LinkedIn We Have A Problem

There’s bad, there’s rotten and then there’s LinkedIn’s job board strategy. It’s like peeling an onion and the boys are almost in tears covering this story, as well as

  • game-changing news from Zoom,

  • Buy or Sell with Fetcher, Unicorn Lattice, and Visage,

  • a 28-year-old earns $300k+ on Fiverr doing what?

  • Goldman Sachs continues the beatings,

  • while CitiGroiup optics soar.

  • ... Wait did we mention rumors on iCIMS and Mya the chatbot?

Get comfy and enjoy another Jobvite, JobAdx, and Sovren powered podcast.


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (24s):

Oh, yeah. Say what you want. But Chad and Cheese have never even been to the Suez canal. You're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast, boys and girls. I'm your cohost Joel "filibuster" Cheeseman.

Chad (37s):

I'm Chad "chief impact officer" Sowash.

Joel (41s):

Oh, that's going to get Harry on this week. Show LinkedIn we have a problem. Better up gets Harry and better than the sweet 16 it's time for a little buy or sell.

JOBADX (54s):

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Joel (1m 45s):

So I'm finally getting my shot on Friday, which is when people will be first listening to the show. So you and I are well on our way to summer of love, baby.

Chad (1m 55s):

Oh yeah. I've got the second shot. My second shot happening at 11:20 on Friday.

Joel (2m 2s):

And then promptly going on vacation for a week, I think is that, is that the plan?

Chad (2m 6s):

I'm getting the fuck out of town.

Joel (2m 8s):

Just drive. Just drive.

Chad (2m 9s):

Just doing something, doing something.

Joel (2m 11s):

Spin it, spin an arrow and then just go whatever direction it says North, South, East or West.

Chad (2m 16s):

It could be at least, maybe depending on what's open up in Fountain Square, come up there and, and check out the NCAA action. If there's any whatsoever.

Joel (2m 26s):

There you go. So apparently two weeks after your first shot, you're kind of not going to die. Like you, you may be in like, is it that's my understanding is like two weeks to kind of kick in on, the first one. Like, you'll get sick potentially, but not hospitalized and die and shout out to our poor friends in Canada who aren't getting shots apparently.

Chad (2m 47s):

No, but I think that's interesting. Didn't we send them shots? I thought we sent them?

Joel (2m 51s):

Like we sent them the AstraZeneca, which no one else wants. I think that's why.

Chad (2m 56s):

The ones we haven't approved. Yes.

Joel (2m 58s):


Chad (3m 1s):

Ah, so NCAA has been shit from a bracket standpoint, not to mention, we've also seen that they don't treat the females quite the same as the males. Have you seen this?

Joel (3m 12s):

Yes. And I'm I'm, I'm so glad that that was a Texas versus Indiana thing. Cause if it was Indiana who looked like, you know, a set of five pound weights on a rack versus Texas, I would have been really hurt. But yeah, it was, it was good to see it was Texas and not us.

Chad (3m 29s):

So first and foremost, the men got the PCR test, the really expensive COVID test and the females got the rapid antigen. Right. It was like, Hey, here's the cheap stuff to go ahead. And it, yeah, you're good. You're good. Then the men got, you know, like a million dollar weight room and yeah,

Joel (3m 47s):

They got, they got the lifetime fitness with the sauna and Whirlpool.

Chad (3m 51s):

And the women got a fucking weight rack. I mean, and again, if Texas can fuck anything else up, just continue. Okay, continue. This is your year, Texas. Continue to fuck. It's just ridiculous.

Joel (4m 5s):

And then it's like next to a fold-out table. Like, is that where they were getting taped up? I don't understand what was going on there.

Chad (4m 12s):

I don't know. I don't know.

Joel (4m 13s):

Here's your bench press.

Chad (4m 15s):

Fucking five and dime down there in Texas. Jesus

Joel (4m 20s):

Don't mess with Texas baby. Let's talk about rumors real quick.

Chad (4m 25s):

OOo rumors.

Joel (4m 26s):

So, so we're not going to report on this, on this show, but this is potentially upcoming hot stuff, hot stuff. So the first rumor that I've got was given to me by two really reliable sources. And it's that iCIMS is soon to be filing their S1, which means IPO time at iCIMS. So be on the lookout for that.

Chad (4m 51s):

Or they've shown enough leg, so that Microsoft looks and goes, huh? Yeah, maybe, I ought to buy that?

Joel (4m 57s):

Yeah. They're going to pull a Glassdoor. They're pulling a Glassdoor. Like here's what we're valued. Here's how much our stock price is rising after our S1 comes on and like, Oh wait a minute, wait a minute. We have a buyer. We have a buyer, everybody psych. Yeah. So be on the, we'll be on the lookout for that. The second rumor Maya, our buddies at the, the chat bot solution there word is that they're, there'll be selling to a staffing firm and that the announcement is coming soon. My source also added that Maya has been trying to sell for quite a long time, but didn't have a whole lot of interest that may have been pandemic influenced or just the fact that the shit wasn't any good.

Joel (5m 41s):

But anyway, Maya and iCIMS should be main stories coming soon if these rumors are true. Yeah.

Chad (5m 49s):

Yeah. I got confirmation on that last one with Maya. Overall, I don't think it's that the tech is shit. I think it's at point you can just kind of wait it out, you know, you can wait it out and get a lower price later. So yeah, that's probably what smart buyers are doing. They're waiting for a little bit more of a clearance rack.

Joel (6m 8s):

Yeah. Fair enough. And let's be honest, Maya raised a shit ton of money, which means the money they had to get in a sale was going to be significant.

Chad (6m 17s):

That was that. Remember AllyO had like $65 and they went for $50. So they didn't even cover their bets. Right?

Joel (6m 24s):

Yeah. What did Maya raise about $70 or 80?

Chad (6m 27s):

$51 million

Joel (6m 28s):

Doubtful. They got the $500 million their investors were hoping for.

Chad (6m 32s):


Joel (6m 33s):

We'll see. If they don't announce the number, then we know it was not good

Chad (6m 38s):

Away from tech, but now talking about politics real quick.

Joel (6m 42s):


Chad (6m 43s):

The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Dr. Rachel Levine as Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, the very first transgender federal official to be confirmed by the chamber. Now the vote was 52 to 48 and the only two Republicans that actually crossed lines to vote for Dr. Rachel Levine was two females, Senator Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who joined all the rest, the rest of the Democrats and voting for Dr. Levine, as assholes like Rand Paul continue fearing anything that is not a straight white male.

Chad (7m 26s):

Congratulations Dr. Levine, man. That's that's awesome. It's good that we can take that step because I don't believe we're the first.

Joel (7m 34s):

Making progress. And by the way, I don't have the names, but I remember seeing a story about ESPN had their first ever all female play by play on an NBA game. So we're making progress all over the place, baby. Power to the women.

Chad (7m 50s):

One day, this week, one day was Women's Equal Pay Day. So I'm probably going to step in it on this one, but what the actual fuck is this day for?

Joel (8m 3s):

And why is it a day?

Chad (8m 5s):

I mean recognition that females are paid less seriously? I mean, why, why don't we have a concerted effort on this cluster fuck. Instead of a fluffy recognition day, I don't understand days like this. If we focused on shit that actually moved anything because nothing's being moved. Like transparency, forcing companies to demonstrate that they're actually paying equally, there's equity. So these days that just come out of nowhere and everybody's like, today's equal payday. It's like, but you're not getting equal pay. I don't fucking get this.

Joel (8m 43s):

Well, thank God Prince Harry is going to be getting equal pay soon announcement out of Silicon Valley, a unicorn industry startup Better Up, which offers personalized coaching content and care, designed to transform lives and careers has announced Prince Harry as Chief Impact Officer. So no more poor house for Prince Harry. He's going to be making some bank, finally. Thank God for that.

Chad (9m 10s):

I wonder, I mean, the pitch for Prince Harry, because, you know, he had several companies coming after him to have him, you know, like endorse or be a part of.

Joel (9m 20s):


Chad (9m 21s):

Gotta wonder what the pitch was here. And obviously with, you know, with Better Up there's this altruistic kind of feel to making money. Right?

Joel (9m 30s):


Chad (9m 31s):

Maybe that was it.

Joel (9m 31s):

I feel like the attending, the SHERM conferences was probably the thing that sold Prince Harry on our industry. I mean, can you imagine finally, sales calls will be answered if Prince Harry is making, making the sales calls at Better Up, that'll be a nice change.

Chad (9m 48s):

They'll send out a send out a, just like these robotic Prince Harry voice mails. Yeah,