HR Tech Conference Post-Game Show

Chad & Cheese run down last week's HR Technology Conference in Vegas, nothing but raw post-game analysis. What sucked and what ROCKED! NOTE: Remember kids, Vegas hangovers suck but that's the kind of shit we do for YOU!


- Pitchfest

- Start-up Pavillion

- Worst & Best booths

- HR Tech booth dichotomy

- Monster v Careerbuilder compare and contrast

- Where was LinkedIn, Facebook & Google?

- 7 security guards vs. 1 Ward Christman?

Enjoy, and visit our sponsors: Sovren and JobAdX.


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Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Welcome to the Rehab is For Quitters episode of the Chad and Cheese Podcast, HR's Most Dangerous. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm still drunk.

Joel: Nice. On this week's show, we're wrapping up the good, the bad, and the ugly from HR Tech in Vegas last week. We're talking big takeaways, hot companies and trends, and our favorite, whisky and cigars.

Chad: Wahoo!

Joel: Someone pass the Pedialyte.

Sovern: Sovren is known for providing the world's best and most accurate parsing products. And now, based on that technology, comes Sovren's artificial intelligence matching and scoring software. In fractions of a second, receive match results that provide candidates scored by fit to job, and just as importantly, the job's fit to the candidate. Make faster, and better placements. Find out more about our suite of products by visiting That's S-O-V-R-E-N dot com. We provide technology that thinks, communicates, and collaborates like a human. Sovren, software so human, you'll wanna take it to dinner.

Chad: Yes, or give it a shot of bourbon.

Joel: That's right, that's right. Sovren is not messing around. They're on the warpath.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: I saw at least four different bottles, I think, of whisky that they were passing out the shots at the show. Anything goes in Vegas.

Chad: Oh yeah. And so, we were actually pulled over to take shots of Maker's Mark. And that, it was during, was it before? I think it was before the pub crawl.

Joel: Yeah, so pub crawl for those who weren't there, and a lot of our listeners were not, they did a pretty creative thing. Instead of having a bar set-up, you went to different booths with alcohol and it was, from what I remember, a pretty good time.

Chad: Yeah. And they had them spread out all the way through the conference so you could hit this booth for beer, this booth for some fruity drink or some shit like that. It was really cool. I'm telling you right now, every conference should have something like this. It was wonderful.

Joel: I don't even think Sovren was on the official pub crawl list. They just took it upon themselves to pass out liquor to people.

Chad: Renegades. I love these guys.

Joel: Renegades.

Chad: Fucking renegade.

Joel: And they're really mad about the whole AI thing. We're gonna do something with them.

Chad: Yeah?

Joel: They're calling it, I think, Black AI like Blackhat AI and Whitehat AI or something and how most AI is BS so we're gonna get to the bottom of Sovren's opinion on AI.

Chad: Well, yeah. What I think should happen is we should go down to Austin, where they're at, you have a ten gallon white hat, because you have such a big fucking head, and I have black hat, and we just do our thing.

Joel: Yeah, and my head is bigger 'cause it has hair on it, by the way.

Chad: There's a little bit of that, yeah.

Joel: Should we get to the rest of the shout-outs? I think we have maybe a few after the show.

Chad: Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, for first, first off though, big props, thanks so much guys, Uncommon, Emissary for carting our asses along with them through HR Tech. Wouldn't have been there because HR Tech said "Screw you guys, you're not getting media passes."

Joel: Yeah, big thanks to those guys. And our sponsors, who were front and center -

Chad: Yup.

Joel: Of the show.

Chad: Amazing.

Joel: They were everywhere.

Chad: Yup.

Joel: And certainly, sponsoring our show got 'em to that point, obviously. It had nothing to do with the talent, or the technology, at these companies. I'm talking, JobAdX, who customized tee-shirts for both of us, by the way, I'll add. Sovren, who we touched on, whisky shots. Talroo was there as usual, really good presence from our sponsors and shout-out to them.

Chad: Yup, Uncommon was there and not to mention, JobAdX actually spent more money to be able to get the tee-shirt size that you needed. So I thought that was pretty awesome of them.

Joel: It is an extra 'cause when the guns are out dude, ya gotta have a little extra fabric on that sucker. And you got such groupies over at Uncommon, apparently. That's fun to say.

Chad: Well, it's pretty cool that, so Emily Wares, I came up to the booth, just to check out, have some conversations with Teg, and it was awesome. Emily was there and they're like "Hey, this is Chad," and she's like "Oh, I know Chad" and she wanted a selfie and I just thought that was really cool that she was geeking out over meeting me.

Joel: Yeah, I can't explain that one at all. I don't -

Chad: I don't, either. But thanks Emily. And then also Megan, over at gr8 People, who was frickin' awesome. She tagged us on the tweet and we went over and had another picture with her so that was really cool. So, yeah, no, thanks to gr8 People, Megan, and all the peeps over there.

Joel: Shout-out to Doug Berg and his team at ZAPinfo. Not a sponsor yet, hopefully one day. But he was on the Firing Squad and according to his team, his presence on Firing Squad resulted in a breaking of the dam, in terms of business and money coming in.

Chad: Oh, come on.

Joel: So, hat's off and shout-out to ZAPinfo.

Chad: Well, that's sweet. Well that being said, Vervoe, our first Firing Squad, we went out and had drinks with Omer. And so yeah, another, not a sponsor but we got all these different companies who've been engaged or have actually worked with, collaborated with Chad and Cheese Podcast. It was fun to meet all those guys.

Joel: We touch so many lives. So much love on this show, it's hard to take.

Chad: It's a bad touch. It's a bad touch.

Joel: And thanks for feeding us, Monster and HiringSolved. I crashed the Monster dinner, you got an official invite which is crap. Shout-out to those guys for keeping us fueled with dinners, we really appreciate that.

Chad: Yup.

Joel: Very nice. Shout-out to more of our fans, Danielle at Beamery comes to mind.

Chad: Yes!

Joel: But just a number of people that mention the show, recognized us, whatever, was really cool. The fact that this show touches some people is awesome and we appreciate the love we got at the show, for sure.

Chad: And we had a beer with Ed from Philly.

Joel: Yeah. Who, as he highlighted, doesn't need help finding friends.

Chad: He does not need help.

Joel: He's doing just fine on his own, yeah. Ed that was awesome, that was awesome. Philly. They're playing the Colts next week, by the way.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: They're in Philly, I think. So anyway, that just popped in my head. It has no relevance to the show, but, yeah.

Chad: Philly looks like shit right now, my god. Can you buy a fucking kicker in the NFL today?

Joel: Dude, don't even get me started. Carson Wentz is back next week, though, so that'll be interesting.

Chad: Thank god. Thank god. So last shout-out, unless you got more but I want to start into another bigger discussion, Ward Christman and Larry Cummings for inviting us to the HR Tech Collaboration Zone. So the big conversation around this is, it seems like HR Tech, they carry a sledgehammer with them and anybody who comes near the conference, they just whack-a-mole, man. Ward was escorted out of the Venetian. He was in the Starbucks, which was outside of actual conference itself, by seven security guards. What the fuck is that all about?

Joel: I don't know. There are pictures - for those who don't know, so Ward runs an organization association kind of thing, and HR Tech, the organization has not been very congenial to them. They've not been real welcoming to us as well, although you and I are not been getting escorted out of Starbucks.

Chad: Yet.

Joel: Yet. Yeah, Dorcey's maybe, which is one of the bars there. Anyway, that was crazy. If you wanna go to like, Twitter, if you follow Ward, Facebook, even LinkedIn, he's got pictures of the cops. It's pretty interesting. Yeah, who knew that HR was such a cut throat, beat 'em over the head business.