Indeed's Workopolis Carnage - A NEXXT Exclusive

LIVE from TAtech in Las Vegas, the boys break some news about what happened at Workopolis after Indeed acquired the company.

"Drop your laptop and company property at the door on the way out."

What else are those idiots talking about?

- Participation certificates - clever millenials

- Careerbuilder dumpster fire update

- Indeed Jail update

- Here's a brand, there's a brand - everyone is rebranding

- Gollum visits

- Anyone need sales people and developers?



And be sure to visit this podcast's exclusive sponsor, Nexxt.


Chad: This, The Chad & Cheese Podcast brought to you in partnership with TA tech. TA tech, the association for talent acquisition solutions. Visit

Chad: Okay, Joel, quick question.

Joel: Yep.

Chad: What happens when your phone vibrates, or your texting alert goes off?

Joel: Dude, I pretty much check it immediately. I bet everyone listening is reaching to check their phones right now.

Chad: Yeah, I know. I call it our Pavlovian dog reflex of text messaging.

Joel: Yeah, that's probably why text messaging has a fricking 97% open rate-

Chad: What?!

Joel: Crazy high candidate response rate within the first hour alone.

Chad: Which, are all great reasons why The Chad & Cheese Podcast love text to hire from Nexxt.

Joel: Love it!

Chad: Yep. That's right. Nexxt, with the double X, not the triple X.

Joel: So, if you're in talent acquisition. You want true engagement and great ROI, that stands for return on investment, folks. And, because this is The Chad & Cheese Podcast, you can try your first text to hire campaign for just 25% off. Boom!

Chad: Wow! So how do you get ths discount, you're asking yourself right now.

Joel: Tell them, Chad.

Chad: It's very simple. You go to, and you click of the Nexxt logo in the sponsor area.

Joel: Easy.

Chad: No long URL to remember.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: Just go where you know, and Nexxt, with two X's.

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Joel: Who listens to the show? Who knows who the hell we are? That's awesome.

Chad: About five of you, that's good.

Joel: That's awesome!

Joel: So, for those that don't know, we typically start our show with shout outs.

Chad: Typically, yes.

Joel: And, we normally don't start with shout outs at the TA tech show, but we're going to try something new.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: We could fail miserably, but we're going to try it.

Chad: No, I don't think this is going to fail miserably at all, because the first shout out is going to go to-

Joel: Well, tell them how it's going to work.

Chad: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Joel: So, at the show, we do a podcast, we can't give away stuff, right. So, here today if you get a shout out, you get a beer. If you don't drink, we have Peeps. So, if you want Peeps-

Chad: You can have a Peep.

Joel: ... you can grab a Peep, and you can take anything from Nexxt that you want.

Everybody understand? We're good?

Chad: Except for Steve Kraut, because nobody wants him.

Joel: And, he's already drunk, so he doesn't need anymore beer. Okay. Alright. I'm ready. I think we're ready for shout outs.

Chad: Yeah. So, if you've listened to the podcast before, you know Joel hates millennials.

Joel: Hate those entitled little bastards.

Chad: Hates millennials, but we got a lot of them listening, and I think they just love the pain of getting through the show as Joel hates on them. Anyway, one of our-

Joel: They have a sense of humor though.

Chad: ... millennials-

Joel: ... which, is good.

Chad: Yes. One of our millennial listeners actually gave us personalized certificates of participation.

Joel: We got a trophy from the millennial generation, which is very nice. So, to Kyle from Hireology-

Chad: Is it Hireology?

Joel: This beer and shout out is for you, my friend.

Chad: Yeah. That was funny shit. That was very funny shit. Good job.

Kyle: I'm actually not old enough to drink. No, I'm just kidding.

Chad: You're in Vegas.

Joel: This Peeps for you, baby.

Chad: This Peeps for you.

Kyle: Thank you.

Chad: Next. Where's Thad at?

Joel: Next, get it, I saw what you did there.

Chad: Yeah. Where's Thad at? Thad's not here? Okay.

Crowd: He's CEOing.

Joel: He's CEOing.

Chad: CEOing. Aw, that sucks.

Joel: That's alright. We'll get him later. Well, we can embarrass him when he's not here, though.

Chad: Yeah. So, he's the only CEO that I know, who does a Gollum impression, and just he loves it. Hopefully, we can get him to do a Gollum impression, like a promo for the show.

Joel: Go up to Thad and say, "Can I hear your Gollum impression."

Chad: And, he gets excited.