FIRING SQUAD: Jobsync's Alex Murphy

Alex Murphy is a gnarly veteran of the recruitment technology industry. Will his pitch have what it takes to win big applause or a shove in front of The Chad & Cheese's FIRING SQUAD?

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Announcer: Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to put the recruiting industry's bravest, ballsiest, and baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they've got what it takes to make it out alive. Dig a foxhole and duck for cover, kids. The Chad and Cheese podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Chad: Whole other level.

Joel: Ah, yeah. Dude, Firing Squad in December seems a little awkward.

Chad: Awkward?

Joel: Because it's the holiday season, it should be full of cheer. So I feel like you have a disadvantage, or actually an advantage, by doing a December Firing Squad.

Chad: No, I think this is one of the reasons why you bring on a gnarly veteran of the industry, so that hopefully we don't have to shoot his ass up.

Joel: A grizzled veteran, we'll get to this as well, but a winner of the Unleash Worlds startup competition, so ...

Chad: That sounds fancy.

Joel: This is his to lose, basically. Let's welcome to the Firing Squad Alex Murphy. Alex, what's up, man?

Alex: Hey guys, thanks. I don't' think that I've ever been described as gnarly, so I appreciate that intro.

Joel: You're gnarly, dude.

Chad: You're welcome. Rad, gnarly.

Joel: Chad veers into Spicoli country every so often. Alex, you're searching with a lot of companies, I feel like. But we're here to talk about JobSync. Do you call it JobSync IO or just JobSync? What do you prefer?

Alex: Just JobSync.

Joel: Just JobSync, okay.

Chad: How hard is it to find domain these days?

Alex: You know, it's interesting. I guess if you put IO on the end or any of the other extensions, it's a whole lot easier than the .coms.

Joel: That was one from the no shit files, Alex, thanks for that. It's a lot easier than a .com, kids. Okay.

Alex: No doubt. So you see a lot of people just putting "the." So, I guess, could probably be there.

Joel: The resumator.

Alex: The resumator, the monster board.

Chad: The monster board.

Alex: The Chad and Cheese.

Joel: No, we aren't that smart, so we just went with

Alex: That's good.

Joel: Keep it simple, stupid. All right, Alex, for those who don't know you personally, give us a little elevator pitch, and then we'll get into the Firing Squad and talk about JobSync.

Alex: Sure. So almost 20 years in the space, I was a cofounder at back in 2001. I was at Beyond before they became Nexxt with two X's. I was there for eight years, ran traffic and user acquisition and business development, went out on my own in 2016 and started a handful of companies, and do a lot of consulting and advising for other companies as well.

Joel: And I'll throw in that you're an unapologetically lover of Indeed. Can I throw that in there as well?

Alex: Sure. Yeah.

Joel: Okay, good.

Alex: I think Indeed is ... I would say that my love of Indeed, if you will, is really just mad respect. I think what Ronnie and Paul did in the early years in terms of focus is a real lesson for anybody who wants to start a company. Stay very, very focused on a simple value proposition and just keep executing. And what are they, 15 years on now and worth billions of dollars? I just think that what they've done is really, really respectable.

Joel: That is one big pile of shit.

Chad: Discipline means something. And then after you've sucked everybody in, then you just fuck them all.

Joel: Fuck them and fuck them, right, Chad?

Chad: That sounds like the Indeed way.

Joel: And on that note, maybe we should get to the rules of the Firing Squad.

Chad: So Murph, here's what's going to happen. You have two minutes to pitch JobSync. At the end of two minutes you're going to hear the bell. Thank you, Joel. Then Joel and I are going to hit you with rapid fire Q&A. If your answers start rambling, they get boring, or what have you, you're going to get hit with the cricket. At the end of Q&A you will receive one of three grades. First being big applause, means we love your shit. It's awesome. You should do more of it. Number two, the golf clap. You can definitely do better, okay?

Joel: Or as Murphy calls it, the crapper clap, because it sounds like you're in a bathroom. That's good.

Chad: Or last but not least, the firing squad. Ouch. That's when you need to pack up your shit and go home, that's all there is to it. So that's Firing Squad. Are you ready, Murph?

Alex: Definitely.

Joel: All right, in three, two.

Alex: So just to set expectations, JobSync is not about AI, machine learning, or big data. Instead, what we are about is fixing the friction in your job advertising campaigns that result in far fewer applicants than you should be getting. Appcast, the large programmatic job ad platform used by many agencies and thousands of companies, did a study of over 93 million apply clicks last year and found that only 5.5% of those clicks resulted in an actual application. And on some ATS apply paths, it's actually much worse. This is because the process for candidates leaving career sites like Indeed takes them to an ATS where they have to reread the job description, get through the CRM signup form, and then figure out how to get past a login request, create an account, and then go through a really long apply process that often ends up in a black hole.

Alex: All this friction is in fact avoidable by simply using the native apply solutions offered by many leading career sites. Many people know this as an easy apply or a quick apply. Ultimately these just end up in an email inbox and gives the recruiter just a name and a resume, rather than a full and complete application.

Alex: So what we do is we create a deeper integration, an integration that includes screening questions, compliance questions, EEO, e-signatures, and delivers that application directly into the ATS. In short, we mirror the application process that would take place on the ATS but have it take place on the job board instead. This results up to an 8X increase in applications. We work with ATS's such as Success Factors, Taleo, Connects, and Brass Ring, with large job boards like Indeed and Facebook, and we're integrated into programmatic solutions.