Death Match: Get Optimal

Welcome to Death Match, Europe 2020, OPTIMAL PITCH

This Chad and Cheese Death Match episode features Daniel Fellows, founder at Optimal. Unlike most Death Matches, this one took place online (thanks COVID-19!).

But never fear! The home bars were open which meant the pints were full and the Chad and Cheese snark was flying. Pontoon Solutions provided third judge Craig Rhodes ... and warning: that dude is a pit bull.

Enjoy this exclusive TAtech presentation, powered by Pontoon Solutions.


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Chad: Welcome to Death Match Europe digital edition. This Chad and Cheese Death Match start-up contest episode features Dan Fellows, founder at Optimal. Digital Death Match took place during TAtech Europe Digital on April 28th, with a virtual room full of drunken TAtech practitioners. Well, maybe not drunken, just Joel and me. Judges Chad and Cheese were joined by Craig Rhodes of Pontoon Solutions. You might ask yourself, who is going to be the Death Match grand champ? Who is going to walk away with the Death Match chain of champions? Well, you got to listen to find out. Enjoy, right after this word from our sponsor.

Joel: Hey Chad.

Chad: What's up?

Joel: Dude, all the cool kids are talking about RXO and I just have one simple question.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: What the hell is RXO?

Chad: Typical Cheese, maybe if you'd stop dogging on millennials for two seconds, you'd learn something.

Joel: All right. Stop busting my chops and break it down.

Chad: Okay, RXO stands for Recruitment eXperience Outsourcing.

Joel: Ah, so not rotten xenophobic overlord.

Chad: Uh, no. And nobody does RXO like our buddies over at Pontoon Solutions.

Joel: Poontang Solutions.

Chad: Okay. Stop being a 13 year old for a second. Pontoon Solutions transforms the overall candidate experience and recruiter experience with cutting edge technology and optimize processes. Pontoon Solutions doesn't just lift and shift operations, they architect better ones. Your brand and people deserve to be priority one. Your talent deserves more than just being a part of the process. They deserve a great experience.

Joel: I like it. But what kind of companies need RXO?

Chad: Well, if you're a hiring company who spends way too much on recruitment agencies and maybe have weak talent pipelines or you just have a non-existent or bad employer brand. And employers need to do more than transform their current recruitment processes, they need consistent and tech driven experiences. Those companies, pretty much just about all companies out there because they suck at it, they need RXO.

Joel: Nice. And with people on the ground in over 32 countries and six delivery centers.

Chad: Damn.

Joel: Pontoon Solutions strikes the perfect balance of global and local support. Dude, I'm down with RXO. Where can I find out more?

Chad: Hit them up at and transform your talent acquisition strategy now.

Joel: Roger that,

Chad: Okay.

Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: We're live. Hello everybody, the TAtech stalkers, welcome to Death Match. We're here today with Daniel Fellows from Get Optimal. Quick Death Match intro for all of you newbies. Death Match is a competition that pits four innovative early stage companies against one another. Four enter, only one leaves anointed as Death Match Grand Champion, with the ability to wear what Joel has around his neck.

Joel: Yeah, baby.

Chad: That's right kids. That's the Death Match chain of champions. Let's go ahead, introduce the judges. First and foremost, we have guest judge Craig Rhodes from Pontoon Solutions.

Joel: Craig.

Chad: Craig's the guy who researches recruitment tech for a living. Daniel, you're going to want to watch out for this dude. We have judge Cheese, that's the big gun with the chain thing. Judge Chad, and we are the co-hosts and badass podcasters of The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel:, baby.

Chad: If you're not listening, I don't know what your problem is, Here's how Death Match works. Daniel is going to have two minutes to pitch Get Optimal. At the end of two minutes, you're going to hear. Then Craig, Joel, and myself will hit Daniel with a rapid fire Q&A to finish up the 15 minutes stint. Daniel, be concise or you'll get penalized. Start dancing and you'll get the bullshit button, so don't do that.

Joel: Can we pin down real quick?

Chad: I think Dan's already pinned. I hope he is.

Joel: I'm saying you.

Chad: I know, but that's

Joel: Okay. There we go. Because Dan and his hair need to be the highlight of this interview.

Chad: That's exactly right. If you haven't seen, Dan show off real quick, he's already showing off. He has the branding in the back and he has the awesome Chad and Cheese t-shirt.

Joel: Yeah, what a suck-up. Goddamn.

Chad: That I believe one of his kids made. I think his kids, I mean they're quarantined.

Joel: The brats have no shame to suck-up to a couple of Americans, Jesus.

Chad: Right. Daniel, do you have any questions before you start the pitch?

Daniel: No, but I know where the three of you live. So that's what I'm going to say.

Chad: And luckily with that haircut you're not very scary. Two minutes start.

Joel: Ouch. Starting now.

Daniel: Hi, I'm Dan Fellows, the founder and CEO of Get Optimal, the on demand job ad optimization platform. From my time as marketing director at Indeed and now with Optimal, I'm solving a problem I know a great deal about. We all know that job ads is basic common sense, but the thing with common sense, it's not very common. 30 years later, we're still collectively doing the same thing with the job ads. The challenge with badly written job ads is the right candidates can't find them online. But somehow the wrong candidates always apply for your roles. With millions of new active job seekers entering the candidate driven market. Now more than ever, you need to automate and optimize your job ads. Think SEO for job ads. It'll start with Optimal and your humble job ad. This is what we do, we're a single point solution that does one single thing in your workflow.

Daniel: Optimal provides an on demand job advert optimization platform where you can receive up to a 30% increase in your job ads performance, leading to rise in inclusive applications and a greater quality of candidates. Of course we optimize for grammar, spelling and gender bias [inaudible 00:07:02.27] platforms we all know about already in the market place. The point of difference is we optimize for how candidates search and every job ads returned optimized for search and SEO. Search Consultancy got about a 60% increased quality of candidates they have come into their business since they started working with Optimal. They've also saved about 600 hours in recruiting and having to optimize job ads. We've seen a 23% increase in filling applications across our UK, US, Australia clients since we introduced. Optimal built an enterprise level technology platform, VONQ, Joveo, Idibu, Recruitics, they don't have an AI lead ad optimization platform, that's why they're working with Optimal. It takes 50 minutes to be onboarded. There's no training or no IT security integration needed. Working with Optimal is about more of what you love doing, not writing job ads. We'd be humbled and honored to get your vote today. So pop over to Get Optimal and say hi.

Joel: Nice pitch.

Chad: Very nice.

Joel: Kept it tight.

Chad: Very nice.

Joel: Get him Craig.

Chad: Get him Craig.

Craig: Okay, I'll start off easy for you to begin with. Whenever I am talking around technology to my stakeholders, the first question they ask me is, "Oh, how much is it going to cost me?" But we don't work like that, we work in value. I have to tell them the value a product's going to bring. So really quickly, 20 seconds, I'm in front of a stakeholder now telling him about Optimal. You need to tell me what value you bring as quickly as you can.

Daniel: Sure. We bring a high quality of candidates, Craig, because we know how candidates are searching for jobs. Reduce your cost to hire, reduce your time to hire. Most importantly we save the recruiters doing the part of the job that they absolutely hate, writing job ads. All of those are measurable and you get your ROI back within one month of working with Optimal.