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Indeed's Workopolis Carnage - A NEXXT Exclusive

LIVE from TAtech in Las Vegas, the boys break some news about what happened at Workopolis after Indeed acquired the company.

"Drop your laptop and company property at the door on the way out."

What else are those idiots talking about?

- Participation certificates - clever millenials

- Careerbuilder dumpster fire update

- Indeed Jail update

- Here's a brand, there's a brand - everyone is rebranding

- Gollum visits

- Anyone need sales people and developers?



And be sure to visit this podcast's exclusive sponsor, Nexxt.


Chad: This, The Chad & Cheese Podcast brought to you in partnership with TA tech. TA tech, the association for talent acquisition solutions. Visit

Chad: Okay, Joel, quick question.

Joel: Yep.

Chad: What happens when your phone vibrates, or your texting alert goes off?

Joel: Dude, I pretty much check it immediately. I bet everyone listening is reaching to check their phones right now.

Chad: Yeah, I know. I call it our Pavlovian dog reflex of text messaging.

Joel: Yeah, that's probably why text messaging has a fricking 97% open rate-

Chad: What?!

Joel: Crazy high candidate response rate within the first hour alone.

Chad: Which, are all great reasons why The Chad & Cheese Podcast love text to hire from Nexxt.

Joel: Love it!

Chad: Yep. That's right. Nexxt, with the double X, not the triple X.

Joel: So, if you're in talent acquisition. You want true engagement and great ROI, that stands for return on investment, folks. And, because this is The Chad & Cheese Podcast, you can try your first text to hire campaign for just 25% off. Boom!

Chad: Wow! So how do you get ths discount, you're asking yourself right now.

Joel: Tell them, Chad.

Chad: It's very simple. You go to, and you click of the Nexxt logo in the sponsor area.

Joel: Easy.

Chad: No long URL to remember.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: Just go where you know, and Nexxt, with two X's.

Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news. Brash opinion. And, loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls. It's time for The Chad & Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Who listens to the show? Who knows who the hell we are? That's awesome.

Chad: About five of you, that's good.

Joel: That's awesome!

Joel: So, for those that don't know, we typically start our show with shout outs.

Chad: Typically, yes.

Joel: And, we normally don't start with shout outs at the TA tech show, but we're going to try something new.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: We could fail miserably, but we're going to try it.

Chad: No, I don't think this is going to fail miserably at all, because the first shout out is going to go to-

Joel: Well, tell them how it's going to work.

Chad: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Joel: So, at the show, we do a podcast, we can't give away stuff, right. So, here today if you get a shout out, you get a beer. If you don't drink, we have Peeps. So, if you want Peeps-

Chad: You can have a Peep.

Joel: ... you can grab a Peep, and you can take anything from Nexxt that you want.

Everybody understand? We're good?

Chad: Except for Steve Kraut, because nobody wants him.

Joel: And, he's already drunk, so he doesn't need anymore beer. Okay. Alright. I'm ready. I think we're ready for shout outs.

Chad: Yeah. So, if you've listened to the podcast before, you know Joel hates millennials.

Joel: Hate those entitled little bastards.

Chad: Hates millennials, but we got a lot of them listening, and I think they just love the pain of getting through the show as Joel hates on them. Anyway, one of our-

Joel: They have a sense of humor though.

Chad: ... millennials-

Joel: ... which, is good.

Chad: Yes. One of our millennial listeners actually gave us personalized certificates of participation.

Joel: We got a trophy from the millennial generation, which is very nice. So, to Kyle from Hireology-

Chad: Is it Hireology?

Joel: This beer and shout out is for you, my friend.

Chad: Yeah. That was funny shit. That was very funny shit. Good job.

Kyle: I'm actually not old enough to drink. No, I'm just kidding.

Chad: You're in Vegas.

Joel: This Peeps for you, baby.

Chad: This Peeps for you.

Kyle: Thank you.

Chad: Next. Where's Thad at?

Joel: Next, get it, I saw what you did there.

Chad: Yeah. Where's Thad at? Thad's not here? Okay.

Crowd: He's CEOing.

Joel: He's CEOing.

Chad: CEOing. Aw, that sucks.

Joel: That's alright. We'll get him later. Well, we can embarrass him when he's not here, though.

Chad: Yeah. So, he's the only CEO that I know, who does a Gollum impression, and just he loves it. Hopefully, we can get him to do a Gollum impression, like a promo for the show.

Joel: Go up to Thad and say, "Can I hear your Gollum impression."

Chad: And, he gets excited.

Joel: Yeah. He's very into-

Chad: He loves to do the-

Joel: ... it.

Chad: ... Gollum impression.

Joel: Get your Lord of the Rings geek on with Thad the CEO ... the new CEO-

Chad: New CEO.

Joel: ... of the new brand, which we'll talk about later-

Chad: Yes.

Joel: ... of the new brand -it rhymes with kangaroo.

Chad: There he is.

Joel: Alright.

Chad: Come on.

Joel: Thad! Come on up, buddy.

Chad: Come up. Hey, so we've got something for you if you agree to do-

Joel: A little Gollum.

Chad: ... a Gollum promo-

Joel: Just a little Gollum.

Chad: ... promo would you do something. [crosstalk 00:04:58] Yeah? Okay. Give him the mike.

Joel: He's closer to you. Gollum, everyone.

Chad: Gollum, everyone. You got to use your hands.

Thad: I got to use my hands.

Chad: Yeah, because you're freaking.

Thad: (in Gollum voice) Yes, me precious. Yes. Do these precious candidates me wants it so sweet precious. Yes.

Joel: This Guinness is for you, Thad. Thank you.

Chad: He got it.

Joel: Very nice. Very nice.

Chad: I love it! Hey, we need you to do a Chad & Cheese promo for us, too.

Joel: If that doesn't say future IPO, I don't know what does.

Chad: Oh, last but not least, where's Darren from hiQ? There he is.

Joel: Everyone knows they're fighting LinkedIn, right?

Chad: Right.

Joel: Right, in court, and their spending more money than they probably have.

Chad: Public data.

Joel: We think we owe them a debt of gratitude for fighting Goliath ... probably fighting for a lot of you as you stand on the sidelines. Mr. Kaplan this is for you.

Darren: I appreciate it thanks.

Joel: And, good luck.

Darren: Thank you.

Joel: You'll need it.

Chad: Very good luck. Who does not feel like they're going to be impacted by a negative ruling on this?

Joel: Who's a non-scraper, or relies on anything scraped-

Chad: Who doesn't think they're going to get-

Joel: ... previously scraped, or soon to be scraped.

Chad: ... payback right? So, if you're not behind these guys, I mean get behind these guys. They really believe the future of what we do depends on these types of rulings.

Joel: So, we're going to get to the show. Now, we like an active audience, so if you have questions while we're talking, comments, or just want a Guinness, and want to try your shot at it ... or, a Peep ... ask a question, be interactive. We have-

Joel: Seven more, and what doesn't go out to you, comes in to our bellies, so there you go.

Chad: Soon to be six, by the way.

Joel: What are we talking about first rebranding?

Chad: Yeah ... well, let's talk about the new CEO of DICE.

Joel: Sure, we know nothing about him, but they have a new CEO. Actually, by the way, since we're in Vegas right, okay, anyone here from CareerBuilder? Oh, good. We can talk about them. Okay, et's say over under that Matt Ferguson is still CEO in twelve months. Anyone say, under?

Chad: Under hands.

Joel: So, everyone else says more than a year?

Chad: More than a year.

Joel: No one is participating, you all suck.

Chad: Come on.

Crowd: Two years.

Joel: Two years. Okay.

Chad: Two years.

Joel: That's over. Over a year. Okay, one person had the balls to play the game. Thanks everybody. Okay. Dices new CEO, what do we know about him?

Chad: Not much other than he's got-

Joel: He's got a hell of a resume. He's a Harvard grad. Maybe Navy guy. Maybe Air force. Tech guy. Has no experience in our industry. Historically, that doesn't go very well.

Chad: No.

Joel: But, we'll see how it goes.

Chad: Yeah. So, we were at conference earlier this week, and we went to the Dice booth, and what was the reaction from the people behind the booth.

Joel: Well, there was a salesperson, and saw our name badges which is Chad & Cheese, and it was sort of hang head like oh no, Chad & Cheese-

Chad: It was an oh shit.

Joel: ... and she passed us over to an executive, who then pushed us off to PR.

Chad: Because, we asked if we could get the new CEO on the podcast. That being


Joel: We'll get him on. We'll get him on.

Chad: Re-branding.

Joel: Rebranding. Who's rebranded in the last 12 months?

Chad: He got a new logo.

Joel: Geez, what a bunch of active participants.

Crowd: He did.

Chad: Nexxt.

Joel: Nexxt.

Chad: Nexxt.

Joel: Now, do we all know why they rebranded? Bed, Bath, and Beyond called and said here's a bucket of money, and so they sold it to them, and became Nexxt. Boy this crowd is awful, dude.

Chad: Tens of millions of dollars. So, Pando, Snag, now, Talroo ... (What?

Joel: You guys are really down like what the hell is going on? Was lunch that heavy? It was just a salad and a sandwich for God's sakes. Alright we will continue to talk and look at your blank faces. Okay. This is great. We're giving beer out, people. Okay. What do we think about rebranding? Anything?

Chad: So, there's a shit ton of pivoting that's happening, right, and I think that's one of the reasons why we're seeing it. Any other organizations in the room other than those-

Joel: They're not participating. We need to stop saying, "Will anyone vote", or say anything to us. We're just going to talk to you.

Chad: Okay.

Joel: So, Talroo, we know from talking to Thad from the SHRM Talent conference, is that they wanted to be more of a technology focused brand. Jobs2Careers is kind of a pigeon hole of weird jobs and careers, so they thought we'll take talent and recruitment, bam, Talroo. Makes sense right? Going to be tough to get that off ... anyway that's going to be tough for me to remember, because I think of kangaroo, or I think of something else. And then, Pando is like a panda. So, we're all sort of animals but not animals.

Chad: PandoLogic. Yeah. Pandoroo.

Joel: Pandaroo. That's right. Talroo merges with Pando for Taldo something. Anyway. I think a lot of it is being driven by Google, and getting into the job space, and a lot people realizing that technology is the way that we need to go. So, if you have a job search specific URL, I think, that you're starting to think about how do we rebrand ourselves, and that's at least one example ... well two examples. Real Match kind of says we're matching, and Pando says nothing, so they said it'll be programmatic.

Chad: No. That was different play though, because they were in one market, and then they started to pivot to the employer side, too, right. So, they've been focusing on the vendor side, then they went toward the employer side. So that was a different play.

Joel: Although Pando is making it real confusing, because they have PandoLogic, and they have PandoIQ.

Chad: But, it's all Pando.

Joel: And, if Terry was here, he might be able to explain it, but I can't. I don't understand it.

Chad: He'd just be glaring at you right now.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: But, then you take a look at Snag, which I think ... I mean, that's been an interesting change-

Joel: Anyone from Snagajob here?

Chad: No.

Joel: No. You all know Snagajob though, right? Hourly retail, those kinds of jobs?

Chad: So, I think that's one of the bigger changes.

Joel: So, why did they rebrand?

Chad: They rebranded, I think, mainly to get job out of their name, but to be able to show that their model was changing, and that it's not just about obviously the old world of posting. They call it the uber factor. It just makes sense for some of these jobs ... and, I think it will scale to not just the high turnover or high volume types of jobs ... but, you'll see it scale to all types of jobs, but this is the hardest problem to work on, and I think organizations like Snag, like Jobalign, like Talentify-

Joel: Shiftgig.

Chad: Yeah. I mean they're something.

Joel: The CEO of Snagajob said to me, "Nobody wants to snag a job anymore. They want to snag a shift."

Chad: A gig.

Joel: They want to work for multiple companies. They want to have an uber type experience where they switch. I'm on for working. I'm off because I'm doing whatever millennials do, young people do. And then, businesses, restaurants can say I need seven waiters for tonight, who's on the platform, who's ready to go, call them in, shifts done, snag handles all the payments so the restaurant or the businesses don't have to do any of that. So, they're the most fascinating rebrand to me, because they're rebranding because they're entire business is changing and the way that people look for work in their market is changing drastically.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Say again?

Crowd: Are they going roll out an app?

Joel: Are they going to roll out an app? Yes. So, they are now, but you will only see it in markets that they are beta testing right now. So, if you live in Richmond, Virginia, or Washington, D.C. will be their first big market, you won't see it, but it will all be app based. Just like Uber if your familiar, when you call a car or you're a driver, it'll all be mobile app native based.

Chad: So, pay through the app ... again, it's one of those situations where you don't have one job at one company, you can actually pick up gigs at multiple companies.

Joel: And, they even have badges. Like they have a burger flipper badge, so if you're thing is making burgers then you'll work at Five Guys and McDonald's, whatever, you can have a badge that says I am a burger flipper.

Chad: Right.

Joel: So, a company, or a restaurant knows that they'll hire you and you've been approved with this badge that you're a good cook, or burger flipper.

Chad: But, we're seeing a change. Overall, from job board kind of ... I guess you could say platform ... and, being able to evolve into Nexxt what was beyond to Nexxt more of a data warehouse, different types of products.

Joel: It really puts the job posting thing on its head a little bit.

Chad: Yeah.