Death Match: SonicJobs

Welcome to Death Match, Europe 2020, SonicJobs.

This Chad and Cheese Death Match episode features this year's champion Mikhil Raja, cofounder and CEO at SonicJobs. Unlike most Death Matches, this one took place online (thanks COVID-19!).

Never fear! The home bars were open which meant the pints were full and the Chad and Cheese snark was flying. Pontoon Solutions provided third judge Craig Rhodes ... and warning: that dude is a pit bull.

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Chad: Welcome back to Death Match, Europe digital edition. This Chad and Cheese Death Match startup competition episode features, Mikhil Raja, co-founder and CEO at SonicJobs. Digital Death Match took place during, TAtech Europe Digital,on, April 28th, 2020 with a virtual room full of TAtech practitioners. Judges, Chad and Cheese we're joined by, Craig Rhodes of Pontoon Solutions. Who was drinking a Budweiser, what? I know you're asking yourself, who's going to be Death Match grand champ? Who's going to walk away with the chain of champions? Well, you've got to listen. Enjoy, right after, this word from our sponsor.

Joel: Hey Chad.

Chad: What's up?

Joel: Dude, all the cool kids are talking about RXO and I just have one simple question.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: What the hell is RXO?

Chad: Typical cheese, maybe if you'd stop dogging on millennials for two seconds, you'd learn something.

Joel: All right. Stop busting my chops and break it down.

Chad: Okay. So, RXO stands for Recruitment eXperience Outsourcing.

Joel: So not, Rotten Xenophobic Overlord.

Chad: No, and nobody does RXO like our buddies over at Pontoon Solutions.

Joel: Poon Tang Solutions.

Chad: Okay, stop being a 13 year old for a second. Pontoon Solutions transforms the overall candidate experience and recruiter experience, with cutting edge technology and optimize processes. Pontoon Solutions doesn't just lift and shift operations, they architect better ones. Your brand and people deserve to be priority one. Your talent deserves more than just being a part of the process. They deserve a great experience.

Joel: I like it. But what kind of companies need RXO?

Chad: Well, if you're a hiring company who spends way too much on recruitment agencies and maybe have weak talent pipelines, or you just have a nonexistent, or bad employer brand. And employers need to do more than transform their current recruitment processes, they need consistent and tech-driven experiences. Those companies pretty much just about all companies out there cause they suck at it, they need RXO.

Joel: Nice. And, with people on the ground in over 32 countries and six delivery centers.

Chad: Damn!

Joel: Pontoon Solutions strikes the perfect balance of global and local support. Dude, I'm down with RXO. Where can I find out more?

Chad: Hit them up at, and transform your talent acquisition strategy, now.

Joel: Roger that,

Chad: Poon Tang.

Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: And welcome to Death Match kids.

Joel: Death Match baby.

Chad: That's right. It's going to open up.

Joel: Contestant, I mean, victim number three.

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: Who's going to win the chain baby?

Chad: Yeah, so.

Joel: Who wants it?

Chad: For all the TAtech stalkers that are out there, watching us right now. You voyeurs, you bad little people. Welcome to Death Match. We're here today with Mikhil Raja. I'll get it.

Joel: Don't call him Michael. Don't do it.

Chad: CEO of SonicJobs. So quick, Death Match intro for all you newbies. Death Match is a competition that pits four-cum-four, innovative early stage companies against one another. Four enter and only one leave anointed as Death Match grand champion, with the ability to wear, what Joel has around his neck. That's right, baby.

Joel: Who's going to come out of the thunderdome baby?

Chad: Yep. So let's introduce the judges. First and foremost, our guest judge, his name is Craig Rhodes. He is the technology business partner over at Pontoon Solutions. And what that means, is he gets to play with cool tech shit all of the time. So, if you should be as scared of anybody, with regard to questions, it'll be that guy, which is why he's going first. Then we have Judge Cheese, that's Joel Cheesman and myself

Joel: Keeping it real.

Chad: ... Judge, Chad. Chad Sowash, Joel Cheesman co-hosts and bad-ass podcasters from the Chad and Cheese podcast. Now let's break it down real quick. How does Death Match work? So Mikhil, you have two minutes to pitch SonicJobs and at the end of those two minutes you're going to hear the horn, which is very annoying and Joel loves to play it. Then Craig, Joel and I will hit you with rapid fire Q and A, for the balance of the 15 minutes. Be concise or we'll just talk right through you. Don't start dancing or you'll get the bullshit button.

Bullshit Button: Oh, come on now, that ain't even bullshit, that's horseshit.

Chad: Are you ready?

Joel: Your two minutes starts.

Mikhil: Hi, I'm Mikhil. I'm the CEO and co-founder of SonicJobs. Over 65% of clicks on blue-collar jobs are from mobile, yet only 4.1% of those clicks turn into completed applications. Why the huge drop-off? Number one, candidates can't edit their CV when completing an application on mobile and uploading an existing CV is suboptimal, and often cumbersome too. Number two, the blue-collar mobile process and candidate experience is really poor, with multiple websites being one after the other, and legacy ATS platforms. Enterprise employers are therefore wasting advertisement spend on clicks which are not converting to applications. There's no solution that helps employers engage with millennial and Gen Z candidates effectively. At SonicJobs, we've created a mobile application with an artificial intelligence chatbot called Julie. Julie will chat to the candidate and in five minutes will create a beautiful one to two page PDF, CV. Julie will also recommend the most suitable jobs based on experience, skills and location. And the unique bit about this is that the candidate can apply for any of these jobs in just one click on their mobile. Versus the 4.1%, we deliver a 23.1% click to apply conversion, a five X increase on return on investment. And moreover, 32% of our candidates are unique and not on traditional platforms. We have a performance only paper apply monetization model and we integrate seamlessly with employers. We have over 200,000 jobs. We have over 220,000 candidates and we're growing fast.

Joel: Thank you. .

Chad: Nice. All right Craig. Time to time to hit Mikhil up.

Craig: Okay. So, little thing you said that I really want to dig into, being a millennial. You say, "There is no solution for millennials." So take me through that. What do you mean there's no solution? I guess, how do you solve that?

Mikhil: Yeah, so what I mean by that really is, there's no end to end mobile solution, which deals with enterprise jobs. So let's take an example, which you might know in the U.S or the UK. So, if you think about something like, there's kind of two buckets. You've got your traditional platform. So, in the UK that might be something like reed or totaljobs. And they deal with an enterprise, but the candidate when they go on there has to create their CV off, on a kind of PDF, or word, or whatever and then come on. So you've got this broken solution in terms of, starting that journey and completing that journey. And then you've got kind of, let's say, more millennial solutions, which are like job today in the UK or Merlin in the U.S. Except that they deal with SMBs and they don't effectively help that candidate create the CV and go through that entire process, which helps them apply for enterprise jobs.

Chad: So you're saying the conversational piece?

Mikhil: The millennial link with the mobile phone.

Chad: So you're saying the conversational piece is really the big piece that is focused on millennials? Is that what I'm hearing?

Mikhil: Yeah. The mobile combined with the conversational piece, yes.

Chad: Okay.

Craig: What about the experience here then? Because I can't imagine making a CV on my phone is easy. Writing about my skills, giving a bit of a blurb, here's who I am, I'm I typing on a phone compared to building on a computer. How are you improving that experience? Cause I can't see how

Joel: There's the chatbot, the application process.