FIRING SQUAD: Maia, Sam Fitzroy

Sam Fitzroy isn't new to the Recruitment Tech industry, but his new platform is... Maia - no, not that Mya, the chatbot - brings its game to the Firing Squad. With a founder who cut his teeth at Indeed, Jobcase and The Muse, it's bound to get interesting.

Will Sam's experience be enough to get him through the Firing Squad?

You'll have to listen to find out.

It's another Talroo fueled podcast!


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other level.

Joel: Let's do this man. It's been a long time.

Chad: I'm so ready.

Joel: We got such a sucker today. I can't believe it. Special guest

today from Maia Labs, Sam Fitzroy. Sam, welcome to the show.

Sam: Thank you guys.

Joel: Good. He's still there.

Sam: I'm excited to be here.

Joel: He's still there. [crosstalk 00:01:46] Sam was a little nervous to be on the show. Sam, are the nerves still there or they're gone?

Sam: I mean, we'll see what happens. But...

Chad: You can't blame the nerve, Sam. You can't blame the nerves.

Sam: I'm here.

Joel: All right, Sam. First question is an easy one. Okay. Give us a little bit about you and then we'll get into the product a little bit after that?

Sam: All right. Well, so I guess the most relevant thing about me for the podcast. I've been working in HR tech for 12 years long time. I started out back in Indeed when it was a small...

Chad: Such an asshole.

Sam: I'd some history with Chad there which is kind of funny. We can talk about that.

Chad: I don't even remember it by the way.

Sam: So I was there for 12 years. I did ATS partnerships, if you can imagine that like every day just calling up ATSs, trying to get them to do product integrations with Indeed. So I spent a long time there. I was there for eight years. I left, I went to The Muse. I was with the Muse for a couple years. And then after that, I went out and I did a little contracting and then decided to start Maia.

Sam: So I've been working on this for, thinking about it for last the year really had a product in field for maybe six months. And that's my quick background. I live in New York. I just got married in October.

Joel: Nice.

Sam: Life is good.

Joel: Well, it is up until now. Chad, why don't you give Sam the rundown on the rules of firing squad.

Chad: All right. For Sam and the listeners this is very simple. Sam, you're going to get a two minute pitch for Maia. At the end of two minutes, you will hear that bell. Then Joe and I will hit you with some rapid fire Q and A. If your answers start rambling, Joel is going to hit you with the crickets and we will move along. It's also your signal to tighten your shit up. At the end of Q and A you will receive one of three grades, either big applause, which means you killed it. Golf clap, you're not quite there yet buddy. Tighten your game up and the firing squad.

Announcer: Ye be poo without Talroo.

Joel: You don't want to hear that.

Chad: The firing squad is not what you want. So that's the firing squad. Joel, is the timer.

Joel: The timer is ready. Sam, are you ready?

Sam: Ready to rock.

Chad: Do it.

Joel: All right. Give us two minutes. Starting.

Sam: All right. So employers all over the world and especially here in the US spend a ton of time and money marketing themselves to make hires, yet 92% of people who land on their job pages don't apply. It's crazy drop off, and it leads to a ton of wasted job advertising spend and just, missed opportunities to make great hires. And then what's worse, is that the traffic these employers are paying for are converts to hire at a super low rate, like less than 2% of applicants from most major job boards get hired.

Sam: So let's talk about the people who don't apply. There's a lot of reasons people don't apply. Sometimes they're just early in their search. They're doing a lot of research, checking out where they might be the best fit. They're not out there spraying and praying job applications. They're choosy. Some of these people are really into your company, they want to apply, but there's no job. Or you have an awesome candidate, they found a job, they get to apply by the hit the nightmare apply process and they bail out.

Sam: So today, the people who don't apply or just don't have time, don't have an effective way to show interest and stay connected with an employer. So that's why I built Maia. Maia is a platform built to engage passive talent that employers are currently losing. So we have exit intent capture forms. They capture job seekers as they're exiting job pages. When they sign up, we sync the data with the employer, and then they start receiving helpful content on a regular basis to keep them engaged.

Sam: Maia handles all that automatically. Employers can also send their own content or direct messages through our platform. Candidates also receive relevant jobs from other companies, not just the company where they signed up. So unlike other products in the market, Maia puts the candidate first. By doing that and sending truly helpful content, we're able to deliver good results for employers.

Sam: So we're super early. We have a handful of customers, we're growing. Its pay for performance and easily connects into a company's existing ATS or CRM. And if you want to learn more, you can check out That's, or email me, sam@maialabs.

Chad: At least he's been listening to the show and he actually got the fucking URL in this time.

Sam: I'm I the first one who did that?

Joel: I gave him a little bit of leeway on that one, but then he started with like sub heads and more story, so nice try, Sam. Nice try. Chad, get him.

Chad: There's a lot to dig into here. First and foremost, your automated engagement program delivers helpful content and keeps passive talent engaged. What kind of content are you talking about? Because one of the biggest issues companies have, or they feel like they have is that, I can't create my own fuck. I don't have time to create content, I don't have people to create content.

Joel: Exactly.

Chad: So what content will Maia provide?

Sam: So we have writers who are writing unique content on a daily basis. So it's today it's pretty high level generic career advice content. So it ranges. It can be like interview tips, resume tips. So it can be like, if you're looking for a job, that kind of content we also do kind of like content that's totally unrelated to jobs, just things that people who are professionals might be into, like, why reading books is good for you and how that can affect you professionally. So we have writers it's a range of content, and we include jobs and then career advice articles.