FIRING SQUAD: w/ CEO, Travis Hansen

What do you get when a former NBA player launches an applicant tracking system? Gotta listen to find out if Eddy has what it takes to survive Firing Squad or not.

Enjoy this Talroo exclusive.


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Chad: Hey, Joel.

Joel: What up?

Chad: Would you say that companies find it hard to attract the right candidates to apply for their jobs?

Joel: Well, Jobs2Careers thought so.

Chad: Jobs2Careers? You mean Talroo.

Joel: Talroo?

Chad: Yeah, Talroo. T-A-L-R-O-O.

Joel: What is that? A cross between talent and a kangaroo?

Chad: Haha, no. It's a cross between talent and recruiting.

Joel: But-

Chad: Talroo is focused on predicting, optimizing, and delivering talent directly to your email or ATS.

Joel: Aha, okay. So it's totally data-driven talent attraction, which means the Talroo platform enables recruiters to reach the right talent at the right time, and at the right price.

Chad: Okay. So that was weirdly intuitive, but, yes. Guess what the best part is?

Joel: Let me take a shot here. You only pay for the candidates Talroo delivers.

Chad: Holy, shit. Okay, so you've heard this before. So if you're out there listening in podcast land and you are attracting the wrong candidates, and we know you are.

Joel: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chad: Or you feel like you're in a recruiting hamster wheel and there's just nowhere to go, right? You can go to Again, that's, and learn how Talroo can get you better candidates for less cash.

Joel: Or, just go to and click on the Talroo logo. I'm all about the simple.

Chad: You are a simple man.

Announcer: Like shark tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to put the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, and baddest startups through the gamut to see if they've got what it takes to make it out alive. Dig a foxhole and duck for cover, kids. The Chad and Cheese Podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Joel: All right. Been too long for Firing Squad.

Chad: Yep.

Joel: Glad to be back. Chad, how you doing?

Chad: I'm doing awesome, man. It's nice to be home for a minute, right?

Joel: It is nice to be home. It is nice to be home. So we have a treat today on Firing Squad. We have a former NBA player, I think, which is a first for our show.

Chad: It is.

Joel: Travis Hansen, welcome to the show. Former Atlanta Hawk, BYU, overseas player, welcome to Firing Squad.

Travis: Thanks, guys. Chad and Cheese, happy to be here, man.

Joel: Travis is CEO, and I'm assuming, founder?

Travis: Yes.

Joel: Of Eddy, Who's your favorite Eddy, by the way?

Travis: Oh, my gosh. Christmas vacation Eddy, right?

Joel: Oh, yeah. Cousin Eddy.

Chad: Cousin Eddy.

Joel: Nice.

Travis: Cousin Eddy was the best.

Joel: Yeah. I'm going to go Eddie Murphy for me.

Travis: I could do that. I like Eddie Murphy.

Joel: Chad's got some '80s song that he likes called [crosstalk 00:02:49] Eddie, or something.

Chad: Yeah, just popped into my head. Charles and, yeah. Charles and Eddie.

Joel: So aside from the NBA angle, what else should we know about you?

Travis: Oh, man. Born and raised in Utah, great parents. Mom was an amazing mom, died of pancreatic cancer when I was 17. Little brother overdosed prescription drugs. Gone through some hard things in my life. Wasn't always the greatest at basketball. I was athletic, I was tough, driven. But there's guys that are more athletic. I made it to the NBA, did a 360, and then I see Josh Smith do a 720, so I think a lot of things, when you work hard, good things happen, sometime great things, sometimes incredible things. Ended up playing for the Atlanta Hawks, and then went over to Rio, Madrid. Played for the basketball team over there. Lived next to Cristiano Ronaldo in Caca.

Joel: Man.

Travis: Ended up going to Moscow, Russia, met Vladimir Putin. They gave me Russian citizenship to play on the national team. David Blatt, who was a Cleveland Cavaliers coach, was my coach.

Joel: Cavaliers.

Travis: Retired, came home, and had a chance meeting with a good friend who started Nu Skin. He was a billionaire and he said, "You know what? What are you going to do with your life?" It was awesome. He looked me in the eyes, there was no one more important in the room than me at the time, which taught me a lot of cool lessons about someone that had been that successful. And he said, "Building businesses could be the most charitable thing you do if you do it the right way." And that's when I knew, after basketball, that that's what I wanted to do with my life.

Joel: My mom sold Nu Skin for about a week. She was on the train, baby.

Travis: Blake Roney, the founder, and he always says, "I'm a lotion salesman."

Joel: All right. She had it all, man. Shampoo, lotion, yeah. All that stuff. All that stuff. All right. Well, before we get into Eddy, Chad's going to run down the rules for the newbies out there, and then we'll give you the two minutes to pitch your product.

Chad: Okay, here we go. So you're going to have two minutes to pitch Eddy, and at the end of the two minutes, you're going to hear the bell. Then Joel and I are going to hit you with rapid-fire Q&A. If your answers start to ramble, Joel's going to hit you with the crickets, or maybe even the bell, who knows? And then we're going to just push you along, give you kind of the signal to be more concise. Who's eating stuff?

Joel: Not me.

Travis: Cheese. Cheese was eating.

Joel: It's not me, bruh.

Travis: It's the dog. The dog.

Chad: At the end of Q&A, you're going to get one of three grades, either big applause, which means you killed it, golf clap means you need to tighten your game up, that's my favorite. Or the firing squad, no! You should probably close up shop, pull out the drawing board because this shit's just isn't working. So that's Firing Squad. Are you ready?

Joel: And the guns are still fresh from our last episode, so no pressure, Travis. No pressure.

Chad: She got double-gunned.

Travis: Let's do it.

Joel: All right. At the bell you got two minutes starting ...

Travis: We built a few different businesses, and used a lot of HR tech, and it sucked. It wasn't good. It was old, it was old technology, and we love, coming from the NBA, we know building championship teams is hard. It's much more art than science, and so we set off to make some killer software, cloud-based human resource management software that is designed for small, medium businesses, and it allows you to find and hire the right recruits, and then maintain them and keep them in your business.

Travis: Everyone knows that hiring is super-hard. It's hard to ... It's like dating. A couple read a resume, text, meet them twice and then you're supposed to know if you should marry them. And so we set off to build software to automate, to understand personalities and resume parsing, and make it fun. And we've hired, we've hid a couple Easter eggs in there. We hired eight engineers from who are more than 60 years experience all together. And we think we can revolutionize the industry and build some killer software.

Joel: Now everyone ends this the wrong way. Where can we find out more

about you?

Travis: We launched, we basically been in startup mode for about, mmm, 14 months. We launched 60 days ago, we already put on, we're about 40 companies in 60 days that we've been able to put on our software.

Joel: You are fresh.

Chad: Fresh.

Joel: You are diapered and ready to go. Holy cow.

Travis: Okay.

Chad: So these SMBs, these small and medium-sized businesses, are you

looking to try to take Eddy to the big leagues and do an uprise?

Travis: Yo, you look at Greenhouse and Lever, and they're the enterprise softwares out there, we're just as good. In fact, I think they have resume parsing and some, a little bit heavier reporting analytics, but that's not our mission, our focus. We want to be an all-in-one HR solution. It's really fragmented. You have to have an ATS, an HRIS, your own Zenefits, and then payroll. So we're bringing it all in one solution. So we will build what you need to have in each of those verticals, a