Talkin' Talent Pipelines with Candidate.ID's Adam Gordon

While in Lisbon at TAtech this month, the boys sat down with Firing Squad alum Adam Gordon of Candidate.ID to chat candidate funnels and Eurotrash.

Enjoy this Nexxt Exclusive.


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Chad: We ran into kilt wearing, friend of the show, Adam Gordon from Candidate.ID at TAtech Europe in Portugal. Take a listen, after a quick word from our sponsor.

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Adam: From 18-21, my daily rate was 10 grand.

Joel: And we won't ask what services came with that 10 grand.

Chad: Yeah, I don't think it's appropriate to.

Joel: And when have we ever been appropriate on this show?

Chad: They're never listed...

Joel: People don't tune into us for the appropriateness of our commentary.

Adam: I reserve the right to be forgotten.

Chad: So you know how we started the show yesterday? Or I should say, Joel started the show yesterday, came on to the stage and said, "Hey, what's up Euro trash?" That's how it started.

Adam: Euro trash...

Joel: You weren't there were you?

Adam: No.

Joel: Yeah.

Adam: Euro trash...

Chad: Yes, yeah. That's how we started.

Joel: And I have the air horn too, which was fun.

Chad: We all know who bad cop was starting that one out.

Adam: That's hilarious.

Chad: I didn't even get a chance.

Joel: It was the last one of the day, everyone was looking pretty sleepy, so you know. Yeah.

Adam: Half the people here are American.

Chad: That's a very good point, wait are you...

Chad: Oh my god.

Joel: Euro trash.

Chad: Yeah. So give us an intro...

Joel: But someone came up after and said, "Man you stole my thunder."

Joel: You made 'em immune to cussing. I was gonna shock 'em into listening to me, but you ruined it for me.

Chad: Not gonna happen.

Chad: So today we are with Adam...

Joel: "Firing squad" alum.

Chad: Alum.

Joel: ...and survivor Adam Gordon.

Chad: That's right.

Joel: Just another of the many success stories of those startups brave enough to face the firing squad.

Joel: Adam how are you?

Adam: Yeah fine, I'm still slightly bitter about the golf clap you gave me though Joel.

Joel: What was Chad's?

Adam: He gave me a big round of applause.

Joel: It's amazing how well the participants remember what we say and how we rate them at the end.

Chad: Because it all counts.

Joel: And many of them carry grudges and scars and bitterness unfortunately. The funny thing, I have no idea what I remember, I don't remember what I, but you clearly will take it to your grave and curse my name as you're lowered into the earth. But look at you now?

Chad: He's a good looking man in a kilt!

Joel: You're getting money from either Russians or Germans, we can't quite...

Chad: Joel can't pin that down.

Joel: The paper trail is a little bit fuzzy.

Chad: We've heard Germans, zie Germans.

Joel: So clear it up for us right now, who gave you money, how much was it, for what percentage, like what are the deets on this?

Chad: What are you gonna do? Yeah.

Adam: We received some investment from recruitment technology, a small recruitment technology fund driven by a guy called Andy Burika, in Germany. He has investments in 19 recruitment tech businesses, we're the only ones that don't speak German.

Joel: Zer gut.

Adam: As I understand. He gave us a high six figure investment and acquired 10% of our business.

Chad: High six figure.

Adam: Yeah.

Joel: A semi-exact answer.

Chad: Yeah.