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FIRING SQUAD: with CEO Howie Schwartz

On this Halloween edition of The Chad and Cheese Podcast, Chad and Joel welcome Howie Schwartz, CEO of Crowded to the Firing Squad. Howie believes Crowded Refresh will be a big treat because it can bring old and dead candidates back to life. That’s right ZOMBIES!?! Or maybe just a shitload of money companies don’t have to spend looking for new candidates.

Howie believes Crowded Refresh will be a huge success and make the applicant tracking system black hole a thing of the past. Will Howie and Crowded Refresh receive massive applause, golf clap, or be laid to rest by the Firing Squad?

No tricks only treats are going to get Crowded through this one.

For newbies: Firing Squad is a ghoulishly raw podcast which focuses on showcasing recruitment industry startup companies, technology, products, and solutions. Just think Shark Tank with less billionaires and more snark.

Listen to find out. Then visit sponsors Sovren, Ratedly, and America’s Job Exchange.

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