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Is anyone else in HR worth talking to?




Especially if you have some free beer lying around. But even if you don’t, there are still lots of good reasons to get in touch.

Do you know something we don’t? Give us the inside scoop about what’s happening in recruitment. Maybe we’ll feature it on one of our shows and cement your place among the HR glitterati with a big old shout-out.

If you really want to rile people up—or at least wake them up—have Chad & Cheese do a live podcast at your next event. It’s bound to be a time to remember, for better or worse.

Google. Facebook. Microsoft. AI. Robots. And all manner of mind-bending stuff emerging by the day. It’s enough to make anyone lose it—except Chad & Cheese. Could you and your team use some help? Invite us over and we’ll provide …

  • A lunch & learn for your whole team

  • A live podcast

  • Industry analysis backed by 4 decades of experience

  • Insights specific to your products and concepts

  • Total disregard for industry norms

  • Recommendations

  • Consulting

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