Cult Guac w/ Chipotle

I'm so hungry right now... Why?

Mike Miller and Joe Albano from Chipotle's Talent Acquisition team joins The Chad & Cheese to talk about food, brand, experience, marketing, free college, nurses, and does a brand really need an "employment brand"?

All of that while you grow hungry for your favorite burrito bowl. Brought to you by our friends at Smashfly - a Symphony Talent company.

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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash, and Joe Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, bottle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: I'm ready for a podcast with a little extra queso with it, how about you Chad?

Chad: Well, I like the guac, I know it's going to cost $2 more. Can I just have it? Just give it to me. I don't even want to ask for it anymore. Just put the guac on. It's delicious.

Joel: It's all delicious. And this is a great segue to today's guests. Let me introduce everyone to Joel Albano, and Michael Miller. Guys, welcome to the show from Chipotle.

Joe: Well, thank you. Thanks for having us.

Mike: Happy to be here.

Joel: Yeah, yeah let me give you a little applause there because-

Mike: Is that real applause?

Chad: Yeah. I think it's actually pronounced Meeler. It's not Miller. It's Meeler, right?

Joel: Meeler?

Chad: Mike Meeler, he's got the easiest name so we've got a screw it up, right?

Joel: And Joe was your nickname Albino in high school. It had to be, right?

Joe: It was my nickname in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, in my twenties, and in my thirties.

Joel: And for the record you are not actually an albino.

Joe: I am not. I respect the albino community but I am not part of them.

Joel: Obviously and they recruit vigorously.

Joe: I tried to.

Joel: We'll get to that in a little bit.

Joe: Great.

Joel: The albino recruiting strategy.

Chad: Guys, we have not used that. We have not used that in the office. Just so you know guys.

Joel: You're welcome guys.

Joe: Thank you so much.

Joel: Well for those who don't know you guys, let's get the elevator pitch on you individually. I'm sure most of our listeners know about Chipotle. But feel free to plug that as well.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: And if you have a special coupon code for our listeners, feel free to sling that out there.

Joe: If we do, we'll keep you posted. But I will kick things off.

Joel: Awesome.

Joe: I'm Joseph Albano. I have been with Chipotle for about six years. My role with Chipotle is to really oversee our field recruitment team. So we have a team of 12 who basically support all 2,600 restaurants across the country from everything recruitment related from our entry level crew members all the way up through our senior executives working across the country.

Joel: Wow. 12 people?

Mike: That's a good elevator pitch Joe.

Joe: I've practiced in the mirror many times.

Mike: You show up on Monday, you come back.

Chad: All right Mike. Now you have to live up to that one.

Joe: Good luck.

Mike: I can't do it. I just live to support Joe guys. Mike Miller or Meeler, my parents cursed me with a very common name. So I'm going to go with this Meeler thing, see how it rolls for the weekend. And I've been at Chipotle for coming up on two years. And so truly, truly have the pleasure of supporting the best team that I have ever been on. So I'm responsible for recruitment operations.

Joel: Aww.

Mike: It's true, it's true.

Joe: He always knows what to say.

Mike: Recruitment operations-

Joel: So nice.

Mike: Well, look, I've been at some pretty cool brands, right? But this is my favorite brand, my favorite team. And I've been let's see here, I'm also responsible for talent marketing and talent branding. So everything in the talent acquisition world and how we can effectively market that and build a cool narrative, that's what we try to do. Yep.

Chad: Dig it.

Joel: Very cool, very cool. Well, Chad wants to get to the hard hitting questions, but I want to know before we get started, what do you guys order when you go to Chipotle?

Joe: Oh God. Okay, so it depends on if I'm trying to be on a diet and avoid carbs.

Mike: Which is always at the most inopportune time, Chad.

Joe: Right.

Joel: Screw that.

Joe: So I'm a burrito guy.

Mike: Tell him about our summer deal.

Joe: Well-

Mike: We would eat lunch at different times. So I would come back and say, "Haven't had lunch yet Joe?" And Joe would say, "Well, I already have but I'm up for it again." So we'd have double Lunch.

Joe: Yeah. I'll do a double lunch. One time I've done a triple lunch because I deserved it. Thank you.

Chad: Are you practicing to go against Kobayashi sometime soon?

Joe: One day. That is my ultimate dream in life is to be in a food eating competition. But until then-

Mike: Every day is practice.

Joe: Every day is practice. And everyday I get closer. So I am a burrito guy. I am obsessed with our new Carne Asada. However if it's not Carne Asada I'm getting Carnitas, I'm a brown rice, pinto beans, Carnitas, I will do the red tomatillo salsa with extra cheese. And then I will do chips and guac on the side. Thank you. Thank you.

Mike: Good.

Joe: And I should mention, I do double meat.

Mike: You're getting applause for the overeating. I think these are our guys.

Joe: My dream come true, people who understand me.

Mike: People who understand you. You found your brothers.

Joe: I found my niche.

Mike: What do I get? So I'm six foot six, I weigh about 300 pounds. So I try to go with the kids quesadilla.

Chad: That's a good call.

Mike: Which is sad but true. One of our team members likes-