Programmatic Fire Sale

This episode features Jason Roberts a guy who knows recruitment, process, and technology. This podcast is jam-packed with topics like:

- It's a "Programmatic Fire Sale" - I Frankensteined a tech stack - Monster matching works? - Hatin' on Indeed's Be Seen - Everyone wants a chatbot! and much much more...

Big thanks to Sovren for making this podcasting exclusive magic possible. Enjoy!


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Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls. It's time for the Chad & Cheese podcast.

Chad: All right, guess where we're at?

Joel: Oh yeah.

Chad: Where are we at? Austin, dude. This is fucking awesome.

Joel: This is the quintessential, like Texas-

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Front porch-

Chad: Out on a balcony-

Joel: Really nice-

Chad: TA tech-

Joel: Weather-

Chad: Oh, shit.

Joel: Whatever kind of tree this is.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: That's shading us. This is nice.

Chad: That's a Bur Oak.

Joel: Thank you.

Jason: That's a Bur Oak. Yes.

Chad: A Bur Oak.

Joel: Yes. Now I just need some sweet tea, and some key lime pie, I think.

Jason: Whoa. No. Pecan pie, thank you.

Chad: Pecan.

Joel: My bad. I had a Florida moment there.

Jason: You did.

Chad: That voice you hear is the voice of Jason Roberts. And, let me set this up real quick. So when we get an opportunity to actually get some of the cream of the crop on the show-

Joel: Cream of the crop. I don't think he's ever given anyone that label before.

Jason: I'll take it, 100 percent.

Chad: Adam and Quincy, and I mean those guys, Jason's of that same level.

Joel: He's on a one name basis. He's like Madonna and Prince of the industry.

Chad: In RPO for how many years?

Jason: Oh, gosh. Over a decade.

Chad: Over a decade in RPS. So RPO again, for the listeners out there, recruitment process outsourcing. This is the business of recruiting. These guys focus on margins. They focus on efficiencies. They focus on technology that in most cases, talent acquisition, they just don't have time for it, because they're dealing with 401ks and-

Joel: They're focused on the biz nasty, is what you're saying.

Jason: It's true.

Chad: So that being said, Jason, what do our listeners need to know about you other than all this wonderful setup?

Jason: I think that was pretty good, man. You made me sound pretty good.

Chad: What's your last name for those that aren't on a one name basis with you?

Jason: That's probably good. I'm just one name. That's all I need.

Chad: Cher, Madonna.

Joel: Jason and the argonauts.

Jason: Aren't there dudes?

Chad: Prince.

Jason: Prince. Yeah. I was going to say, there's got to be a guy.

Joel: Just, Jason.

Jason: So, I'm Jason Roberts, and that's right, I've worked in RPO for a long time. I don't work in RPO, right now. So, that's a new thing for me.

Chad: Okay. It gives you a time to breathe at this point though, right?

Jason: It does. You know what I've realized, I had to sort of do a little soul searching, and decide what my next chapter was going to be.

Joel: You should start a podcast.

Jason: I've got one. We just don't record very often. So, yeah. In fact, we've added that to our tagline. We've said, it's like the best in bots, and whatever he says. Then I just tack on, every once in a while, because we are not consistent at all. We just do it for fun. We don't do the business of podcasting like you boys.

Joel: The biz nasty.