FIRING SQUAD: Jeff Dolan, SVP of Growth at FlashRecruit

Jeff Dolan walks in, sits down, and takes his chances by pitching FlashRecruit to The Chad and Cheese Podcast with the possibility of facing disgrace and the Firing Squad.


Firing Squad is a raw podcast featuring two grizzled industry veterans who want to showcase recruitment industry startup companies. Their technology, products, and solutions either save them and win massive applause or just #fail and face the FIRING SQUAD.

On this episode:

We know that email engagement sucks and the response rate is horrible, which is why companies like FlashRecruit exist. FlashRecruit's mission is to "Break down the communication barriers to start the conversation between recruiters and the job seekers looking for their dream job." Can FlashRecruit pull it off or are they in store for a visit from the FIRING SQUAD?

You'll have to listen to find out.

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Intro: Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to put to the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest and baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they've got what it takes to make it out alive. Dig a foxhole and duck for cover, kids. The Chad and Cheese podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Joel: Hey, what's up guys? Joel Cheeseman here, aka Cheese, aka Turkey Killer. On this episode of Firing Squad we have Jeff Dolan of FlashRecruit. Jeff, how you doing?

Jeff: Doing well. Appreciate the time.

Joel: Are you ready for the pain?

Jeff: I'm ready to rock.

Chad: Pain Train's coming.

Joel: All right.

Jeff: I'd try a turkey joke in there, but...

Joel: Well before we get to you, let's hear a quick word from our sponsor.

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Joel: All right, all right, all right.

Chad: Here we go.

Joel: Everybody feeling good?

Chad: Feeling good, man. Turkey Day's on its way. Joel's going to be tons of turkey-taking naps, which he's used to in the first place. I think the naps part more than anything.

Joel: Well the good news for me is because I'm divorced and we had the kids last weekend, I had Thanksgiving dinner last weekend, so I'll get double the dose of turkey which means double the naps, which for me is really, really extreme as you know.

Chad: Tryptophan, you'll be in tryptophan heaven.

Jeff: Fantastic.

Joel: Yes, sir.

Chad: Excellent. Let's get to the show. Jeff? Are you ready man? Let me tell you a little bit about what's going to happen. You have two minutes to pitch FlashRecruit, okay? After the pitch, Joel and I are going to hit you with rapid fire Q&A. If you drone on or if you bore us, you're either going to get the bell, or Joel's going to hit his favorite crickets because you bored us.

Chad: At the end of Q&A, you're going to receive one of three. You're either going to get the big applause, which means you've exceeded expectations. The golf clap, means you're on your way, but you've got a lot of work to do, or you're going to get hit with the firing squad, which means it's probably time to take your ass back to the drawing board and start over with this whole concept.

Chad: So that's Firing Squad. Let's buckle up and let's get this pitch started, Joel.

Joel: Sounds good, man. Do we want to meet Jeff a little bit before we go into it or not?

Chad: Yeah, why not I guess.

Joel: Jeff, you've got a 30 second intro. Go.

Jeff: All right perfect. I run all the revenue operations for FlashRecruit. I actually started my career at, and I was there for over ten and a half years primarily in sales roles. Ran a couple different markets and that was actually where the idea where FlashRecruit was born, right. There was a massive opportunity to capture some of the candidates that would be dropping off from the site.

Jeff: We'll get to that later. I then joined a early stage company based out of Detroit. Grew that from two to four million in revenue before formally starting FlashRecruit. We've been fully running here for two and a half/three years. Based out of Detroit. That's me.

Joel: Awesome so we have some prior experience in the recruitment space, which I think you're the first guest ever.

Chad: And a sales guy.

Joel: And you built a company, so we expect great things from you, Jeff.

Jeff: I'm glad I was able to raise the expectation, therefore the applause will mean more to me than otherwise.

Joel: Don't mess it up. At the bell, you've got two minutes to pitch us your company, and after that Chad and I will have our way with you.

Jeff: Sounds like a plan.

Joel: Here we go.

Jeff: All right, cool. FlashRecruit is a recruitment-focused live chat. What we're solving for is the fact that the apply now button is broken. Candidates know how to find employers. They know how to find career sites. They know how to find job postings, but we're losing 90 percent of those folks. The reason for that is that they're not just willing to jump into that formal apply process, right? They have questions.

Jeff: On the flip side, recruiters know how to reach out to candidates, right? You go on LinkedIn, you do a search for a title and a location. You've got a big old list of people. The problem is not finding those folks. The problem is connecting with them. Historically, you've got phone calls, emails, in-mails, whatever it may be, all of them are less effective than they once were.

Jeff: What we've done is built a live chat to them. Specifically and only for recruitment with the intention of connecting the right candidate to the right recruiter live. Let them interact, answer a couple questions and do one of two things: Get the candidate into the cycle or out of the cycle. Both are good.

Jeff: What we've seen is that our customers are telling us it's driving people into the cycle must faster, more efficiently. It also tells us that they're able to get in touch with folks who would have otherwise not applied to the job, and that's a big part of what we do.

Jeff: That is FlashRecruit at a very high quick level.

Joel: Very good. It sounds like you're adding a layer to complexity to the recruitment process. I know we'll get to automation and things like that later, but you pitch your product as saving time and just on its face it sounds like it's adding a layer of complexity. Convince me that it's not, that it is actually saving time and making things easier.

Jeff: It's interesting. A typical industry-accepted ration, you've got ten people who view a job and one of them apply. What we know is that there are qualified people out there who are doing their research. So even if there was a bit of complexity, and it enables you to chat live with a candidate who's highly qualified for your role as a recruiter, what we have seen is that people are very excited about that.

Jeff: When it comes to saving time, though, here's a typical candidate experience. They go to a job. They find this apply, they click apply or fill out whatever form that's asked of them. That gets recycled into an ATS, and then somehow it gets onto the recruiter's dashboard.

Jeff: The recruiter then has to get in touch with the candidate, so you're going to call them, email them. THey're probably going to miss that. Eight hours goes by. 16 hours go by. Somebody responds. Then they're trying to schedule a phone conversation which takes another day and a half until that actual conversation occurs where they ask a couple of questions and find out that they're not a potential fit. Or they are a potential fit, and then you're scheduling the next step.

Jeff: That took days, and so what we're doing is we're enabling our customers to put a live chat on jobs, career sites, wherever it may be that allows an instant interaction. If the recruiter's standing there, I'm notified that Chad the candidate wants to talk to me. I need to know that Chad has seven plus years developing whatever it may be. I'm able to figure that out on the spot as opposed to going through the days of scheduling previous to that answer being found out.

Chad: So quick question. I understand there's prescreening questions for any candidate coming through FlashRecruit, and it depends on how the company sets it up. If a candidate answers the correctly, they are automatically funneled to the specific recruiter, and the chat's opened up, right?