NEXXT EXCLUSIVE: CEO, Aman Brar Talks Next Level Recruiting

A Nexxt Exclusive in partnership with, the boys are onsite to interview Aman Brar, CEO of Canvas, a text messaging recruiting tool. In addition to covering a wide array of topics, including the power of SMS, the benefits or building a deep data pool powered by communications, and exploring what comes after messaging, the guys have a great time. Enjoy.

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Chad: Okay Joel, quick question.

Joel: Yep?

Chad: What happens when your phone vibrates or your texting alert goes off?

Joel: Dude, I pretty much check it immediately, and I bet everyone listening is reaching to check their phones right now.

Chad: Yeah, I know. I call it our Pavlovian dog reflex to text messaging.

Joel: Yeah, that's probably why text messaging has a fricking 97% open rate-

Chad: What?

Joel: And a crazy high candidate response rate within the first hour alone.

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Joel: Love it!

Chad: Yep, that's right. Nexxt, with the double X, not the triple X.

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Chad: Wow! So, how do you get this discount, you're asking yourself right now.

Joel: Tell them Chad.

Chad: It's very simple. You go to and you click on the Nexxt logo in the sponsor area.

Joel: Easy.

Chad: No long URL to remember, just go where you know, and Nexxt with two XS.

Joel: Alright, hey guys. We are here live on site for the first time ever-

Chad: Live!

Joel: With startup phenom Canvas here in beautiful downtown Indianapolis.

Chad: Woo hoo!

Joel: I think it's 20 degrees and flurries coming down, so wherever you are, it's probably better than where we are, weather-wise. Quick introduction, Aman Brar, if I say that correctly. Say hi Aman.

Aman: Perfect. I am Aman Brar of Canvas.

Joel: Aman Brar, like Almond Joy-

Aman: There it is.

Joel: Aman Brar, and unfortunately with us as always is Chad of The Chad and Cheese Show.

Chad: Ugh, hello! I keep pointing at stuff. If you're on Twitter, you could actually see what I was pointing at, but a beautiful view here downtown Indianapolis.

Joel: We have a total of zero viewers on Twitter, right now.

Chad: That's okay.

Joel: I can see from the little live cast.

Chad: They watch it later. They always do.

Joel: Yeah, we'll share that in the show. So anyway, Nexxt exclusive, two XS, make sure they always remember that.

Chad: Not triple x.

Joel: Not triple x, which we told them would have more traffic, but they failed to listen to us.

Chad: They should've bought it. They should've bought it.

Aman: There is a church right behind you. I love that.

Chad: They should've bought it.

Aman: Which is fantastic.

Chad: It is.

Joel: It looks like a hat.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Okay, churches and the psychology or psychiatry office is right next to us, so Chad and I will probably be checking into that after the show. But, let's get into it. Love the name, what's up with URL? Could you not get something better than

Aman: Yeah, I would say thus far with our inbound lead traffic, it's working just fine, so ...

Joel: It's working just fine.

Chad: Now is that SEO traffic or are you having a lot of direct people actually-

Aman: We have a lot of direct through the media and so forth.

Chad: Really?

Aman: Now, I would say ... Look, I think every startup's got trade offs to make, right?

Chad: Yes.

Aman: And was just, at this point, a little ...

Joel: Probably taken. The dot com.

Aman: Well, let's assume it's taken. We own a bunch of iterations of, there's going to be lots, right? And so as we kind of test it and figure things out that's one that we rolled with, so that's where we are right now-

Joel: But you're not changing the name?

Aman: We're not changing the name of the company.

Joel: But if comes up for sale, you might explore ...

Aman: Might throw 5 or 6 dollars.

Joel: If it's reasonable, five or six dollars. Fair enough.

Aman: I think like ultimately, we'd certainly, you know, optimization's always the thing we can look into. We own a lot of variants. This was the one out of the gate. We wanted to build a durable brand for the long term and decided look, if we have to make some short term URL trade offs, we will, and so that's the story. We did get, we own the trademark for Canvas in the HR and recruiting space-

Chad: Yeah.

Aman: So, you know look, that's going to be the-

Joel: So now that the hardball question is out of the way-

Chad: Wait a minute, I'm not done.

Joel: Oh, you're not done. We should get an introduction from them at some point about what-

Chad: Well, we'll get it next. We'll get it next.

Joel: Okay, we'll get to that next.

Chad: So, I mean, you guys have to be doing like a shit load of SEO to be able to try to get that, because Canvas is obviously just a regular term, and if you do a search, it's really hard to find, you've got to have like "Canvas text", "recruiting"-

Aman: That's true. You do.

Chad: So I mean, brand means so much, and you've got to spend a lot of money on brand, right? And you guys aren't, and you can't at this point do the Indeed and ZipRecruiter commercials out the ying yang, right? So what do you guys do to actually just embed that brand?