Take a journey with different Cult Brands as Chad & Cheese bridge the gap between brand, marketing, and employer brand. 

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Cathy Tull - fmr CMO, Las Vegas Convention & Authority

- What Happens in Vegas...

- When Brand Meets Tragedy

Alexandra Nuth - Managing Director, Brightside by ATB

- How Old Spins Cool

Ellie Doty - CMO, Chili's Grill & Bar

- The Journey Back to Cult Status

James Boettcher - CEO, Fiasco Gelato

- A Righteous Journey

Mike Miller - Director TA, Chipotle

Joe Albano - Manager TA, Chipotle

- Cult Guac w. Chipotle

- Playing Offense in a Crisis

Chris Kneeland - CEO, CULT Collective

- Marketing vs. HR

Allyn Bailey - TA Transformation Leader, Intel

Bill Neff - VP Marketing, YETI

Tyler Weeks - Head of HR Data Science, Intel

- Brand Revelation

Jason Anderson - SVP Brand Marketing, Cadillac Fairview

- Transcending Brand

Sandra Preyale - Chief People Officer, Aegis Living

- Brand & People are Squishy

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