skender, no, that's not what we do around here. A big shout out to Collin Parker listening in Seattle. I'm sure he's glad I'm mentioning his name after premature ejaculation. He's the VP of Marketing over at Crelate. We know those guys who just, he just came back into the industry and he's using our shows.

Chad (11m 39s):

I'm getting teared up here to get back up to speed while forcing the rest of his marketing department to listen to the Chad and Cheese as well. That's a big applause.

Joel (11m 49s):

Forcing his marketing department. Come on now. You know, they were already listening to our show.

4 (11m 54s):

I don't think we have enough forced listening happening or I don't know, maybe we do. I mean, remember Jen, I mean, Jenn Terry Tharp, who was on a couple of weeks ago, she was 23 years at AT&T. And she said, while she was there, we were mandatory listening. So I guess mandatory sounds better than forced. Let's use that from now on.

Joel (12m 16s):

And we go great with day drinking, by the way, people, our show goes great with day drinking. We did a shout out to Clarence Jobs. DHI who owns Dice e-Financial Careers and Clearance Jobs reported quarterly earnings last week and while Dice and E financial careers are losing money. Year over year clearance jobs is up 18.2%. And by the way, I'll pimp our podcast with the Clearance Jobs CEO. If you haven't listened to that, I encourage you to go to, search that out and take a listen.

Chad (12m 50s):

Yeah, how's it feel to have that anchor around your neck Clearance Jobs? Jesus' Flex Jobs going into another one. Okay. So Flex Jobs and this is going to be your favorite. It feels a lot like the ladders, although the opportunity to screw more than just the rich people. So it's Flex Jobs we screw more than just people who make over six figures. They quote themselves as the leading most trusted job service in the flexible work field.

Chad (13m 22s):

How the fuck do you know that? I have no fucking clue how you know that.

Joel (13m 25s):

It's a mystery

Chad (13m 26s):

We offer to help our members find great jobs for only get ready, $6.95 a month, come the fuck on people. We're in a pandemic. People who don't have jobs need jobs and Flex jobs, much like the fucking ladders is pimping jobs, which are already publicly available. And in there pimping them as special, right. And charging for them. I mean, it's just this kind of shit. People, you got to look into your black soul. Okay. And you got to understand, this is the bullshit that we can't have in this fucking industry.

Chad (14m 0s):

This is just, this is wrong. So Flex Jobs, you get a big thumbs up

Joel (14m 5s):

Online employment, dead inside since 1998. Got a love it. Shout out to the big 12 in light of the big 10 and pack 12 tier by us announcing that there'll be no spring or fall football. Big 12 says, hold my beer, you pussies. We're going to play football. I suspect the SCC will soon follow suit. So it looks like there will be a COVID tastic football season in some parts of the country.

Chad (14m 32s):

Yeah. That's going to be a fucking mass. That's all I gotta say. Sorry. I gotta say the basketball NBA is, is, is really fun. I think the whole bubble method is kicking ass and taking names versus major Baseball. Who's they've they've relayed, screwed the pooch, so, okay.

Joel (14m 50s):

And hockey hockey has a good job too.

Chad (14m 52s):

Yep. Yep. Good point. Good point.

Joel (14m 55s):

I was going to shout out toward the Russian vaccine, but we can, I just did that. I guess also Jerry Collier, we interviewed for Hourly

Chad (15m 5s):

Oh, Jerry

Joel (15m 6s):

Firing squad, which we always love to do if you haven't listen to that, check it out. And like I said earlier, I'm going to be featured on a JobVite webinar, this coming Wednesday. So go to if you want to learn more

Chad (15m 19s):

So in August, August 27th, we're in August. Yeah. Fuck God damn it. August 27th at 2:00 PM. Eastern it's a recruitment hackers event. It's optimizing recruitment for a remote workforce. Again, Jenn Terry Tharp. She's going to be speaking. I'm going to be corralling everyone for a panel discussion about benefits of a remote working, bigger talent pools, increased job accessibility, better candidates, yada yada, yada.

Chad (15m 51s):

If you want to learn more, go to recruitment,,,, register. You're gonna love it. Another HR hackathon is happening in November as well. We'll talk more about that. Ava. Zillow's nonstop.

Joel (16m 12s):

Is that the video chick?

Chad (16m 14s):

Yes. She's, she's all about the video.

Joel (16m 17s):

I love the German with English transcription or close caption

Chad (16m 20s):

German who lives right across the border in France. So yes. And hopefully she'll be doing some of those more of those videos with the Chad and cheese t-shirt on.

Joel (16m 30s):

Yeah, that was, that was dope

Chad (16m 32s):


Joel (16m 33s):

All right, let's get to it, News.

Chad (16m 36s):

Okay. So before we hit our first topic, you weren't around last week. So I didn't get to hear what you thought about the Indeed acquisition of ZAPinfo. What are your thoughts? What I had heard from one of my sources, was the dollar amount was super "small", in quotes. So, you know, to me, you know, Doug is really good about seeing around corners and looking into the future. And I think that I spoke to him a year or two ago at Source Con in regards to GDPR and how they were going to sort of evolve or pivot the company in light of sort of new privacy laws.

Chad (17m 15s):

And Doug didn't have the best answer, which he usually does, which kind of made me think like he's probably at a crossroads with this company. He obviously is a sales guy. He knows everyone. I think that he realized the future was going to be challenged, for a company like his. So we called Indeed, Indeed, you know, grab some money out of the, out of the couch, cushions took the technology. It looks like they're going to integrate it into their own site. So there won't be any privacy issues and users of Indeed will be able to manage their resumes and take data from their, from their resume database and put it a management system,

Joel (17m 51s):

Which is fine. I also think that, you know, Doug is an idea guy, so it wouldn't, it wouldn't surprise me if in light of sort of privacy laws, he has another idea up his sleeve and he said, I got to kind of get rid of this one so I can focus on maybe this bigger, better idea that I have over here. So that was my takeaway. I think good for him. You know, it's a, it's a big company, a big brand by buying his business. But I mean, there, there wasn't any announcement by Indeed. As far as I know, there was nothing on their blog about acquiring ZAP. It was all ZAP that was promoting it.

Joel (18m 22s):

So I think it was really small fries for, for Indeed not a big deal, a duck and move on and save face with investors and the industry. And we'll see what he does next.

Chad (18m 32s):


Joel (18m 32s):

After six months in Fiji, he can travel in Fiji

Chad (18m 35s):

Smart move for Doug in indeed being able to utilize that technology for their just their own platforms. Not, you know, not a bad move. I don't know what the cost was, but overall, you know, they got money to fucking burn. So why not?

Joel (18m 51s):

And there was no announcement of, you know, Doug joins Indeed as such and so I think he's, he's going to wipe, you know, wash his hands and move on. Yep. Yep.

Chad (19m 0s):

I don't think he's going to do anything but help a quick transition, hit that fucking eject button, which is wonderful. Especially if you are a CEO of an organization and you have to stick around for a year, a year and a half or two years, while you watch this big monstrous company fuck up your shit. Nobody wants that. So good for him. He gets, he gets to turn around and get the fuck out before they start screwing his shit up.

Joel (19m 26s):

Moving on to newer news, Google Cards. So a little historical context here. Google, Google hates that they lost social to Facebook. They launched Google Plus 10 or so years ago, it sucked no one used it and they've closed it down. They're not gonna give up on this game. They lost out bidding to Microsoft on LinkedIn to the tune of $26 billion. And I think they've they've for the last five to 10 years have wanted to do something in this game, this human directory, this people business in some way of getting information.

Joel (20m 4s):

So we kinda thought, or I thought, Hire by Google might be a way to collect data, get those people in database. I certainly pounded the table on the one click apply that I thought would be, you know, going to ATSs around the world, which make, would put profiles into Google. Well, they've shut that down. So that's not gonna happen. But we got word from TechCrunch this week that in India, Google is launching Google Cards, which is basically like a little business card that you can put on Google when people search your name.

Joel (20m 37s):

According to the release, a lot of people in India searched their name. I doubt India is exclusive to that. I'm sure a lot of people and a lot of places are searching their name on Google to see comes up. And when you do that, now you'll get a, a little thing that says, add your card or add your bio. It auto defaults your picture. That's already in Google, your name, everything. You can put personal information, but more importantly for our discussion work information, contact information, social media channels, et cetera.

Joel (21m 8s):

It makes sense that Google would use their search engine, as opposed to just launching something new like Google Plus, this worked really well for YouTube. When they started putting YouTube videos, putting news in there, weather and everything. Things tend to tend to integrate better when they just throw it into Google. So now when you search Chad Sowash, you see a Chad Sowash card with your picture. I can get your information if you want, then that's great. We'll see if they let me connect with you. We'll see if they let me contact you for jobs or whatever, but for now this looks like Google's latest attempt to compete with LinkedIn.

Chad (21m 46s):

It just looks like search. It doesn't look like a, an actual community. So, you know, adding yourself in a different way to search is I think where, what they're going after here, they want more contents. They want obviously people to be able to find you, if that's what you want and it's search. But I don't, I don't know that this is going to turn into a social network, but I do believe on the other hand, being able to utilize their search, it will turn into a great opportunity and an open system for individuals to find developers, to find salespeople in, you know, in Mumbai or in this case, you know, let's say for instance, in Boston, if, if it rolls out globally.

Chad (22m 35s):

So I think being able to out pivot a social network and just using the power of the largest fucking monopolized search engine in the world is not a bad move.

Joel (22m 49s):

Yeah. I mean, I think it's ultimately going to be a directory of people and you know, my question will be is, you know, how do they, how do they, you know, what do they do about John Smith, right? Or somewhere there's like hundreds of thousands of people named John Smith. My guess is because you, if you've emailed a John Smith or you're connected to John Smith in some way, they'll algorithmically show you that John Smith, because you've emailed him before or he's in your company. So, so it's, it's going to be an interesting problem of how you organize all of these.

Joel (23m 20s):

If they become as popular as they hope as Google hopes it does. But I'm not going to say it's going to be huge. I'm not going to say it's going to fail. Like Google has a reputation of ditching stuff pretty quickly. So until they launched this thing in the US I'm going to say, it's a test at this point.

Chad (23m 37s):

Yeah. Well, and I also noticed that they're really focusing on influencers, which is smart. If you think of Instagram or Twitter, and those influencers want to be out there and they want to be on these, on these big engines, they want to be on these big networks. If that happens, obviously they're going to bring their cult, their cult crowd with them, their following with them and everybody's going to want to do that. So I, you know, there's a, there's a pretty good strategy. And I think from an organic standpoint, you could grow this pretty quickly because most of your information is probably already there.

Chad (24m 11s):

And then later, you know, possibly add, like you'd said, the categorization tools into it, because if the, if the data's there being able to connect it, you know, who knows? We'll see

Joel (24m 21s):

Yeah. It, it, it is very interesting. I'm going to watch it carefully and it'll probably be a story as we head into 2021, that'll be much bigger and something we talk about quite a bit. So listeners, I hope you're ready for Google Cards to be a hot topic,

Chad (24m 35s):

But w and unfortunately in 2021, we will be talking about COVID, the shit's not going away. I don't think that we're going to have any type of Russian antidote and, or, you know, Smirnoff to, to, to throw into our veins. But a company in Boston called Brio Systems is a, a technology company offering a complete COVID-19 testing system for the workplace. They raised 1.9 million in seed funding led by CEO, Boris Lipchin.

Chad (25m 11s):

Okay. So quick, quick aside, have you seen this cat's resume?

Joel (25m 14s):


Chad (25m 15s):

Okay. So Carnegie Mellon for engineering, he was at Space X as an avionics software engineer for Guidance and Control for five years, spent some time at MIT intern at MITRE and Google. Anyways, back back to what we were talking about.

Joel (25m 30s):

So he's a dummy, he's a dummy is what you're saying.

Chad (25m 32s):

So Boris Lipchin, Brio Systems provides a platform for employers to navigate the complexities of workplace safety and reopening amid the pandemic. The platform enables employers to respond quickly to understand infections among employees, contain potential outbreaks measure previous exposure, safely maintain business operations, and the big thing return people to work. Yes. Yes. I&#